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This story is a sequel to To start over

what was it like for Sunset to settle in at Principal Celestia's? Did the former bully cause any problems for the aurora haired woman? What led up to Sunset calling Celestia mom?

A collection of more slice of life out-takes that were originally in the rough draft for 'to start over'. there's no set timeline for these, so this is mostly a collection of one-shots.

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that was amazing im so ready for more

Glad you like it.

As soon as I get the actual sequel done I'll post it as well.

cool so ready hope to see that soon i have a feeling its gonna be awesome

When I saw outtakes I assumed hilarity. Perhaps I watch to many comedies. Regardless nice to see a few details fleshed out.

most of them are going to be light-hearted. I think this is the only serious one...Most include Trixie somewhere so ...go figure.

billy badass? that was the best nickname i've ever seen lol

Lol rip sunset

Omg I would pay to see that she would scream ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Depends on circumstance. If she wakes up to the sight then screams all the way. If she were to walk in and notice from across the room I would guess coming to a stop, eye twitching, and yelling obscenities about Luna needing to control her pet.

rip sunset i find it so hard to belive that Luna isn't telling Celestia

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