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This story is a sequel to The Green Leaves of Everfree

THIS STORY HAS BEEN CANCELLED. HERE'S WHY: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/875413/so-about-forgotten-love

With her boyfriend fully healed from his injuries, Fluttershy's relationship can carry on as normal. All seems well, until Fluttershy mysteriously stops hearing from him. A couple days later, she's mortified and furious to see him with another girl.

It's as if he's completely forgotten about their relationship. Even worse, nobody at school remembers him... not even her friends.
Furthermore, he seems convinced that he's never met Fluttershy. He doesn't recognize her.

But why? Why has this suddenly happened? Who's the girl he's been seeing? Why are all of Fluttershy's attempts to win him back doing nothing but driving him away? And will she ever feel his embrace again?

Takes place during Forgotten Friendship. Sex tag for some suggestive themes.

Coppermane & Fluttershy Series: 6.0

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 36 )

... Wallflower wiped out Copper's memories of Flutters, didn't she? I'mma callin' it now!

I both hate and love this.

PewDiePie just got 100 million subscribers.... and a story from the king on the same day.... BEST! DAY! EVER!

Again you blow my mind with another amazing story. You sir are a legend

yeah, and in the same week he got married too

Oh, this is going to be a heartbreaker, I can just see it now...

Hmmm, interesting... well, with two people remembering what was before, I suspect the girls are more likely to suspect that something's off... Also, I feel for poor Flutters, I really do.

Hmmm. Well, Fluttershy is smart enough to realize that whatever is going on with people's memories of Coppermane, it must be tied into Sunset Shimmer's memories as well. Looks like this could be a cool Sunset-Fluttershy team-up!

Wallflower. Ya don mucked up. And if she finds out... ohhhh she's gonna be pissed...

Great chapter!

This is still scary to read, but more bearable!

At least they all knownwhat's going on. She can do this. It'll end up okay.

(Especially given that this follows the events of the short...)

Okay, I have to say... I'm not entirely sure if I'm a fan of Trixie's role in the story being given to Fluttershy. I mean, yes this is her boyfriend and all, but this special gave a lot of great character development to Trixie and I feel as if it's being ignored or something for the sake of your ship.

Who said Trixie was being replaced? :ajsmug:

Color me interested. ...I'm curious though when you're going to deviate from the script a bit more, just not have the characters repeating it word for word in some sections.


Good update

I'm hoping that'll start next chapter now that things are set up, cause I don't like it either. It's cheap

Aww, this chapter broke my heart a little. But I'm glad Fluttershy has Sunset to help her. Good writing! I'm curious where you're going to take this story.

"Mmhmm! Or memories of an old friend like Coppermane," Twilight said. "Clover the Clever knew the sorceress had to be stopped, so he chased her across land and sea. But every time he got close, the sorceress would erase his memory and escape. But he kept finding her."

Sorry to break it to you but clover is a Girl.

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

Well, that's sad, but I understand.

Hey dude are you gonna make new stories of the 2 they are so cute together😍🤩

Thx. And yes. I'm planning on rewriting/retconning their origin story, and making more steamy entries in the future.

I was actually rather enjoying this story. Messing with memories and love is a subject I touch on in my internal rants quite often, so this is just another view point to my rants that I was rather enjoying.

Well maybe I'll revisit this when I have something more fleshed out.

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