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This story is a sequel to Looking Glass

Sunset’s life is far from glamorous, but when she learns that Fluttershy has it even worse, Sunset can’t help but take it upon herself to solve her friend’s problems and give her a safe place to live.

For Fluttershy, the invitation is a shelter from the storm she’s spent years living in fear of. For Sunset, it becomes the hope to be part of a family for the first time in her life.

A story set in the Who We Become series.

If you want to read this story without reading the ones preceding it, here's a quick summary of events.

Content Warning: Contains discussion of rape as an event that happened in the past. The assault itself will never be shown, only talked about. The sex tag is included for consensual sex. Narcotics tag is for heavy use of alcohol, no hard drugs or anything like that.

Thanks go out to Char-Char-Chan, Moonlight, Mind Jack, and Wendy Gowak for proofreading and helping me shape this story into what it is :ajsmug:
Cover art by the ever amazing Pasu-Chan :yay:

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It was worth the wait! Such a great start for your story :pinkiehappy:
I love the interactions between Sunset and Fluttershy and your depiction of anxiety is top notch as usual. Well done ^^

Rarity moved away? Well, I suppose if this is set after Rainbow Rocks all sorts could have happened. I take it Fluttershy will have to get a job if this is long-term for them, as volunteering at the animal shelter would no longer be a practical or realistic option anymore.

Oh boy, here we go 😬

Thank you, but you know I've had since excellent help with this story :raritywink:

Yeah, there have been some developments since the movies. More on that to come in future chapters as things get established :ajsmug:

Strap yourself in and prepare for things to get heavy :applecry:

Lol yup, the wait is over :yay:

I very rarely read incomplete stories but it looks like I’ll have something special too look forward to every Monday (for a few weeks until act one is complete that is).

Good to see the newly reformed sunset already corrupting the minds of the youth around her to bunk off school in the name of friendship.

When she got back to her house, Sunset drove her around to the back, as always. She got off her bike in the backyard and wheeled it into the detached garage the Apples had helped her build. Once that was securely locked up, Sunset used the back door of her house to enter the kitchen.

Is that supposed to be: Sunset drove herself around to the back

Or just : sunset drove around to the back

Not sure if it makes sense otherwise, unless your referring to the bike as her.

Anyways this had me on the edge of my seat, it’s so good to see sunset being someone relatable again instead of you know, evil. And her being out of her depth kind of and not being able to read someone but still wanting to do the right thing was great.

Whoops, you're right, it should be "drove around to the back" with no "her". Was probably an error caused by me changing the phrasing in a revision and leaving a stray word in there. Fixed now :twilightblush:

Not gonna lie, I miss writing Queen Bitch Shimmer. I do love how she is here, but she was just so fun to write when she was all evil :pinkiecrazy:

I do understand the reluctance to read incomplete stories. At least with this I can promise nothing short of an irl tragedy is going to keep it from finishing, and it'll always update in a timely fashion and only pause when it's at a good spot to do so (end of acts). Plus act one is nine chapters, so you've got updates for another two months or so :raritywink:

It begins! I'm proud of you Krickis, you're making really good progress. Keep being awesome! I will begin reading here soon as I have a moment, I just wanted to shower you with praise.

Only reason I'm not going to read it for a bit.
SunShyne plus Looking Glass was an INSTANT track!

Huh, liked it so far. And I guess I'll hold off on reading the supposed sequels you released prior until this is story is finished. Good luck.

Question, when she was talking about her job she stated that it was Flash's uncle "Golden Lucre" who hired her. But then she says that "Cash Flow" was being a dick. Was there a mix up with the names or are they two separate people? Then again, this is probably addressed in the prior stories... I may have to finish the sequels before I read anymore of this.

The best kind of shower
Thank you, and like I told Gowak, I did have some excellent help on this story :ajsmug:

Hope you enjoy it whenever you do get to reading it :twilightsmile:

Dammit, that’s one person. Cash Flow was his placeholder name that I never really liked, Golden Lucre is the name I eventually decided on. Can’t believe I missed one of the usages of Cash Flow...

Reading other stories shouldn’t be required for this one, especially not the sequels to this. The two prequels would give you a better understanding of some situations, although things should be explained well enough to not need that understanding. If you do decide to read the prequels, Looking Glass is the first one, which has a lot of details on Sunset’s past, and Inner Strength is the other, which is the story of pony Twilight and Fluttershy’s relationship that was talked about a bit in this first chapter, and it details after-effects of the events that pony Fluttershy used the journal to tell Sunset about at the start of the chapter. While Inner Strength is part of this same universe and details from that story will be mentioned here and there (such as Sunset using the journal to talk to Fluttershy), since it focuses on characters in Equestria with only occasional journal cameos from Sunset, it’s not actually too relevant to Playing House past being the basis for the set up in this first chapter here.

Anyway, whatever you wind up doing as far as reading this or other stories, I hope you enjoy them :scootangel:

It's an AU? Because as far as I remember in canon both Fluttershy parents alive and pretty nice in general.

The series this story is part of is several years old now, and while I complied with canon completely when it started, I did establish things in my story that were later contradicted by canon. When I initially wrote the story that Fluttershy’s parents appear in, her canon parents hadn’t been introduced so I made my own. Everything in the show up to “Crusaders of the Lost Mark” (so the first five and a half season) and all the Equestria Girls stuff up to “Friendship Games” is canon to this series, everything after that isn’t.

Oh I'm gonna.
My personal Sunset headcanon can be described as something like "The Long Road to Looking Glass"


"The Long Road to Looking Glass"

Omfg I love it :pinkiehappy:

Oh it is up! I can't read right now, my head hurts, my eyes hurt... I had a terrible weekend. But I wanted to leave a comment of support: GO KRICKIS!

Will hopefully read in the evening.

Aww, thanks, I really appreciate that :twilightsmile: Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the story, although of course only when you’re feeling up to it :scootangel:

The idea of Sunset growing up a second time in Pedestria is too good of a storyline to not use whenever possible.

Comment posted by Orion Star deleted Sep 25th, 2018

Yay! Sunset is so "sweet", in her special kind of way. So, Abused!Fluttershy bittersweet, interesting but heavy. Sad thing is that with her personality it would make sense. :fluttercry: Good start. :twilightsmile:

I really need to finish Inner strength, but no time and internet problems have slow the process for a while.

To be honest, I’m really not thrilled with every decision I’ve made with Fluttershy in this series, but I’ll definitely do my best to make the most of her backstory now that it’s the one I’m working with :twilightsheepish:

The main influence Inner Strength has on this story is what you’ve already seen: Fluttershy writing to Sunset through the journal. There will be occasional references to Twilight and Fluttershy dating and that Sunset’s become friends with the pony Fluttershy, but the main reason to read IS first is that there’s a lot more buildup in that story before the eventual reveal about Stormy Skies, whereas that’s all thrown out by it just being right in the first chapter of this fic.

It's me again! I'm thrilled to be diving into this one, now that it's finally been dropped. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Fluttershy That Got Away from Sunny, and the influence she has on her, since it was so powerful in Finding Home. Also hoping to see how this Fluttershy's traumas are explored.

A few important things to note before we get too into things. First and foremost, I'll just go ahead and acknowledge that parts of this fic are gonna seem overly edgy. I don't really like some of the ideas that are in this story anymore, but this is part of a universe with established backstory, and past-me was an asshole to present-me who has to actually write this stuff now. So while some things may venture into eye-rolling territory, what I do promise to do is treat those parts of the story with as much care as I can. There is a lot more to this fic than those iffy bits though, or else I wouldn't be writing it at all.

I don't think there's anything in your writing that I would call edgy, and with everything that's been established to occur at this point in the timeline, I think it is very understandable for drama to be high, and especially when you live in the human world and not a magical kingdom with an air of comparable safety and semi-divine (I don't think your Celestia and Luna were ever said to have any divinity) rulers.

The pun in the title is what really got me. Also, I noticed that Fluttershy's cutie mark appears to be done in the same colors as the lesbian pride flag. Subtle. :raritywink:

I didn't find this edgy, but I think that if Sunset thought that human Fluttershy was raped too, she should have approached this more carefully. But this is still Sunset, and while that would have been more optimal, this bolder approach suited her.

Glad to see you on this fic now, and I hope you enjoy the ride :raritywink: And thanks a bunch for using spoiler tags. Reminder to anyone checking these comments who hasn’t read the stories that take place after this, these spoilers will spoil this and other stories in the series.

I don't think there's anything in your writing that I would call edgy

Just wait, it’s coming :pinkiecrazy: Really, I might be worrying too much about it, but time will tell.

Omg I never even noticed the lesbian butterflies. I love it now that you point it out though :yay: I went with that one because it’s a slight color variation of the cutie mark on her skirt, which shows up better on a white background.

I’m not denying that there could have been a better approach, although I’m personally unable to really see one. And these days, I do kinda think of parental rape as a little too much edge for me :ajsleepy: Glad you enjoyed the chapter all the same though!

It's probably just that peculiar brand of Writer Worry.

It was mostly how Sunset outright said 'pony you was raped' rather quickly when Fluttershy was already nervous. When I was thinking of 'a better approach' I was figuring that Sunset might take her somewhere more calming to discuss the matter, due to the subject's sensitivity and Fluttershy's, even if it was an emergency like it was here.

That spoiler tag stuff kinda makes me not want to read this / get invested...

...The spoiler bats themselves?

That’s fair. If you have specific concerns feel free to PM me or ask on Discord. Of course, I’m against spoiling the story here, but I don’t mind talking about what happens in private if it’s to prevent someone from being uncomfortable with my writing. We talked about two details in these spoiler tags that could absolutely turn someone away from this fic, and I’m not sure which is the one getting to you :twilightblush:

Ah yeah, that is fair. I do still like the way I wrote it here (as you said, it’s fitting to her character), but I definitely agree with you that your method would’ve been the better approach.

Flutters is going to develop nicely as a character in this. I just know it

I’ve definitely got a lot of character development planned for this story :yay:

My only complaint is that I'll have to wait a week for more.
I'm spoiled by the "next chapter" button

Interesting story so far for sure. Is my prediction in Finding Home still happening?

Hmm, I may be agnostic now, but I grew up Christian and I saw nothing wrong with the prayer. It was direct and heartfelt, prayers don't need to be (and usually aren't) huge grandiose things. They're supposed to be a conversation between you and the Father. So yeah, good job.

I enjoyed the inner monologue that Fluttershy had going. You did a great job with portraying her anxiety through the whole chapter, before ending it on an inspirational note.

Lastly, as much as she enjoys volunteering at the shelter, I wonder if/when Fluttershy will consider getting a job. And what kind it would be... I think she'd do great as a zookeeper or working at some other animal related job. K9 training school, aquarium worker, or perhaps just getting a job as a secretary at a veterinary clinic? After all those years volunteering at the shelter I'm sure it's manager would gladly give Fluttershy a recommendation.

You're doing a good job with the religion. Makes me wince a bit, Fluttershy talking about how she doesn't deserve to pray, but that's completely in character and a common view so it's not a problem per se. Just, you know, very much theologically unsound since part of the point is that redemption is always possible. Anyway, moving on...

Man, reading this makes me feel like Merlin since I've read the sequels. So knowing it's going to go relationship, pregnancy(?), miscarriage(?), alcoholism, separation, getting back together only to REALLY split up, and having to go back to Equestria is kindof a kick in the teeth. Leaves me kind of braced for the pain through the whole thing, even if I know Sunset eventually finds love and a home. Still, I'm looking forward to the parts of that we haven't seen yet. Especially Fluttershy's side of things and the parts that aren't focused on the relationship, and especially what happens with her after. I hope she also gets a happy ending.

Haha yeah, waiting sucks :twilightsheepish: But at least you can always count on me being punctual, so that’s something :raritywink:

Without getting too into what’s gonna happen, nothing I’ve hinted at in Finding Home is changing. This story will play by the established canon in the universe it’s written into :ajsmug:

I’m glad to hear that. I looked up prayers to get a feel for how to write them, but they all felt far too formal (I think they were more the kind of prayers you’d use in a prayer group/church setting) so ultimately I just kinda winged it.

Anxiety ending in hopefulness is like my jam :scootangel: Gotta get that hurt/comfort vibe going! And while I’ll refrain from stating my plans for Shy working, I will say your ideas here are on a good track :ajsmug:

Hopefully the religion aspect stays on point, and it’s good to know it’s going well so far. And yeah, there’s a lot to explore with this one, more than was hinted at in Finding Home. And I’ve got plenty of plans for Shy’s future as well :raritywink:

Excellent, I'm really looking forward to it. I love all your stories I've read.

This is giving us a good setup to the plot. Also digging deep into Fluttershy's psyche.

Gonna be honest, even if I like the story, I don't enjoy reading things from your Shy's point of view (same with Pony Shy in IS). I mean, you are writing her very well; but she is just the kind of character that makes me uncomfortable to be inside her mind. I get where her state of mind comes from, I mean, I have dealt with depressing thoughts; and her situation was bad, it makes sense, and I doubt I will stop reading. It's just curious that while inside Sunset's mind, even when she hit rock bottom, it was always interesting, but inside Fluttershy's mind feels tiring to me.

I should clarify, It has nothing to do with the tone and theme of the story. The plot is good. Great interactions and dialogue also. Loved Rainbow here. :twilightsmile:

Interesting, I wonder what the difference is that makes Sunset’s enjoyable while Fluttershy’s are tiring. Unfortunately, half this story is gonna be Fluttershy’s POV, I’m afraid :twilightblush: Hopefully once she’s a little more sure of her situation her chapters will stop bothering you so much, I suppose.

Anyway, glad you liked things aside from that :twilightsmile:

I understand your trouble with the whole religion thing. It took me ages to think of what to do when my BSA stuff needed me to do religion stuff for a badge.

lol yeah, religion is a difficult subject to approach. And like, I could’ve just not even bothered, all I had to do was keep it out of my stories and left well enough alone. Oh well :twilightsheepish:

Eh, I know how characters and plot get. Even if you hadn’t decided this Fluttershy was Christian she might have insisted.

lol actually I had to go back and add her being Christian after writing the entire first act :twilightblush: I completely forgot to add any references to her religious beliefs, so I added new scenes while editing. I wouldn’t have bothered, but back when I wrote Warmth in the Snow I said she was Christian there, so consistency and all that.

Really? Well for an unplanned late addition I’m surprised how well it works. I can see plenty of ways it could affect or shape her world view. Kindness and wonder and love of nature and all, plus the magic now in her life is basically miraculous. I mean (keeping in mind I haven’t read Looking Glass yet) from a certain perspective they’re literally saving people from inner (or sometimes outer) demons with miraculous powers they got from being good people. Plus there’s the whole redemption thing they’ve got going on, and Sunset can be pretty darn angelic on a good day. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

And now I’m wondering if Christianity in EQG talks a lot about the Miracles of Fellowship and has a different list of major virtues and vices. The graces of loyalty honesty laughter etc and the five matching deadly sins of treachery deceit anger and so on. Doubt you’re going into that much detail but coming up with a slightly ‘Harmonized’ version of Christianity could be a fun excercise.

Hmm, that is a very interesting idea. I won’t be trying to examine how Christianity would work differently here though, I’m just interested in exploring it on a more personal level; basically more about Fluttershy’s faith than about faith in general. While I’d love to see someone do something with the idea of how religions work differently, I think that would be best handled by a religious author.

You also a very good point on how their magic might’ve come into Shy’s religious experiences. That is something I should really consider for this since it relates directly to Shy, but I’ll admit that I haven’t thought of that at all until you brought it up here. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll keep it in mind from now on when writing :yay:

Glad to help :twilightsmile:

Fluttershy, Saint Francis...same difference really.

Thinking of different ways to treat religion is really interesting. The best directly Christian one I’ve seen is A 14th Century Friar in Celestia’s Court, which comes across with a very Chronicles of Narnia feel except less heavy handed despite being more direct.

Meanwhile, my Equestria Girls stuff is much less serious and grounded. So I base the religion on Lord of the Rings and say the reason for all the horse stuff in the culture is that their society is descended from an echo of the Rohirrim :pinkiehappy:

I hate crying, yet I keep reading all these sad fanfics!
Somepony help me!:fluttercry:

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