The Bug In The Basement

by Skijarama

Chapter 23: The School Exploded Again

    Eventide had fallen into something of a routine since Beebee got sick from all of the Red coming out of CHS. He would get up in the morning next to Beebee’s bed and help him to the best of his abilities. This mostly consisted of Replacing the pan, cleaning any excess puke stains. Putting him through the shower even when some was really encrusted onto his carapace. Interestingly, Beebee actually really liked the shower, claiming that it made his wings feel nice. Regardless, once that was done, Eventine would bring Buddha in to show some affection. This was usually enough to lift Beebee’s spirits and get him out of the basement and into the house proper.

    But despite all of their efforts, it wasn’t enough to cure Beebee. His demeanor had remained sluggish and queasy for the last day or two, and he still had issues with puking up that paste. When he managed to get the strength, he would park himself by the window to stare at CHS, giving off regular observations of the Red coming off of the school. It seemed to be coming in waves, he noticed, growing intense sometimes, then fading away into being almost non-existent. It was usually at its best at night, when everybody left the school.

    Of course, this odd pattern made Eventide even more concerned about what was going on. His need for answers drove him to call Fluttershy several more times, but every time he did, there was no answer, only the answering machine. Her silence was aggravating, and Eventide’s anxiety was not at all lost on Beebee. Worse still was that Eventide had to go to work that day, leaving Beebee alone with only Buddha for company.

    Luckily, the dog had been able to keep Beebee from completely losing it. The two had been able to remain more or less calm and secured on the couch while they waited for Eventide to come home. When he did, the first thing he did was give Buddha a treat and Beebee a hug.

    Now, the sun had set outside, and Beebee was, just like before, peering through the window at the school. His eyes were focused on the beams of light shooting into the sky from the stadium behind the building, and his wings twitched on his back every now and then. Eventide was by his side, resting on his knees and observing the light show with curiosity.

If he listened really carefully, he could just make out the sound of music and singing, along with a cheering crowd. “Huh… I guess the musical showcase that Fluttershy mentioned is going on tonight,” he muttered to himself in thought.

    Beebee winced and shuddered in revulsion. “All of the Red is there,” he mumbled before stifling a heave. Eventide’s found his back in a heartbeat, soothing and calming him. After a few moments, Beebee took in a deep breath and gave a chitter of thanks before returning his attention to the lights.

    Eventide sighed and give him a few comforting pats. “You’ll be okay, Bee…” he assured his son before observing the lights some more. “I kinda wish I knew what was going on over there, though…”

    “Yeah…” Beebee nodded before scooting closer to Eventide. “Has Aunt Fluttershy called you back?”

    Eventide hesitated, his heart rate increasing somewhat. He eventually shook his head. “No. I’ve been trying to call her, but it always goes right to voicemail,” he grumbled in mild frustration.

    “Is she okay?” Beebee asked, his enormous eyes looking up and boring into Eventide.

    “I hope so…” Eventide replied in a mutter, sagging slightly with concern. “I really, really hope so…”

    They didn’t say anything else, instead choosing to watch the lights and listen to the distant, bassy thumps of the music. Whoever was playing clearly had a passion for it, and they were pretty good to boot.

    Suddenly, from the direction of the singing, there was a flash of blinding red light. Eventide and Beebee both leaned back, their eyes going wide when they saw the light forming into a dome that expanded in all directions. “What the?!” Eventide shouted in alarm, his hand tightening on Beebee’s back and prepared to shelter him in a heartbeat if need be.

    The doom came up short, thankfully, stopping in the middle of the street and fading away. “Wh-what was that?! What’s happening over there?” Beebee asked fearfully, looking up at Eventide.

    “I don’t know,” Eventide replied shakily, finally pulling Beebee against his chest and holding on tight. “But whatever it is, if it’s a threat, I’ll protect you.”


    “With my life.”

    Any further discourse was cut short when the two of them saw something that they had not been expecting to see that day.


    Three monsters made of purple, blue, and golden light, looking like a strange and terrible cross between fish and dragons, rose into the air behind the school. They let out ear-piercing shrieks, making the windows rattle, then swooped around to start circling a hilltop. Beebee squirmed at the sight of them. “They’re making the red… so much red…” he choked out in terror, shrinking back against his father’s chest.

    In response, Eventide pulled Beebee closer, using both of his arms to hold him and shield him. “It’s okay, Bee. They’re pretty far away…” he said in what he hoped was a reassuring voice.

    “Then why are you scared?” Beebee questioned, his eyes dilating slightly as his vision refocused.

    Eventide winced. “...Because I have no idea what’s going on.”

The monsters made more than one swoop, emitting ear-piercing shrieks at the hill, rings of crimson light going with their voices. If Beebee looked really hard, he thought he could see people standing there on the hill, weathering the monster’s onslaught. Once the creatures let up to catch their breath, The people sent back strange lights of their own; red, purple, fuschia, all of which hindered the monsters, driving them back and making them look angrier.

    Then, to both of their great shock, something new appeared. A pillar of prismatic light shot into the sky from the hilltop, casting the entire city in a gentle and soothing light. At the top of the pillar, massive, feathery wings emerged, followed shortly by the body of a majestic horse with a horn on its head. It was made up entirely of a divine blue light, and Beebee’s eyes widened. “All the Red! It’s going away!”

    Eventide looked down at Beebee for a moment in surprise, then turned his attention back to the giant horse. With a loud and echoing boom, the horse launched a beam of yet more rainbow-colored light from its horn and down towards the obscured stadium of the school. There was a blinding flash, and then another dome of light; this time pale white. Eventide and Beebee both squinted and closed their eyes as the blinding flash passed over them with the sound of wind rushing in their ears.

    Following that, all was silent. The music had cut off, and nothing could be heard. Gradually, Eventide and Beebee opened their eyes and looked on at the school, completely and utterly baffled. The horse was gone, the monsters were gone, the stadium lights were gone. It was as if all of the oddities of the last five minutes had suddenly decided they were done for the day and gone somewhere else. Finally, though, Beebee did what kids always do.

He asked an adult.

“What… just happened?”

Eventide blinked, looked at Beebee, the school, the hill where the rainbows came from, then Beebee again. He then gave a weak, bemused chuckle. “I think CHS just exploded again…”


“It’s happened before,” Eventide muttered before setting Beebee back down on the floor and heading for his phone, which was currently sitting on the counter.

There were a few seconds of quiet before Beebee looked through the window again. This time, he let out a gasp, his wings snapping out. “Wait, dada! The Red! It’s all gone!” he exclaimed, causing Eventide to stop.

“Yeah, I remember you mentioning that.”

“Yuh huh! It all went away with the big horse! There’s a lot of pink, bright blue, yellow, and green instead!” Beebee lifted into the air, his wings buzzing in excitement. “Woah… woah. There’s so much!”

Eventide furrowed his brow in thought. “Those colors are good right?”

“Yeah! They’re the best ones, especially pink!” Beebee gleefully stated before latching onto the window like a moth drawn to a light, his wings fluttering and his tongue lolling out of his mouth.

Eventide rolled his eyes and sauntered over. “Okay, Bee, get down and stay out of sight, okay? I’m gonna call Fluttershy and figure out what the heck just happened. Hopefully, she’ll answer her phone this time...”

    Fluttershy breathed a small sigh of relief as she slid into an enormous group hug with everyone, and Sunset Shimmer stood comfortably right at the core. The sirens were powerless and defeated, their spell of hatred and vitriol was broken, and they had run away. The threat was dealt with, and Fluttershy and her friends had Sunset Shimmer to thank for it. When all hope had seemed lost, when they were buckling under the pressure of the Siren’s song, Sunset stepped up and helped her friends push the enemy back.

    And now, it was peaceful. The crowds of students were steadily dispersing, leaving the seven people and one dog to cuddle and bask in their victory.

    All of a sudden, the peaceful atmosphere was shattered when Fluttershy’s phone began to ring in her pocket - quite loudly, too. Everyone else turned to give a wide range of looks, from bemused to exasperated. “Seriously?” Rainbow deadpanned, extracting herself from the hug to cross her arms over her chest. “You couldn’t put it on vibrate?”

    Fluttershy backed away with an embarrassed blush on her face. “Sorry, sorry, sorry…”

    “Oh, don’t worry about it,” Rarity dismissed with a small smile. “If it’s a friend or family member, go ahead and answer the phone. I’m sure they’ll be wanting to know what the explosions were all about.”

Fluttershy, still repeatedly mumbling an apology, took the device out to check who the caller was. She winced when she saw who it was. With a hint of anxiety, she took a deep breath and pushed the answer button before holding the phone up to her ear. “Hello?”

    “Oh, good, you picked up this time. Are you okay? Canterlot High School just exploded again,” Eventide’s voice came from the other end of the line, audibly relieved to hear her voice.

    Fluttershy giggled at his description. “Oh, uh, ‘exploded’ might be a bit of an exaggeration…”

    “Not the point,” Eventide deadpanned. “Are. you. okay?”

    “Yes, I’m okay. A little tired, but okay.”

    “Good… so what just happened?”

    Fluttershy glanced back at the rest of her friends, who were patiently waiting on her. She grimaced and turned back to her phone. “It’s kind of a long story… and my friends are waiting on me. Do you mind if I tell you about it tomorrow after school?”

    “I mean… ugh, sure.”

    Before Fluttershy could say anything else, she heard the distant and unmistakable voice of Beebee in the background. “Is that Aunt Fluttershy?”

    Eventide chuckled. “Yes, Bee, it is. Do you wanna talk to her for a second?”

    Beebee let out what could only be described as a loud chitter of approval. “Yes, yes please!”

    “Alright. Hey, Fluttershy, Beebee wants to talk to you.”

    Fluttershy giggled again. “I heard. Put him on.”

    After a moment of silence, Beebee’s voice came through loud and clear. Although, given it’s two-toned nature, it sounded odd coming through a telephone line. “Hi, Aunt Fluttershy!”

    “Hello!” Fluttershy replied, careful not to use Beebee’s name. “Are you behaving yourself?”

    “Yeah, I am! I don’t feel sick anymore, either!”

    “Well, that’s good to hear. I’m glad.

Beebee gasped in excitement, and his voice became distant. “Wow, it really is her! Can I get a phone so I can talk to her when she’s not here?!”

    Eventide let out a loud and hearty laugh, his voice muffled by the distance from the microphone. “Heh, maybe when you’re a little older. We gotta hang up though, so say bye.”

    Beebee complied. “Bye, Aunt Fluttershy! See you soon!”

    “Of course. I’ll see you two tomorrow. Bye!” Fluttershy replied sweetly before lowering the phone and ending the call. She let out a sigh and turned to face the others with an apologetic grin. “Sorry, a friend saw the lights of the, erm, battle. Wanted to know what happened.”

    There were several moments where they were quiet before Twilight Sparkle suddenly spoke up. “So… Pinkie, before I go back to Equestria, do you mind if I sleep at your house again?” she asked hesitantly.

    Pinkie gave an excited gasp, tightening her grip on the group as a whole. “Slumber party night two! Who’s interested?!” she asked in an energetic squeal.

    Nobody had any objections.