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Just some dork in New England learning to dream again.

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    a collection of short side stories from a variety of canons and short shorts that are too short to be their own story.  · Icarus_Con_Queso
    2,730 words · 69 views
  • T Dealing with Princesses

    Magnus the Mercantile is a dragon, and when a desperate father offers to hire the dragon to be a secret matchmaker for his daughter Magnus eagerly agrees. However, as the days go by, Magnus begins to wonder if he really wants to see her go.  · Icarus_Con_Queso
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  • T Finding Trouble

    Leather Bound is a stallion on a mission. That mission? Find the mare named Trouble and make right his mistake.  · Icarus_Con_Queso
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  • T To Reforge my Destiny

    In the Millennia since the collapse of Ponykind's miraculous Golden Age, soldiers armed with Faust's Light have struggled to push back the dark forces that beset them from every side. This is the tale of one of their number.  · Icarus_Con_Queso
    9,532 words · 125 views
  • E Twilight's Pantry

    Twilight has a special treat planned for her friends this Nightmare Night, one she's sure they'll never forget.  · Icarus_Con_Queso
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The internet knows me these days as Icarus. I like cheese. Hence the username. (avatar courtesy of the lovely Unofficial-Underfell on tumblr)

I have a very boring job where I am frequently bored. I fill the bored space with strange tales and dumb ideas. Many involve ponies. I have recently begun actually writing them, and enjoy the process. Unfortunately, I suffer from mild perfectionism and more ambition than skill. The result is me beating my face on the kitchen table while a story languishes on the white screen before me.

To help my writing process and help prevent further bodily harm, I need help in the form of feedback. Even if I do not respond I truly appreciate every comment I receive, even the silly ones. If you are interested in more in delivering in-depth feedback please message me.

Thanks for dropping by!


Is there ANY 'Southern' USAmerican dialect that uses y'all in the singular? I know in MLP y'all gets used in the singular on a regular basis. Having extended family all over the Carolinas, I have some exposure to country talk. I also know y'all is plural and that the singular I most encounter is 'ya' or 'you'.

Currently reading a fic where Apple Bloom is THE main character and the constant use of y'all in the singular is starting to drive me batty.:pinkiecrazy: What's worse is that for the most part they have the dialogue feeling very accurate, which makes the y'all that much more glaring!

Is this what it's like to listen to someone butcher your language?

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>>2066261 :D (obviously a RSE nuzlocke)

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>>2066137 Only the cutest!

it's from a nuzlocke titled "Alterity", a very good one but it hasn't updated in ages. Though four days ago a tentative announcement was made that they would be returning soon with a regular update schedule.

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OH BOY!!!!! A CUTE-LOOKING DUSTOX!!!! *glomps*

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Hello again! Thanks so much for adding my story Every Little Bit to your Favorites bookshelf... but especially for the Watch! I'll do what I can to continue to deserve it.:twilightsmile:

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Glad you liked mah story, dont worry there'll be more soonish. And welcome to fimfic.

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