• Published 19th Feb 2013
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The Thousand Year Change - Darthvalgaav

After seeing what happened when she accidently changed her friends destinies, Twilight is curious about about the 'what if'. Like, for example, what if Luna had ponies a thousand years ago who noticed her.

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The 'What if' Spell

Twilight grinned as she hovered over her work. The main room of the library had been cleared of all books and furniture. She needed it to be if she wanted there to be enough room for her latest spell. That and she didn’t want anything to get damaged if something went wrong.

On the floor were hundreds of black markings. Shapes like crescent moons, suns, hearts, and many others spiraled around a purple crystal that was levitating in the middle. The crystal itself seemed to pulse with powerful magic that the new alicorn had placed within. Soon it would be ready to unleash a spell that could change the face of magic as the world knew it. That, or blow up the library.

“Twi, ya in there?” came a loud southern voice from outside.

“You can come in,” said Twilight. A moment later Applejack and the rest of her friends entered the library to see their purple friend flying about her work with a checklist. Twilight looked at them and grinned even larger. “You all saved me a lot of time. I was just about to get you.”

“Darling,” began Rarity as she looked at what Twilight had been working on for the last several days. “We have been worried sick about you. Ever since you became a princess you have been, well, not yourself.”

“Yeah,” grumbled Rainbow Dash as she pointed an accusing hoof at Twilight. “You were supposed to meet me for a flying lesson yesterday but completely blew me off. You need to practice in order to build up your stamina so you can fly longer than a few minutes!”

“And you missed the party I threw for you,” said Pinkie Pie with a slight frown. “A lot of ponies showed up but not the pony the party was for. And if the pony the party was made for doesn’t show up then the ponies that did show up don’t feel much like partying.”

“I’m really sorry girls,” said Twilight as she landed in front of them. “It’s just that I’ve been thinking about that spell that changed your cutie marks.” There was a sudden ‘meep’ sound that came from Fluttershy who backed up against the wall and began to cover her cutie mark.

“Y-You’re not going to try that spell again, are you?” she asked softly.

“I definitely don’t wanna go back to makin dresses.” muttered Applejack.

Twilight sighed. “No, that’s not what’s going on this time. See what I’ve been doing is making a spell that will let ponies view a ‘what if’ scenario. Like, for example, what if there was another element of harmony? Think of all the things that would be changed because of that one little difference. Or, how about, what if the Grand Galloping Gala hadn’t been a complete disaster?”

“Or, what if I was made a Wonderbolt when I was a filly?” asked Rainbow Dash loudly, causing all the girls to stare at her for a moment. “What? I did my first Sonic Rainboom as a filly, and I say that should have made me a Wonderbolt!”

“So this spell can show you any possible outcome?” asked Rarity who suddenly became very interested. “Why with this spell I’ll be able to avoid possible fashion disasters!”

“Ah, it kind of doesn’t work like that,” said Twilight as she looked a little embarrassed. “Right now it only works on past experiences, not possible future outcomes. Also, you have make a specific request.”

“So what are you planning on asking it?” asked Pinkie Pie.

“Well I thought a lot about it,” began Twilight as she took a breath. “Like, what if Princess Cadence was never my foalsitter? Think about it! It was because she was foalsitting me that she met Shiny. If they never met then they won’t have gotten married! Would that also mean that there wouldn’t have been a Changling invasion?” Twilight looked down at the ground for a moment. “Or what if Rainbow Dash had never done a Sonic Rainboom? It was because of it that we all got our cutie marks and I became Princess Celestia’s student. But if that never happened, would we still be who we are right now? I’m a little afraid to ask that one.”

Rarity walked over to Twilight and placed a hoof on her friends shoulder. Twilight looked up to see Rarity’s conforting face smiling at her. The young alicorn couldn’t help but do the same.

“So tell us darling, what did you decide on. I’m simply dying to know!”

“Well, I decided to ask what if Princess Luna hadn’t been ignored a thousand years ago.” said Twilight.

“Say what now?” asked Applejack.

“Well think about it,” said Twilight. “Nightmare Moon was created due to Luna’s loneliness and her jealousy towards Celestia. Because of this, when she returned after her banishment we became the bearers of the Elements of Harmony.”

“We know all of this,” said Rainbow Dash as she began to hover in the air. “Get to the point!”

“Ok,” said Twilight as she took a deep breath. “What if there were ponies back a thousand years ago the noticed Luna’s night sky. Then she wouldn’t have become jealous and become Nightmare Moon. If she didn’t become Nightmare Moon than she would never have been banished resulting in there being no need for use to become the bearers of the Elements. I might have never have befriended you all. However, at the same time, Equestria might be a better place with both sisters ruling it for a thousand years. At the very least Princess Celestia would be happy. I know that she wonders what it would have been like as well.”

“Ah can understand that,” said Applejack. “Bein’ away from family is tough. Can’t even imagine what the princess went through with her sister bein' gone fer a thousand years.”

“Yeah, I’m sure she’ll be happy if she never would have had to banish Luna to the moon!” said Pinkie as she began to bounce up and down.

“So would you all like to join me?” asked Twilight. They all nodded, including Fluttershy. Twilight smiled happily at them as she expanded her wings to their full, and glorious extent. She called for Spike and a moment later he came downstairs wearing hoofball gear. Which caused all of the girls to look at him strangely.

“What?” he asked. “I’d like to be prepared.”

“So how’s this going to work?” asked Rainbow.

“Well, if everything goes as planned, once I start the spell we’ll be able to watch everything that happens like we are ghosts,” explained Twilight. “I set the spell to take us to the day before the Summer Sun Festival and should end within a couple of days. There is also a temporal distortion spell that will cause time there to move at a faster place. So we could be there for a week or so and only a couple of hours will have passed here.”

“What if there’s a problem?” asked Fluttershy.

“That’s why Spike will be remaining outside of the spell seal,” answered Twilight. “If it looks like something is going wrong then he will contact the princess and ask for her assistance.” Spike gave Fluttershy a thumbs up causing the scared pony to smile lightly.

Once everything was all said and done, the six mares stepped onto the black markings. When they were ready, Twilight began to charge her horn with magic and then blasted the crystal with her magic. As soon as this was done the crystal began to glow brighter and brighter as everypony began to shield their eyes. Then it simply stopped.

Twilight’s ears flattened in confusion. Unless she had missed something, this should have worked. Perhaps she had made a mistake in the magical formula, or she had started up the spell prematurely. As she was thinking about all the possible ways she could have messed this spell up, the purple crystal began to glow with life once more. Without warning it shot out several lavander mana tentacles that attached themselves to the foreheads of each pony. The girls screamed as the world around them began to spin rapidly. Faster and faster it moved until everything melted away leaving only blackness when unconsciousness overtook them all


Twilight rolled in her bed as she heard a knocking at her door. Opening an eye she glanced at the clock near her bed to see that it was a little past six in the morning. Still very tired, Twilight closed her eye and hoped whomever was at the door would just go away. No such luck as the knocking continued, only louder this time around. There was also a hit of urgency that caused Twilight to let out a sigh as she pushed aside her silver sheets aside and got out of bed.

Despite how early it was, the light from outside shinned into her room. The walls were made of a seamless white metallic substance. The room itself was rounded and smooth. Bookshelves filled her room as well as the rest of her two story home. Heck, even her kitchen had at least two bookshelves in there. Hearing more knocking, Twilight walked down the spiral staircase to the main floor. She quickly made her way to the door and opened it.

Standing in front of Twilight was a Pegasus mare. She wore black metal boots which went up to her knees that were trimmed with gold. Her body was protected by similar armor which held up a sheathed long sword on her side. Her head, however, was uncovered allowing Twilight to see a grey face staring back at her with slightly disturbing eyes.

“Morning Twilight.” said Derpy Hooves, the princess’s royal messenger pony.

“Hey Derpy,” said Twilight with a yawn. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much. Just a message from the princess.” Twilight stared at her friend for several long, uncomfortable moments waiting. Yet, Derpy just stood there looking at her with one eye while the other looked upwards.

“And?” asked Twilight after awhile.

“And what?”

Twilight facehoofed. “What’s the message?”

“Oh right! The princess wants you to head over to the castle as soon as you can.” Twilight smiled before walking back into her home and coming back a moment later with a muffin. She handed it to Derpy who ate it on the spot while Twilight locked up her home.

The purple unicorn walked down the street, glad that she lived in an area close to a platform station. As she did she passed several homes, each one looking just like her own. The homes looked almost like giant oval eggs. At the top of each one, as a ring that looked like they were floating near the top. Those rings were really solar collectors, turning light into energy to heat the pony’s homes. The rings seemed to hum with energy as they magically transferred the solar energy they collected into the owners home.

A short time later, Twilight approached the platform station. It was a simple, square building that had several large tubes coming in and out of it. Walking into it, she was met by an earth guard pony and a unicorn technician pony. Twilight knew them both very well. The guard pony was known as Bronze Shield while the unicorn was called Boarding Time. Behind them was a single tube that held an opening.

“Morning Twilight,” said Bronze with a small smile. “Off to the capital?”

Twilight laughed. “Where else do I go?”

“True,” laughed Bronze as he checked Twilight to make sure she wasn’t hiding anything. This seemed pointless since she was naked, however, one could never be too sure.

Once she had passed the inspection, Twilight walked over and stood on a long, flat piece of metal. Boarding Time’s horn lit up as he moved both it and Twilight into the tubes opening. As soon as she was inside, the platform began to float of its own as Boarding set her destination on a small device that he kept with him. When that was done the platform began to shot down the tube. Even though she was moving at amazing speeds, Twilight didn’t feel like she was moving at all. In fact the only way she knew that she was moving as because of the change of scenery through the tubes.

Eventually she left residential area as well as the rest of her Dome. Within minutes the only thing she saw around her was a barren wasteland, full of white rocks and craters. She knew that the princess had be best ponies working to fix this problem, however it was going by slowly. Personally she hoped that she would live long enough to see the day when ponies no longer had to live in Domes. That their world would be able to support life on it’s own. Some ponies said that it was just a pipe dream, but Twilight didn’t care. It was still a good dream.

A few moments later, Twilight saw Dome Zero just up ahead. It was easy to tell it was Dome Zero because it of the castle. From above, Twilight knew that the outer walls took on the shape of a five pointed star. At the end of each point was a tower, and the top of each one looked a lot like a droplet of water. The rest of the building towered above the outer walls, looking like a rectangular building with a clock tower in its center. It was strong and well defended in case it were ever to be attacked. Not like that would ever happen.

The Lunar Republic was well protected from enemy invasions since it was on the moon.

Author's Note:

Well, here it is, the first chapter. Personally I think I could have done better but I was slightly stuck at points. Like with the descriptions of the buildings. Hopefully the second chapter will be out soon. Please let me know what you all think.

Before I go, I have something to say about the end of season 3. It wasn't all that good. It felt far too rushed and looked more like it was a series finally. I mean, it just felt like it was moving so fast that nothing was sinking in. Twilight figured out how to fix things way to fast as well as her transformation into an alicorn. Not saying I'm hate it or anything, but they should have let her adjust to the changes for awhile. Like flying for example. Also there was too much music. All they needed was one or two songs and it would have been fine.

Also, I need a beta for my MLP stories. If anyone out there wants to help let me know!

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