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I'm someone who is fascinated in writing, and I view it as an art of sorts. And because of this, I work to improve my overall style. I prefer formal above all else. And description, to me, is a must.


A soul, both foreign and new to this world, has come to Equestria.

With little knowledge of this world, she is forced to adapt and learn. For her, such peace is a foreign concept. And the urge to protect and indulge in combat all too great. She has returned as a young alicorn in this realm, and must learn as she develops in this new body, her soul tainted by her past, yet her courage and strength will lead her to a future that promises both glory and battle.

Crossover | MLP | Mortal Kombat

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 48 )

seems promising..... do continue :twilightsmile:
edit: how often do you think you'll update this?

2850711I'll update it as often as I can. There will be a two-month stall in the future due to me going to Basic Training for the army. So I'll try my best and update it daily while the muse is flowing.

:pinkiehappy::heart::heart: love the story, update soon :D


Thank you, so much! :fluttercry:

Great chapter :D

Raiden, you sooooo cute here. Author, you have potential.

yyyyeeeesssss:pinkiecrazy: BRAINSS!!!:flutterrage:

so when abouts will raiden meet celly and lulu??:rainbowhuh:


That'll come up, eventually. It's likely that Rainbow Dash as already informed her friends of this mysterious alicorn wandering around. I know that the initial meeting with Celestia or Luna, or even both, tends to be a juicy portion of a story when it comes to foreign/out of place characters. So I'll take your question into consideration when I'm considering the next portion of the story.

When I read this story, the man in the conic hat, a stretching backbone of the enemy is represented to me. But here he`s only small pony. He is left as very lovely small a pony. Buck...

The text of the story is quite good. Characters are shown rather authentically. Local Raiden perfectly teeters on the brink of new and old characters.

At a quite good narration the story has not enough attention. It is sad. I personally want that the author continued the work.

:heart: awesome, lovin it more an more :P


Thank you so much for the comment. I'm attempting to understand both the character and how he would react to being so vunerable and ignorant to the world that surrounds him. I thought the idea was intriguing , so I began to form an idea that'll keep rolling along.

Hm... no more updates?

2904266 I'm working on the next chapter. I'm just a bit sluggish. I've been focusing quite a bit of army-related things. I'm heading out in twenty-five days. Within that amount of time I'll post a chapter of two. But I'll produce something.

2906980 -pokes story with a stick- you dead?:rainbowhuh:

-gasps-:pinkiegasp: did i make you finally upload a new chapter with my comment that i made a couple days ago?:rainbowkiss:

3702690 * bursts out laughing * I like you, Maiq. I also like Skyrim... Hm, I should try a Skyrim crossover sometime. * taps chin *

3702710 only after you do a large portion of this fic. THEN you should dabble in skyrim.:eeyup:

3702710 P.S. oh ya we met before -gestures down at the past comments- :scootangel:

Nice to see you back. Im lookin forward on this story.
While chapter was full of events, it was to short. There could be much more highlight on aspects of filly`s character and her view of world.
How much of her is Raiden? How much left behind? How much present?
I hope she wont lose Raidens practical melancholy, and inherit her predecessors power and experience.

Ooh, knowing fillys diet, she obviously wont be accepted in pony society. Im already imagining our protagonist as nomad wearing light-blue shroud and wide straw hat. :raritystarry:

3702764 I'm beginning to work on length. This is my first story I've ever worked on, and I had to invest effort toward adding more and fattening up the chapters without it seeming forced. I'll try to improve as much as I can. Thank you for the word of advise, Tulip, it means a lot to a nobody author like me.

3702764 And, as for the remnants of Raiden, she possesses his soul, and with a bit more studying of the male god in general, I'll be able to remain in character, and, with luck and practice, portray a good portion of his personality within the little filly. And, as for her diet, no, she will never be accepted into pony culture nor accept the life they offer. She will learn to be a goddess and reign over her element. She will also, if you don't mind me hinting, cause a balance that shall shake the foundation and general belief that Equestrian's hold near and dear.

It should took tons of time for you to become skilled and noticed.
Dont stop and move forward.

Well written. Could definitely use longer chapters, though.

great chapter, would love more :3

Best human to pony story I red. Only bad thing is the third person talking.

So, how far are you into the next chapter?


Ah, I appreciate the attention. Personally, I should have completed the following chapter long ago. But, I believe I'll keep the story on hold for a while longer. Ever since Mortal Kombat X ( and a couple of other games ) came out, I feel as though I need to shift my attentions elsewhere when it comes to Game Crossovers. If you're interested in more crossovers in the future that I will intend to produce, please, keep an eye on my account. <3

What's this? A new chapter? Oh what a glorious day indeed. Must be awkward for Raiden to be called a girl. Hope when he regains his full power, he will have his actual form. Gonna be awkward for them when they realized they've been calling the Thunder God a girl.

Good to see this story back. I hope to see how little Raiden will grow in social environment.

Just decided to check my "Dead stories?" Book shelf and found there was a new chapter here. I suppose it's time to dust it off and add it back to the favourites!:yay:

6777443 Thank you, kindly, for remembering the story! The next chapter is halfway done! So it'll be done soon!

6777343 Raiden shall, yus! Character interaction is something I'm genuinely looking forward to writing. ;D

What if, in a situation where they are surrounded, Raiden unconsciously regains his true form with his powers and decimates the enemy. Once they are taken down, he returns to his alicorn form but has no memory of what happened. If I could be any god, I'd be Raiden because he's a total badass.

I advise not to abandon Raiden`s inner conflicts that resign in her memorys, her previous life was full of fight and responsibilitys. It should be somehow projected onto her new life somehow. I wonder why Nightmare backed off so easily. It does seem like plothole.

6911499 I do appreciate the comment! And, I will be working to stitch that hole - if any - are present. I'll be taking that comment into consideration 100%.

I do enjoy this fic. Hope it continues some day.

This fic is so old. I wrote it while I was in High School and I have no idea if I'll ever come back to it. But I really appreciate your comment. ;O ;

If you wrote this in high school, then I'm pretty impressed.
No doubt everyone is busy in high school. But to find the small bits of time to put out this much quality? That's pretty neat.

Will you continue this?

Not only has this fantastic story been left for dead, it was also left on a cliffhanger, WHY!

Dear Mr.Sweet, you must continue this or I will die for waiting!!!

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