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For as long as anypony can remember, an area of land has been cut off from the rest of the world due to an eternal storm that has never shown any mercy. But now the storm has weakened and an envoy from that land has come to Equestria seeking a Queen for their land. A Queen for their kingdom of thestrals.

Join Twilight and Spike as they journey into a new land that no Equestrian has ever laid eyes upon. There Twilight will be tested like never before. Will she succeed and make new friends or will this land be her undoing...

Set just after the end of season 3 and before season 4.
Cover art done by roninfang please check out his profile if you want a commission

Edits done by both sadron and Alchemik

First featured 5/19/18!

Chapters (28)
Comments ( 503 )

Looks like the beginning to an interesting story

Thus I begin again with another long story.

oh boy!

Onward to new and exciting adventures!!!!

Your desription has a few grammar errors.

seeking a Queen for their. A

Their what?

Join Twilight and Spike as they journeys into a new land that neither Princess has ever laid eyes upon.

Journey. No princesses or neither or neither princess nor dragon.

tested like never.

Add before.

This fish is hooked good.

I’m already hooked...
I can’t wait for an update!
Any idea on when it May come out so I can look for it?

Hopefully within the next few days.

Not quite enough to sink my literary teeth into so I can’t say weather I enjoyed it or not.

However interesting enough to track it and wait for the future.

I sense great potential. Waiting for an upgrade.

This looks promising.

and it is at this point twily tries to murder luna for throwing her under a carriage

:pinkiehappy:this story feels very interesting, I just hope it does not end up like the other one's:fluttercry:

This is interesting to see something like this
You mean Thousand Year Change? What was wrong with that one?

no, that is not the one is this one Longma in this story bat pony they come back and they ask princess luna to be her queen. the princess refuses and chooses Twilight as the new queen. the thing is that they do not immediately go to the empire. but, they give their new queen a few months to say goodbye to her friends.in consequences the story did not end and we never saw as the new queen rules. Of course the author told us, as the story would end. leaving me with curiosities.
Now you tell me about this book and I'm curious so I'll go read it "Thousand Year Change"

I remember that one. Don't worry, this will be more about Twilight's rule rather than an overly long goodbye

So far this seems entirely voluntary, so "thrown under the bus" might be a bit excessive. :rainbowlaugh:

Though it seems odd that Celestia would even consider something that might separate Twilight from her friends. Their closeness is Equestria's strategic defense system.

hello 8875978
:rainbowhuh:maybe she sees the value of having a technologically more advanced nation as allies:twilightsmile:

yeah but twi dont know its voluntary and the fact she hasn't been a princess long which luna knows and still she recommended twilight, id be pretty pissed with luna too

I think that Celestia wouldn't force Twilight to do it if she said no. Remember that Luna was asked, said no, and the recommended Twilight.
Maybe this will show how strong their friendship really is

its not so much anyone forcing her as it is the way the guy is talking its like they have already decided to send twilight without asking her and the fact that luna suggested her a pony who doesn't consider herself ready or even a princess me personally if i was in twi's place with her mindset i would be a little angry at luna for suggesting me

But couldn't this also be taken as a sign that somepony with that much experience believes in her?

mmmmmmmhhhhh yeah but this is twilight where talking about and as much as i love her she does focus more on the negative in regards to herself than the positive

True. Hopefully the next chapter will explain more.

This is well written so far. I will follow this.

huzzah 10 bits rainbow goes with her you know loyalty and all that jazz

yay!!! I can not wait to see what will happen now

Well, at least Lunas reasons make sense

Wait.. so the Tantabus hasn't been delt with? Or am I miss interpreting that?

You Shouldn't make bets like that, usually it will make the writer change an existing idea if that was the case.

This story is set right after Twilight became an Alicorn. So Luna is still dealing with her issues

Yeah after I commented I looked up the episode and I don't know why but I though it had happens pre-asencion not post-Asencio, derp.

“ in the hopes of finding an immortal ruler for us.”

“ legendary mare claiming that another alicorn could take her place; one who has only recently become an alicorn. ”

hello 8885223
Question? Twilight is she immortal?

More of this please!

well it will be interesting to see a bat pony/alicorn, daughter of Twilight. I am not demanding. I'm just saying it will be interesting if you want to take that route

reading the story Thousand Year Change. I have to admit that it is very interesting thank you for suggesting it

T_T farewell everyone :raritycry:

Off to the land of night and wonders!!!!


surely if the storm is weakening then twilight could arrange a visit with her friends not often but like once a year for 2 or 3 days or send a zeppelin to bring them to her for a couple of days

Manly tears were shed

Very emotional and well written. Please update soon I really want to read more of this.

Well, looks like Darth is only doing one chapter with the goodbye. We might get to see some cool threstal culture next chapter

last part of the chapter make me think twilight is far older then she knows or she is celestia daughter

going to say that luna's guard were the prince and princess

Didn't this story used to be longer?

What do you mean? Were you expecting a longer chapter?

Spoilers no

Like were this is going. Please update soon (unless you have a schedule) and I look forward to continue reading this.

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