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Originally, Principal Cinch managed to cowardly flee when Midnight Sparkle began to tear the world apart and later leave her dignity intact after she was beaten, but what if she didn't?

This is what I think should have happened to Principal Cinch at the end of the movie, after all somone like her shouldn't get off scot free, right?

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I like this ending much better!

A fitting end for a wicked woman.

Cinch deserved such a fate for her treachery.


Jesus Christ, she was just a typical mean school principal cliché! She wasn't a reality-destroying doom-bringer like Discord or a magic-stealing demon like Tirek! I'm pretty sure she didn't deserve... that!

Not the most evil villain they've come across, but most certainly Cinch is the most petty by far. Let her stew in an alternate dimension for a week or two before sending Discord to fish her out.

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Amusingly, according to the commentary, they did discuss Cinch being tossed into Equestria and turning into a hideous monster. I kinda like this fate for her better.

Although I do wish folks weren't constantly thinking along the same lines as me in terms of stories.

This does make much for sense for Twilight to take part of her revenge on Principal Cinch, after all she did blackmail her.

Well, that happened.

What if she was given a fate... worse then DEATH?



It happens to the best of us. I always try to point out things as I'm scrolling just to help out the people around here.

So please… just let her go…

Very poor choice of words :rainbowlaugh:

Nice fate for Cinch
To bad they didn't do something like that in the movie
I do hate it when someone like Cinch doesn't get a comeuppance

6538393 I think you give her too much credit. Lets take a look at her actions:
1. She openly blackmails her own students.
2. She shows a blatant disregard for the lives of her students (the plant monster almost kills Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap during the race and Cinch doens't seem to care at all beyond that CHS might have cheated).
3. She openly admits during her villain song that she was alway aware of Twilight being an outcast and didn't do anything about it.
4. She bullies Twilight into unleashing the magic with no idea of what might happen.
5. She runs away from the world shattering monster, again not caring at all for the children she's responsible for and who are obviously in danger.

And all that just for the sake of her own ego and "legacy".
And at the end of the movie she obviously does not care at all about all the harm she's caused, is not ashamed, not feeling guilty at all. Instead she blames everyone else.
Cinch is not a simple cliché evil principal, her actions are those of a sociopathic monster.

“What is this…?” she whispered to herself before she got a good look at the dimension she was in and gulped. The entire area with filled with candies, flowers and all sorts of cute objects; it was so sickeningly cute, that Cinch practically vomited in her mouth right away. Her horror increased when she noticed several stuffed animals, fairies, toys and actual talking flowers popped up around her and started singing.
“We are such happy flowers, we will now sing for hours. Aren't we unbearably cute? Watch me solo on this flute.”
And right on cue the talking flower began to play his flute, which incited a scream from Principal Cinch that was heard all the way from the heavens and beyond.

Return of Rainbow's nightmare!:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:
I keep on imagining this scene and my parents have to ask me if there is something wrong.:rainbowlaugh:

Is this what you meant back at Aftermath of the Games? This is actually very good, buddy. Excellent! Makes me wish they had that for the actual film. I can see it replacing quite a few scenes in the film proper, including the ending of this fic replacing the scene with Princess Twilight. You know, after SciTwi decided to transfer to CHS and join the Rainbooms. That would have avoided spoilers for season 5.

6538833 You know what I heard? They originally had intended she fell down a portal and turned into a hideous creature. However, they thought it was too mean.

6539275 Man that would have been so awesome :rainbowkiss:
not to mention appropried for Cinch to become the monster she's already on the inside.

Welcome to Frieza's hell Cinch!

6541523 Sorry if it's too similar...
I can change it a bit if you want:fluttershysad:

6541542 Don't worry about it, given the situation, it is rather fitting.

Wait...wasn't that RD's nightmare? I thought only Luna could access that, and only if RD was having a dream...unless that was another dimension


Cinch got sent to the Twilight Zone!

Those flute playing flowers are soooo evil.... heh... It was amusing change of pace... Strangely enough the writers did say they had considered sending Cinch to pony world and causing her to become a monster...heh....

6560332 Yes, I believe I had already said that. But good seeing I'm not the only one who heard such a thing.

She still got off too easy

6576817 I'd just be glad if I never saw her again, I don't want that lady in my life, you know?

6576846 In my version, Twilight just beats the fuck out of cinch.

I am currently working on a story right now

Hrm. I was expecting her to land on Cthulhu or in MLP Gen 3.5

...I'm not actually sure which would be worse.

this reminds me of what happened to Freeza in Revival of F. Both of their fates we're funny either way.

Still writing I see, and still on top of your game. Keep up the good work!! :raritywink:

While Cinch got what she deserved, her fate didn't seem cruel enough. I would've made it much worse :pinkiecrazy:

6538393 Dude. She should have at least gotten fired for what she nearly caused. I like to think of this as a most.

As much as I admit that Cinch did deserve this for her megalomaniacal ways, I think that this seems like overkill. But hey, at least she didn't see cake monsters, a monster bunny, bat-books, monster dresses, or a rotting apple orchard...

6665339 I read it, looked pretty good :)

Woah, weird, I rewatched the Tantabus episode today.

6635151 this i Approve!

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!” Princess Cinch screamed as she fell right into the bottomless abyss,

Ummmmm... Princess Cinch? not quite lol

“We are such happy flowers, we will now sing for hours. Aren't we unbearably cute? Watch me solo on this flute.”
And right on cue the talking flower began to play his flute, which incited a scream from Principal Cinch that was heard all the way from the heavens and beyond.

lol where is that from?

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