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Set in the same universe as DrakeyC's Yugioh stories as well as Tales of the Canterlot High Duelists

A new sensation is spreading across the nation: Team Dueling! All of the schools have been getting in on it, gaining sponsorships and donations...except for Canterlot High. With their old format rules and restrictions gone they now have a chance to start up their own team with VP Luna coaching them. But will this group of secondary characters have what it takes to make this a permanent thing? Or will they go down in flames....

Special thanks to Speculore for editing

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Great start. Didn't expect an appearance from Bastion. :rainbowlaugh: Though Water Dragon doesn't have two heads.

Is the misspelling in the title intentional?

Sorry that was a mistake on my part

And they were nowhere near as popular as CHS's Triple Triad team.

Wow. That is a perfect representation of Lightning. I've never seen that approach in a story before, but it works perfectly.

Actually he was using Water Dragon Cluster sort of an upgraded version of his original

Yes. You can see his duel against Applejack as well as Moondancers deck in Duelists of Canterlot High

Obligatory sigh of annoyance at whoever made the cover art; Yugioh normally uses archetypes instead of types for this sort of thing. That said, it's at least mildly amusing as the inverse of a problem I occasionally see in MtG custom cards (attempting Yugioh-style partial name matching despite Yugioh itself showing why this is a bad idea via the Archfiends among others.)

Yes. Not that it mattered because El Shaddoll Construct destroys any special summoned monster it battles at the start of the damage step

It was the best I could find doing an image search

Hype train's a-chuggin' and it's not stoppin'

Im really enjoying this

Spitfire seemed to be a little extreme here, hopefully we'll find out the whole story. But at least it looks like shes making friends

The duel was well done. I like the idea of Pharynx having Steelswarm

Are we seriously having a 7 foot tall Braeburn here? ......Awesome!

Wait, the 7 foot tall guy was Braeburn right? People usually don't depict him as tall. I like it!

Duel was well written but not that exciting. I love Luna as a character but there was little to no challenge with this. Hopefully future duels will be more exciting

nicely done; as to the featured decks:

  • Luna with a Dark deck: not the first time I've seen it, but can't complain too much as this particular theme has a great variety and seeing how she utilizes said variety is always a treat: 8.5/10
  • Silverstar with a Psychic deck: I'll admit it: this is the first time I've seen him duel in this type of story, and the deck choice, while not what I was expecting, was still a spectacle to behold, so no real complaints from me: also 8.5/10

when all is said and done, the only thing I can think to say is:

I had wanted to get Silverstar to summon the gunman Hyper Psychic Blaster, perhaps two of them. However Luna's deck was just too powerful and balanced for an older deck to compete against

Moondancer vs a Trickstar deck, eh? ...I'm okay with this πŸ™‚

Much better than the last duel which felt very one sided from start to finish. Trickstars are annoying with their burn

So is the next chapter gonna be up soon? Sorry for sounding impatient, but I really want to see more.

Working on it. Holidays kicked my ass something fierce

I know that feeling. My parents threw a pretty big New Year's Eve party and it wore me out something fierce.

yeah, that type of deck DOES seem to fit Troubleshoe's personality, and to Pharynx's credit, he did a pretty good job against it; overall, the only thing I can REALLY say about this chapter is: cdn.qwertee.com/images/designs/product-thumbs/1510853310-82701-zoom-500x600.jpg

I agree with you on both points. Pharynx did his best considering his hand kept shifting so he couldn't come up with an overall plan. But at least he went down swinging

My overall issue is that duels like this are boring, reminding me of Mystic Mine decks. At least this was reflected with the crowd. That and Sparkle's actions in the beginning.


My overall issue is that duels like this are boring, reminding me of Mystic Mine decks. At least this was reflected with the crowd. That and Sparkle's actions in the beginning.

(shrugs) fair enough on all counts

I can't wait to read the rest of this story. It's time to duel!

Well this was the confrontation that had to happen sooner or later

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Your interpretation of Lightning is the most faithful one I've seen on this site. And now, knowing the full story, from all three sides of the encounter, your Spitfire and Rainbow are spot on as well.

a bit late for this, I know, but while admittedly I was a bit surprised to see Pharynx with a Steelswarm deck and Spitfire using a Machina theme, it's not a big deal breaker for me, it doesn't take away from what is essentially a good, respectable (relatively speaking, given the subject matter πŸ˜‰) chapter; good job, Brony-wan-kenobi: have a cookie: i.huffpost.com/gen/2703354/images/o-COOKIE-facebook.jpg

All I can say is I can't wait to see Lightning's deck

Great duel. That'll teach Spitfire to try and get Lightning Dust in more trouble.

When's the next chapter coming up?

Its been slowed due to commissions. Hopefully it'll be up sometime this week. Been rewriting it like crazy

Aw. 😒πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘ŽπŸ»

Lightning Dust (with a Dragunity deck) vs a Venom deck; ...I approve 😁

To be honest I can see Lightning using this type of deck. She rushes out powerful monsters with it pretty easily and could have used it well at the Autumn Crown...just not to its full effect. I also enjoyed the scene where she had to pause and realize that she might have lost because she didn't stop and check to see what other effects her opponents monsters had.

Also I just love the contrast between her and Quick. Despite his name, Quick Strike plays a much slower deck that eats away at the power of his opponent. You don't see many people writing the Venom arctype

God damn this is such a great duel! I can't wait for Hunter to go against Braeburn. I adore the shaddolls

Where did you get the cover art?

Comment posted by Brony-wan-kenobi deleted Jul 10th, 2020

Okay, with that flashback and Braeburn's request for a favor, seems like we'll get him and Star Hunter for last. Especially with his grudge against his complete jerk of a brother. They'll both prove themselves when the time comes. Until then, let's see what sort of Deck Autumn Blaze uses. Maybe a FIRE Deck. I hope after she shows her skills off, Wallflower gets to shine and get some positive attention from her team for doing well enough.

Autumn Blaze with a Fire Fist deck and Little Strongheart with a Infernity theme? ...nice...and the chapter itself was pretty good too πŸ˜‹

I like the choice of Deck for Autumn Blaze. Makes perfect sense. And I loved how her anger was so strong that everyone was afraid of her fiery wrath. Wallflower had to bring back the ice water to help. XD Great work! Let's see if Wallflower can get the spotlight by winning her Duel and we save the grudge match for last.

Good chapter

The ice water was a good call back to an earlier chapter.

Yeah, I remember. Autumn got mad when Wallflower was being ignored and she saw the ice water to scream into.

Oof. The pain of the cliffhanger. I can't believe it ended so soon. Guess it's time to wait for the next part. But man, Braeburn is risking it all on this. I feel bad for Hunter. He keeps getting flak for what his cheating brother did just because they're related.

Hope he can hammer it in everyone's thick skulls that he is NOT Chaser.

Well I had thought of making this all one chapter, but given what I have planned it would have been very, very, very long. So I thought splitting it in two would have been better

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