The Dusk of Troubled Views

by CartoonopolisAdventures

Chapter 3: Freedom and Capture

"Well..." Chrysalis said when Starlight finished her life story. "THOSE deeds were nearly bad enough to exceed MY standards."

"Yeah..." Starlight said. She didn't like explaining the story, but she had to tell the villains about it SOMETIME so they can understand the reformation process better.

"Well, I don't see the need for anyone to hear MY story. We ALL know what it is," Discord said, the multiple clones vanishing.

"So... what happened when Twilight took you in?" asked Cozy.

"I dealt with post-reformation. It was tough. I felt guilt, and an extreme amount of worry, ESPECIALLY when I was assigned to reunite with Sunburst at Flurry Heart's crystalling. But you know what? I overcame it, and became the pony I am today."

"Any suggestions on how WE can deal with it?" Tirek asked.

"Many residents have already heard about the news. They didn't seem angry or anything. If anything, even some of the School of Friendship students said that if you all really WERE reformed, they would be HAPPY to be your friends. So my advice? Give it a try. Go outside, and if you can, try to bond with somepony you think is right for you, as I have done once before. It may work."

Starlight looked at Discord and gave him the signal that it was time to leave. Discord nodded, snapped his talon, and vanished in a flash.

Starlight finally turned and headed for the exit, before looking back at the trio.

"Think about it, ok?"

With that, the unicorn left and closed the door, leaving the trio alone once again.

"Well..." began Cozy. "We DID all agree to wait until somepony convinced us to leave."

"Indeed," Tirek said. "We did things nearly as extreme as SHE did."

"But she wasn't turned to stone," Chrysalis said. "Then again, reformation got to her first. Considering that it was the only way to defeat her in the first place."

"Well, I think we should leave. We can't stay here forever," Cozy said, standing on all four hooves.

Tirek hesitated a bit before getting up as well.

Cozy and Tirek looked at Chrysalis.

Chrysalis closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and got up on her hooves.

The trip in town was going a lot better than they thought. Ponies and other creatures would smile and wave at the villains, with even the occasional greetings. A grey pegasus, whose eyes weren't facing correctly, even gave them coupons for a free movie night. Not out of fear, but out of being friendly.

"Thank you," Tirek said.

The pegasus nodded and then flew off.

"What movie should we go see with these?" questioned Chrysalis.

"We could figure out what they have when we get there," suggested Tirek.

"Can you believe that they are coming up with better quality moviemaking?" asked Cozy.

Suddenly, a blurry figure rushed right by the villains into a very wide alley.

"Woah. That guy was fast," Tirek said.


"ACK!!" a stallion's voice said from the alley.

"Golly, that guy seems to have gotten himself in a pickle," Cozy said.

"Hello? Can anypony hear me? I think I sprained something..." the voice said.

"Pulled something? THAT'S PERFECT!" Chrysalis said.

"HOW is an injury a GOOD thing?" asked Cozy.

"Because of FRIENDSHIP! One important thing about friendship is helping somepony in need. This stallion needs our help!" Chrysalis said.

"Of course! Good identification. How did you know that?" asked Tirek.

"I may have been reformed for a day. But changing my ways gave me a little more knowledge of friendship I never even had."

"Same for me," Cozy said.

"Me as well! Now let's help that stallion and figure out what he is running from," Tirek said.

The trio turned and walked to the alley, stopping to face the enterance.

The alley was dark, and had stacks of boxes and a dumpster. But the villains didn't really care about the creepy factor or unsanitary atmosphere.

Despite the obstacles and the size of the alley, the trio could see the injured stallion at the end, next to a knocked over garbage can.

The trio entered.

When they got closer and stopped in front of the stallion, they saw the was wearing a cloak. He appeared to be shuttering as well.

"Hey, it's ok. We're not here to hurt you," reassured Cozy.

The stallion looked up at them. The ponies couldn't see his face. And Chrysalis felt that there was something... off about him.

"Can you try to stand?" asked Tirek.

The stallion weakly positioned himself to stand. He weakly lifted his body very slowly... before he quickly stood up straight and shot his gaze directly to the villains.

The villains saw a yellow glow under the hood, before they saw it envelop their eyesight as they felt themselves levitate off the ground. They also felt restrain on their bodies, giving them the realization that they were unable to move.

"Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow. We meet at last," the stallion said.

"Who are you?" Cozy asked.

"I am Judgement Law. And I am here with my cult to banish you away from here once and for all!"

"Cult?" asked Tirek.

The former villains suddenly felt their bodies turn around. There, they saw multiple hooded ponies appear from behind the boxes and dumpster. They then saw Judgement enter their view. He then turned to them to face them once more.

"Why are you doing this?" Chrysalis asked.

"Because your reformation is a TRICK!!!" Judgement said.

"Huh?" Cozy asked.

"While with Princess Twilight's student at that campsite, you all devised a PLAN to convince her that you REFORMED!!"

"How would we do that?" Tirek asked.

"Villains like YOU work in many ways!"

"Where are you gonna take us?" asked Cozy.

"As I've said, I'll BANISH you from this world!!!"

"Where?" questioned Chrysalis.

"A place where it is MORE likely for you to show your TRUE colors!!! With my magic combined with the rest of the cult, we can BANISH you to a place with more strife and zero magic!"

"Will WE have no magic?" asked Tirek.

"Oh, you WILL!!!!" Judgement said. "MAGIC SKILLS AT THE READY!!!!"

Suddenly, all of the cloaked ponies, including Judgement, lit up their horns, showing MANY different colors. It only took a few seconds for magic beams to shoot out of every cloaked pony except Judgement. The beams all reached Judgement, causing him to levitate and become engulfied in a yellow light.

Before anything else could be said, Judgement finally shot a beam of his own, straight to the mortified trio.

Chrysalis, Cozy, and Tirek suddenly felt their bodies constricting. They started to feel like they were going to pass out.

The final thing they saw was the vile grin coming from Judgement Law.

And then everything went dark.