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Or any other social networking site

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I don't like FB...

Because Facebook has desperate Date Me Pages,Selfies,Food people who takes pictures of everything they eat,people who add pictures with unmatching text on it (which is stupid),inappropriate stuff (such as bad words and etc),and etc that's why


I'll vouch for that

Because Fimfiction has ponies. And ponies are awesome. Amirite, guys? :yay:
Also, yes, all praise the mighty Lilith. (Lilith is such a pretty name.)

And you know why?! WE DON"T HAVE SELFIES!!!!!:duck: OR DESPERATE DATE ME PAGES!!!!!:raritycry::raritydespair:

Truer words have never been spoken.

322541 I couldn't agree more.

322539 Oh yes... You gotta love the more... Dominant girls. It makes things so much more interesting :pinkiecrazy:

322537 LMAO! For some odd reason I've no doubt she would do that! That's why we love her! I love the kind of girl that could kick my ass!

322536 I would give Lilith a huge hug if I saw her... Well she'd probably bring out the whip afterwards :pinkiecrazy:

322498 You really admire Lilith don't you? I can see why, she's awesome!



This group is true, I do use Facebook all the time but I much prefer FimFiction :pinkiehappy:

But I came here mainly because Lilith made the group :pinkiecrazy:

This group is so true, since Fimfiction I only use Facebook to check the news to know what happens in the world.

So, it is done. Excellent :pinkiecrazy:

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