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Based on the Brothers Grimm collection idea, the Bronie's Grimm is a collection of short, non chapter stories that I write. They can range from pony folklore to parodies of other stories. The Bronie's Grimm is where I put all my short stories for your enjoyment.

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Most amusing, but watch out for those homonyms.

Edit: Oops, not exactly homonyms. What do you call it when there are two words that sound the same, but have different meanings and are spelled differently? Well, watch for them anyway.

554084 Horse_Voice

Close - homophones. Specifically, a heterographic homophone. (Easy to remember if you go by the basic Latin roots: hetero - different; graph - write; homo - same; phone - sound.)

I did like the story - it's pretty cute! I like the idea of taking Grimm's fairy tales and other legends and the like and ponyficating them. :D

interesting, do continue with this! I find it very amusing.:rainbowlaugh:

Darn it, you beat me to doing a collection of Ponified Grimm's tales. (Though mine were going to be, well, a little more grim.) Anyway, seeing as I like these kind of stories, I greatly enjoyed this ponified version of a common archetype in Grimm's tales, with the hero being thought of as unclever, such as the many stories where Blockhead Hans is the hero.

Ha ha. I see you even had the name for it. But don't worry! You can still do your idea because not all my stories will be based off of the Grimm tales. A future example would be Little Bobby, a reverse parody of Little Dashie.


Thanks for pointing that out. I definitely do not want the knights to be "quacking" in their armor. :derpytongue2:

The second chapter was very amusing. It happened to remind me of that Looney Toons Cartoon, where Daffy is aware that he's in a cartoon and the animator (Who turns out to be Bugs Bunny) is messing with him.

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