Bronie's Grimm

by madgamer1228

Rarity VS Rouge

Rarity VS Rouge

A bit of background before you read. This story is really one I just wrote for the heck of it. What had started it, however, was when my good friend, Kane, started something on Facebook. He said that he would take in requests for VS and that he would write them. I suggested a couple, Sonic VS Rainbow Dash and Infested Kerrigan (aka Queen of Blades) VS Queen Chrysalis. When I read the first one he wrote, Sonic VS Rainbow Dash, I was inspired to write this story as a response. So, here it is, Rarity VS Rouge.


Rarity had no idea where her horn was taking her. She had come out to the gem fields to find more emeralds for her latest line of outfits, when her horn had homed in on something and started dragging her along to where ever it wanted to take her.

She came to a skidding stop near the middle of the field, then her head dipped towards the ground as her horn was drawn to whatever it was that had set it off. Resisting the pull, Rarity used a spell to liquefy the ground and pull up the gem.

What emerged was something more than she had ever expected. Out of the bubbling earth, the most amazing and perfect gemstone appeared. It was a deep green and seemed to glow with a light that came from inside it.

Eyes wide, she bent over to look at it closely.

“Step away from that Chaos Emerald, pony,” a voice called behind her. Rarity turned around to see who it was that had talked to her. She was surprised to see that it wasn’t a pony, but a bat.

“And who are you?” Rarity asked. The bat smirked.

“Name’s Rouge the bat, and I believe that that’s my Chaos Emerald you have there.”

Rarity glared at Rouge.

“What right do you have to this marvelous gem? I found it three feet under the ground and got it out. So it is mine, fair and square,” declared Rarity. Rouge glared back at Rarity.

“Yes, I know that, so I thank you for finding it. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll be taking it.”

“No! You shan’t have it!”

“Fine, if that’s how you want to be…”

Rouge suddenly charged through the air, zooming towards Rarity and the Emerald. Taken by surprise, Rarity was knocked back by one of Rouge’s wings. Unable to catch herself, Rarity fell back, right into a puddle of mud.

Rarity extracted herself from the wet ground. She looked at her coat, now disgusting and brown without any sign of her pristine whiteness of before.

“Oh, it is on!”

Rouge was about to pick up the Emerald, when a large force slammed into her from behind. Using her wings to turn around, Rouge rotated in midair and stopped herself from moving through the air. She snarled at Rarity, for it was she who had charged into Rouge from behind.

“Alright, pony. If that’s how you want to play.”

Rouge flew at Rarity. Then she turned her foot towards the unicorn and started spinning, preparing for her signature attack.

Rarity however leapt to one side and dodged the attack. She then used her magic to freeze Rouge. With the bat unable to move, Rarity bucked her foe’s side. The instant Rarity’s hooves made contact, the spell was broken.

Using her sudden freedom and the force of Rarity’s kick, Rouge pivoted and grabbed one of Rarity’s legs. She then continued to use her momentum to fling Rarity. Rarity was not to be surprised, however. She used her magic to slow her fall and land on all four of her hooves.

They clashed like this several times, a few of them they resorted to a primeval method of biting and scratching at each other.

Eventually, they separated to each take a break. Rouge was breathing heavily, coated in bruises and bite marks.

Rarity wasn’t any better. She too breathed heavily. Her hair was a mess and her coat was even worse than it had been when the fight had started.

They circled around the Emerald slowly, each preparing to fight the other off of it when the time came. With a sudden yell, Rouge dived at the jewel. Rarity, who had been waiting for such an opening, dived forward as well.

But as they flew towards it, the ground erupted around the Chaos Emerald. There was a brief flash of something red from the center of the dust, but when it settled there wasn’t anything red. Nor was there any sign of the Emerald.

Both caught by surprise, Rarity and Rouge collided painfully. Moaning in pain, they shook their heads to try and clear the stars from their visions.

Realizing what had happened, Rouge became infuriated. She immediately started clawing at the ground where the red thing had been last seen.

“Knuckles!” she yelled at the ground, “Why do you always do this to me?”

Giving up on her futile attempt, Rouge sopped digging. She then looked around, hoping to see some sign of the echidna. As she searched, she noticed that Rarity was walking away.

“Where are you going?” Rouge shouted angrily after her.

Without turning around, Rarity called back, “I don’t know about you, but I need to go home and take a bath. Our fight has made me into a dreadful mess.”