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Greetings, I am Merlos the Mad. I am a dabbler of both words and wizardry in my free time. I also invite you all to partake in my musings. Take care though, as they are the product of a madman.


*Cruises through* · 2:05pm Feb 19th, 2021

I was going through an old hard drive and found this sound file I never uploaded. If anybody likes listening to nerds from ten years ago talk about fanfiction with little ponies in it here's one I recorded with Hoopy Mcgee and Mrpockets at our heights of fanfiction. (Warning there is a little vulgarity. I was just out of the army when I recorded this I think. lol)

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Hello everyone, just an update. · 2:39pm Mar 6th, 2017

Well, suffice it to say, my renewed effort to start updating to schedule once again didn't pan out. It was maybe a bit naive of me to try and hold myself to that, especially considering how bad my track record had been the last couple of years. Still, I felt I had to try.

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Well, I bet we all thought this day was never coming. · 5:57pm Sep 27th, 2016

That's right, ladies and gents, an Mlm update.

I know, most of you have long since given up hope of ever seeing this old thing updating again, but it seems there's some steam left in the engine, after all. I'll bet after I missed the update time I'd set for myself yesterday most of you were saying, "Yup, called it." too. Well! Jokes on you, the engine was just having a rough start.

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Moving Forward, cause I'm back! · 8:16pm Sep 23rd, 2016

I probably don't deserve to use a song this awesome, but...

Heeeello everypony. I hope you've been enjoying the updates so far. Or, at least, you know, tolerating them.

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Whoooa. Two blogs in one year? Who am I and what did I do with the real Merlos! · 2:05am Sep 22nd, 2016

It's true, I am in fact... a changeling! The real Merlos is currently locked in the basement of this stinky wizard tower, and I am readying Queen Chrysalis' eeeevil plan to take over all the fimfiction writers and then the whole world! Bwahahaha!

Except not.

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I'm posting tomorrow · 10:03pm Sep 18th, 2016

And no one can stop me! Yah here!? (Not even me!)

If anyone wants to read the chapters early (Yeah, more than one) I need new pre-readers and such. Turns out not updating for years on end some people stop showing up to work. Hah.

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Today is my one hundred-edededed Birthday! · 12:19am Nov 24th, 2015

Well, not really, I'm turning twenty six, or 726 in wizard years. ^^ Heck, it's also the day after my fimfic anniversary. I think I'd used my free time while in Afghanistan that day to binge ponies or something, thus leading me to the sorry state of a writer that you see before you today... Hah

Anywho, I'm also working on updates this week. Wish me luck!

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Whee Halloween! · 10:59pm Oct 28th, 2015

Dashdub over on youtube's made a spppooooky track. It's a little short, but nice. More over though the image he used was the one I used for the Abhorsen story, so it seemed like something worth sharing.

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General Mumble song using a bit of Audio from the leaked mlp Episode · 5:02am Oct 5th, 2015

If you guys didn't know, the Halloween episode for this year was leaked earlier, and it seems General Mumble made a neat song with it. Well, this is my favorite time of year, so spoilers or no I had to share it. ^^

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Antony C takes a good look at Magical Mystery Cure, and points out for us its many flaws. · 5:41pm Sep 1st, 2015

Ah, good times.

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