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Greetings, I am Merlos the Mad. I am a dabbler of both words and wizardry in my free time. I also invite you all to partake in my musings. Take care though, as they are the product of a madman.

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    Well, I bet we all thought this day was never coming.

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Well, I bet we all thought this day was never coming. · 5:57pm Sep 27th, 2016

That's right, ladies and gents, an Mlm update.

I know, most of you have long since given up hope of ever seeing this old thing updating again, but it seems there's some steam left in the engine, after all. I'll bet after I missed the update time I'd set for myself yesterday most of you were saying, "Yup, called it." too. Well! Jokes on you, the engine was just having a rough start.

Whelp, I hope it was ready for deployment after all this time, but I'm sure if there are discrepancies I'll hear all about it. >.> Now, to get these stories back on track! Next stop, the other three stories! lol...

I mean, I've been out of the game so long. Can I really cut it anymore? There are all these new, young cats out here writing fanfiction these days. Surely my schtick is old hat by now, yeah?


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Hey look an update....for a story I can't quite remember what's going on.......that has +200000 words.....

Well there go's all my free time.


You are a very noble changeling, indeed. ^^

Oh my gosh, the prophecy has been fulfilled! Time to READ!!!

Don't forget the companion story, which also has over 200k words. :trollestia:

There's nothing wrong with an old hat. Just gotta blow the dust off and itll fit just fine

The time has come, the return of Merlos the Mad - which has now been proven by not one but two new chapters (on different stories)!

I had considered sending a pleading pm to ask why you lied to us. Now I see it was uneeded. Now, off to read what is still my favorite fic on this site.


Four, actually, but who's counting? >.>

:yay: update!

Time to read the last few chapters to get my brain to remember where it left off at... or maybe just start over since its a good story that I have enjoyed. :twilightsmile:


I recently updated a lot of the grammar. I know that it still must have errors, and one day I'll give it a proper re-edit... but I think it's far more readable, now.

4229640 Its all good, I'm not a grammar nazi, and those here are not professional authors (ok someone might be) so as long as its readable without errors left and right I am good. :twilightsmile:

Lol, looks like I will be starting over.

Horray! A story I can take out of my 'read later if and when it updates folder'!

I never give up hope until it gets cancelled or deleted.
I've got a bookshelf of "Sadly Incomplete" stories and even then I've got a pin stuck in each one.

Not one of your stories is in there.
It's only for the ones I've a very low expectation of being continued.

We've waited about two years for it, waiting an extra day is nothing.

Well at least it's time I start reading the others. I think I'll start with The Mane Two: Contrail since it's currently the one with the less word count. Though is your friend Ludicrous Lycan still with us? As I checked he hasn't been active here since last year.

This... This is stunning. Literally.

MerlosTheMad, you have made such a habit of starting to write fascinating stories only to leave them unfinished, that I'd decided you have a bit of the sadist about you. That you somewhat enjoy tormenting your readers.
Perhaps I was wrong.
...Or perhaps you're just twisting the knife a little. :pinkiecrazy:


Oh come on, I'm not THAT bad :P I finish most of the stories I started after the madverse of which there are, what, five? I finished a Gilded Opportunity with Lycaaaan, The Mane makes the ponyyy, I can't Stooop, Once upon a fright....

I haven't finished that awesome Pacific Rim one, yet, but that isn't bad! And the Madverse fics don't count. they're tough! xP


Yeah I think Lycan might be done. I have his contact information though so if worst comes to worst I'll have him transfer the story back to my account. :/

Great timing, I was trying to find this story again yesterday.


Haaah, I dunno this timing feels a bit late to me. ^^ Glad you remember it after all this time though!

Don't let your nervousness get you down, Merlos! You're one of the best damn writers on this site!



Noooooo dont be sillyyyy

I am not lying ;) I remember back in the day, seeing a new chapter to A Twilight Landing was exciting. Something to look forward to, deeply! Almost as much as the show!... Maybe beyond... It's a little blurry.

And that's coming from someone others see as a fanatic 'yes-man' of the show :P

Any bets on how long the next update will take? :rainbowwild:


hey bp. maybe after my dad passes :x

4374001 Sweet Celestia I'm out of the loop: what?! :twilightoops:

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