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Season 8 animatic released, and.... · 5:40pm Sep 9th, 2017

Bug Horse Waifu has returned.

Will the mighty Queen finally be redeemed, or will she get defeated once and for all? Fingers crossed for the former, but I wouldn't put it past the show to go Sombra on her. Hope not.

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MaxBeezy Approved "My New Life In Equestria" Side Story! · 7:30am Sep 5th, 2017

Hey everypony!

A user by the name of Sixcardroulette came to me a couple months ago to propose an idea to make a side story in the "My New Life In Equestria" series, detailing the time Matt and Applejack spent during the first few months of their relationship. I thought it was a great idea, and now SCR has delivered on the first chapter.

If you enjoyed the story and the trilogy in general, I highly recommend you check this out. It's a great start, and I'm excited to see where it goes!

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My One Image Review of Episode 13 "The Perfect Pear" · 7:20pm Jun 23rd, 2017

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1,000 Followers?!(UPDATED) · 3:47pm Jun 21st, 2017

This is unexpected, truly. Thank you all for following my crazy stories.

If you would like to ask me anything. Ask away, and I'll do my best to answer them :ajsmug:

UPDATE: Well, guess two users dropped out of my follow list. Now I'm back to 998.

Ah, well. If you still wanna ask anything, it's all good. :twilightsmile:

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What the? · 5:55pm Mar 20th, 2017

I leave for a few hours, and come back to see this?

I better step my game up for any upcoming chapters.

Thanks to all who are following the story.

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Next Story · 3:44am Feb 22nd, 2017

Soon, Our Little Clementine will come to a close. I'm working on the final chapter, and I hope it provides satisfying closure to the series for those who have stuck around all this time.

I'm also working on my next story. I won't tell you the name of the story, or the genre, or the age rating, but perhaps the picture will give you a bit of a hint.

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Other Pony Related Things I Do · 4:59am Nov 29th, 2016

So, when I don't write Fan Fictions, and when I don't attend College, I do videos on MLP, and the one thing that became quite popular with some folks on youtube are those CinemaSins "Everything Wrong With..." videos. Littleshy made a killing with his Pony videos, and I did one for the first Equestria Girls, but then I realized that I could do something a tad different, and thus my "Everything Right/Wrong With..." videos were born.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Everypony! · 8:53pm Nov 24th, 2016

Here's some Derpy to tide you over.

As for what I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for Queen Chrysalis, Applejack, and Derpy, for all the fanfic ideas and just for being them.

I'm also thankful for my followers. You guys/girls are awesome.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Holidays overall!

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Updates · 7:08pm Nov 23rd, 2016

Hey all.

Sorry for over a month of non-updates on both The Boopening and Our Little Clementine.

Rest assured, more is coming. Each story has three chapters left, and I hope to get them done before the end of the year.

It's taking a while, because I started going to college again, and I've barely had time to write, except for a few minutes here and there.

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Season 6 Finale Thoughts · 5:04pm Oct 7th, 2016

Just watched the livestream of the Season 6 finale. I'll put my thoughts in spoilers.

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