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Welcome one and all to the ScaleBound Group.

This Group is especially made for those who are fans and gamers of the new Platinum Game ScaleBound. This group is new, and the game will be released Holidays 2016.

Here are the Rules you all need to follow if wanting to join this group.

1: Be sure to add your stories to the proper folders in this group

2: Anyone who is creating negativity to this group will be receiving a warning. If happened the second time, will be banned from the group.

3: Follow the rules of Fimfiction.

4: Treat each other nice.

5: Have fun

For those who are interested of seeing the game and know more about it, Here's a link to know more.

Check out these amazing Pics of the Game.

Enemy: Mantis.

Drew Meeting Thuban.

Drew Riding Thuban in his Dragon Armor.

Drew and Thuban.

Thuban Wearing Dragon Armor.

Drew and Thuban Fighting Evil Knights.



Enemy: Nine-Headed Hydra.

Drew flying on Thuban.

Check out the trailer and Exclusive Gameplay of ScaleBound.

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