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I am Spyder27 and I write MLP stories! I'm known as the Emperor of Sundagio by friends~ I don't write free stories, so DM me for comm details. Follow me if you want regular updates on my stories~


This story is a sequel to Follow Suit

Heya! It’s me, Apple Bloom! I bet y’all missed me at this point! I know Adagio is technically the main character of this story, but a lot of people seem to love my part~! My big sis says that I’m just as important as anyone else, but since most of this story has been in Adagio’s point-of-view, I kinda doubt that. Anywho! I don’t necessarily have anything new to tell y’all since the School Days competition, but I do have a story to tell from a few months ago! It happened during the events of A Shimmering Heartbreak, but it’s not required to read that story to enjoy this one! See, I was advised by Adagio that I should try and give Diamond Tiara a chance due to her condition and that’s precisely what I did! Boy howdy did I not expect for us to become friends. Oh! Do y’all mind if I go eat dinner before the story starts? My big sis is calling for me. Don’t tell Spyder27 I wrote this! They were wanting to write the summary, but I just had a few edits to make. Anyway! Be back in a sec!


This story is a part of the Sundagioverse~ Check out the series here!

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This was an enjoyable character study of EQG Applebloom. What would a character do when faced with a revelation that rattles their preconceptions?

This sugarcube from the farm answers that question well.

Thank you so much~ It is pretty rare to see stories about EQG Apple Bloom, so it's nice to look into this character~ And giving her a situation where her previous enemy is in need of help is a great situation where we can see her thought process~ :twilightsmile:

And yes, she is a precious sugarcube~ I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

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