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WARNING: There are major spoilers in the comment section. You have been warned!

We all know a story of Equestria Girls: Holiday Special, aka the Anon-a-Miss comic. Sunset was framed, her friends accused and left her, the school was against her and after Princess Twilight gave Sunset advice about finding your family, she managed to convince her friends that she's innocent, the true culprits were revealed, lessons were learned and everyone is happy at the end.

But was that the whole story?

After weeks of chaos at Canterlot High, which was caused from an infamous online user, "Anon-a-Miss," Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna summoned the true culprits, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo to Principal Celestia's office and demand an explanation on how "Anon-a-Miss" came to be and why they went through with it despite knowing that they will harm everyone in the process, including Sunset Shimmer. Knowing that their Principals deserved an explaination, the CMC began to tell their tale.

This is based off of Equestria Girls: Holiday Special comic, but this story will be told from the CMC's perspective.

This story now have a Tv Tropes page! :pinkiehappy:

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Really went through the almonds brainstorming this, huh?

i can't get enough of these stories.

I'm sorry all i hear is "BLAH BLAH BLAH I'M A ROTTEN ANGRY APPLE." From bloom here. Makes me even angier at her! :flutterrage:

Geeze really hope you have her and the rest punished with a real punishment not the three months detention crap!
Also furious at what a hypocrite AppleJack turned out to be in the end.

Great. Now we're dealing with these 3 dumbfucks trying to justify why this should have happened. This is why I'm glad Hasbro retconned the load of shit comic out of existance.

...You realize the purpose of this story isn't to show the punishment, but to show the CMC's side? I admit, Apple Bloom is being stubborn to an inane degree, but I have to commend the author for actually attempting to do something like this.

Not justify, explain their side. Justify would mean they still think they were right, which they know and acknowledge they aren't/never were. There is a difference.

Hey can always dream, besides so far as i know Apple Bloom being a stubborn hateful fool!
After what she revealed and tried to justified humiliating her sister and the rest of the damage she caused PFFttt, not feeling bit sorry for her.

You have to admit her reasoning is a bit better this story. Instead of "Applejack is hanging out with Sunset instead of me" it's "Applejack is hanging out with Sunset over me and forgoing a family tradition she started in the process." AJ is forgoing a family tradition.

no it isn't. It doesn't excuse apple Bloom being a bitch. nor does it make it better reason to totally humiliate her sister at the beginning like that.
This wasn't a accident, she purposely hurt her sister as a START to her plans.

but that how i feel again she could talked to someone somebody, but no she use dit as a excuse to hurt Sunset as well.
Again this is my thoughts alone.

Anyways i still look forward to seeing how Bloom talked the others into this mess.

I like this. Literally every Anon-a-miss story I have seen so far has done nothing, but reimagine the event making it darker and more realistic. This however is a sequel/prequel that expands further on the original event. I find it very refreshing and new.

“It all started about two weeks ago… on a day before Ah created Anon-a-Miss…”

You have me hooked:pinkiehappy:!

Apple Bloom narrowed her eyes. She had made her choice. Without any more hesitation, Apple Bloom clicked the button.

Let the mayhem begin...:ajsleepy:.

“…are you still upset from that image we posted of you on your desk, playing with toys from My Little Dragonshow?” Scootaloo asked.

My Little Dragon? I thought it was My Little Gerbil, a show exactly like MLP, but with hamsters instead of ponies. :rainbowhuh:

I can totally understand how Apple Bloom feels.

So Luna's missing her special, with her pet possum she kept secretly from her sister, for this debauchery?

Why isn't the guest of honor not here to hear why the CMC did what they did?

Are you referring to that gerbil reference from my other story? That story and this one does not have the same continuity.

This is a brilliant idea. I've got an Anon-Miss story in the works presently.

Is this a sequel to Was it worth it?, by any chance?

No. I already explained in the author's note from the Prologue chapter that this story stands on its own.

If it interests you, the next chapter of my story will be going up shortly.

Why is chapter two so long compared to the rest of the chapters?

"Okay... I can see why you were upset when Applejack spend more time with Sunset than you," said Luna before crossing her arms. "But that's still no excuse for your actions! And for that matter, why didn't you just talk to your sister about this? And don't tell me that your sister 'won't listen!' From what I've known about Miss Applejack, she would have understand and cared about your feelings!"

Took the words right out of my mouth Luna:ajsmug:.

"...my sister wouldn't," Sweetie Belle mumbled.

Excuse me:rainbowderp:?

Scootaloo furrowed her eyebrows. "Do you think it could've been Sunset?"

Sweetie Belle thought for a moment before she shook her head. "I... don't think so. I know she did a lot of bad things in the past, but this just seems too obvious to be her."

"I guess," Scootaloo relented. "As much as I dislike Sunset, but this just seems too easy to assume it was her. Normally she would've caused trouble without leaving anything that leads back to her. But in this case, the colors and avatar used on this... A-noun-or-Miss or whatever is almost similar to Sunset's as if someone was purposely trying to paint her as the culprit."

Sweetie held her chin in thought. "Well if that's true, then who's the real culprit?"

So...even Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo didn't believe it was Sunset and gave her the benefit of the doubt:applejackunsure:. Well, at least they used their heads the right way...until they both joined in with Apple Bloom on this whole mess:ajsleepy:.

"Girls..." Apple Bloom began, getting her friends attention. "There's somethin' Ah have to tell you..."

Something that will come to bit them all in the ass later:twilightangry2:.

With some reluctance, Apple Bloom explained her true reason why she despite Sunset (at the time) and go as far as to make her look bad. By the time she was finished, everyone was at shock. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo then gave their friend their look of sympathy. They had no ideahow this affected her so much. While they were somewhat hurt that she never told them, they also understood why she kept it from them.

Ok so, what's the big secret?

This is a refreshingly original take on Anon-A-Miss. Keep it up.

Oh, and Shade? Nice to see you again.

While Shimmer never did anything to Apple Bloom personally (except temporary mind controlled from Shimmer's She-Demon form), but Shimmer did bullied her sister many times before. Apple Bloom dislike Shimmer for that, but after hearing that Sunset originally broke up her sister's friends, Apple Bloom flat out despised her . She remembered how Applejack was miserable days after she stopped talking to her friends and sometime she saw her crying in the orchard when she thinks no one was looking.

It's interesting you raise this as a plot idea, given that in the original film the CMC are nowhere to be seen in the mind control scene.

They briefly appear at about 46-51 seconds in, then they are completely absent throughout this next clip:

But only reappear about 33 to 36 seconds into the last clip here:

And at about 41 seconds here:

That whole sequence adds up to 11 minutes and 56 seconds. Of that, the CMC are onscreen for approximately 9 seconds. What were they doing in the remaining 11 minutes and 47 seconds?

Applejack frowned in annoyance as Apple Bloom spook ill of her friend again like many times before. Despite that she spoke up all the good things what Sunset had done and her efforts to become a better person to her family, Apple Bloom was the only one of her family who still refused to believe she could change and still gave Sunset a hard time whenever those two meet. It hurt her to see her own kin treated her friend so horribly even though Sunset assured her that she was fine.

The tale that this is based on is basically the biggest muck-up in MLP history.

On the part of the characters and the writers. Having said that, it's an amazing treasure trove for stories.

Well... they were probably waiting in line to get their photos taken from Photo Finish...

And then danced with their sisters...

As for the rest... no idea, but I figured I can use my own imagination for this fic.

I'll run the math on that later. I attempt to explain this glaring plot hole away as well in my story 'Railway Adventure' (shameless plugging).
Something seems to be up with my notifications; I was unaware of this comment until I clicked onto the story just now.

OK then, let's run the math on that scene. Personally I believe those shorts take place before the film's version of the scene, but for the sake of the discussion, I will assume that they take place within the 11 minutes and 56 seconds.

In this above clip, the CMC are on screen for a grand total of 10 seconds.

In the second clip, including background shots, the CMC are visible for 1 minute and 23 seconds. (Incidentally, that short marks Madeleine Peters' first voice role in EqG).
If we add this to the previously established time, the CMC are on screen for 1 minute and 42 seconds. This still leaves 10 minutes and 14 seconds unnacounted for.

"So it was because that Applejack hardly spend time with you and she skipped out on her holiday bonding time with you in favor of sleeping over at Pinkie's for Sunset's sake... is what lead you to this!? " Sweetie shook her head. "I can understand why you're jealous at Sunset, I felt the same way for me with Rarity hanging out with Sunset lately, but this ... that's...!"

Wrong on so many levels is what it is:twilightangry2:!

"Do you also felt left out more than usual ever since Shimmer came into the picture? The girl who bullied and hurt your sister many times before, especially the Spring Fling incident? How long do ya think until you get to spend time with her again? Until she broke free from Shimmer? Until she graduates from this school? Or even after college? Wouldn't you rather have your sister to come back and spend time with you instead of that... meanie and go back to the way things were?" At that point Sweetie Belle turned around to see Apple Bloom reaching out towards her with her hand sticking out. "If you and Scoots join me, we can finally put Shimmer in her place and get our sisters back! What do ya say?"

Apple Bloom:flutterrage:!!!

"This is crazy!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed angrily, hurt from both of her "friends" behaviors. "Do any of you girls realized what you two were saying! This is wrong!"

Two wrongs never make a right :ajsleepy:.

"You know what? Fine! Do whatever you two want, just leave me out of this!" She turned back to the door with her back facing them. "I won't tell anyone that you're Anon-a-Miss or any of your upcoming plans. But right now... I... I don't want to talk to either of you right now!"

After what she was just told, I don’t blame her :fluttershysad:.

Rarity placed her hands on her hips with a strained smile, which made Sweetie internally gulped. She knew that look. It was a look whenever Sweetie does something that annoyed her sister. She had a feeling that her sister did not want her to be around and join in on their sleepover.

She was just talking to your friends l, sheesh:facehoof:!

Despite Apple Bloom's praising, Sweetie didn't paid any attention to any of that. For several minutes, she just stood there with her phone over her face, staring off into space. She slowly turned towards her bedroom door where the direction of Rarity's room is. As she slowly comprehended of what she had done, she didn't noticed that she accidentally dropped her cell phone onto the floor with a light thud. Her body felt numb and her eyes were leaking as she continued to stare towards the door with a look of regret and remorse.

Oh Sweetie Belle l...you were doing so well:fluttercry:!

Sis... I'm so sorry.


Ok this is getting good, thou very angry at Bloom, I'm also angry at Rarity, Bloom to how she manipulated Sweetie Bell, and Rarity for how she treated Sweetie Belle.
But it still not right, Sweetie Bell blamed it all on Sunset and used it as a excuse to do this crap.

Can't wait for the next chapter.

I have to admit...part of me does feel for Sweetie.
Rarity didn't have to act the say she did and I am disappointed in Pinkie's obliviousness (granted I'm not a big fan of EG PP anyways...). I dont know if "irony" or "ironic" is the correct word, but it's sad that Sunset's concern for Sweetie is ultimately rewarded with the framing.

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