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Through the Eyes of Anon-a-Miss - sonicfan05

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were summoned into Principal Celestia's office so they can explain on how and why they created the infamous MyStable user, "Anon-a-Miss".

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Chapter 1: How It All Started (Apple Bloom)

Two Weeks Ago. . .

It was early morning at Canterlot High School on a late December, everyone showed up at school despite that there was light snowfall today. Many CHS students were at the halls to their lockers, taking things out of their lockers while talking to their friends about how excited they are for the upcoming Holiday break, including three young pre-teens as Apple Bloom was taking her books out if her locker while Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were having an exciting conversation.

“This is awesome!" Scootaloo cheered. "Just a couple more weeks until our Holiday break!"

"Yeah! And not only that, Christmas is just around the corner!" Sweetie Belle said excitedly. "I can't wait, especially to spend time with my sister!"

"I couldn't wait to get presents!" Scootaloo added, only to smile sheepishly when Sweetie Belle gave her a questioning look. "Oh and uh... spend time with Rainbow Dash this year!"

Sweetie Belle shook her head before facing her other friend. "What about you Apple Bloom?"

Apple Bloom finished taking her stuff out of her locker and then had a thoughtful look. "Well... Ah'm actually doing the things for Christmas already."

Scootaloo cocked her eyebrow. "What do you mean Apple Bloom? How can you have fun now before you get presents?"

"Christmas isn't just about presents Scoots." Sweetie Belle deadpanned.

Before a fight broke out, Apple Bloom quickly spoke up. "Don't get me wrong, Ah'm looking forward to Christmas as much as you guys, but we have a tradition that we do a different fun activity together as a family every day as we're counting down to Christmas!" Apple Bloom smiled as she list off many fun activities to her friends. "One day we get to decorate the house, the next day we get to bake gingerbread, and then watch Christmas movies the day after, and so on and so forth. And on Christmas day, we get to do almost everything we did at once, except we also open our presents together, have hot cocoa as we sit by the fireplace, have our Christmas feast, and then conclude with the Apple Family's Christmas party!"

Sweetie Belle let out a loud whistle, impressed with Apple Bloom's Christmas planning. "Wow! That sounds like fun Apple Bloom! Can we come over to your party too?"

Scootaloo nodded eagerly, hoping to be part of Apple Bloom's party as well.

"Of course you two can come!" Apple Bloom answered. "Ah just have to ask Applejack first!"

Scootaloo titled head head in confusion. "Why do you have to ask Applejack? I thought Granny Smith was in charge."

"Sort of... but it was Applejack who usually plans the party," Apple Bloom answered as she closed her locker. "In fact, Applejack was the one who started our family tradition when Ah was little."

"Really?" Sweetie Belle asked, intrigued with Apple Bloom's revelation. "How did it start?"

Just before Apple Bloom could answer as she turned towards the hall, she didn't see someone in front of her. As a result, Apple Bloom accidentally bumped into this mysterious person and they both collapsed to the ground along with their books.

Once Apple Bloom recovered, she heard someone groaning and Apple let out a startled gasp.

"Oh my gosh, Ah'm so sorry!" Apple Bloom cried as she turned to the person she bumped into. "I didn't see where I was–"

Apple Bloom stopped talking and then immediately frowned the moment she identified the person she was bumping to. That person was an older girl with golden skin, yellow-red hair and cyan eyes. She wore a purple shirt with a black leather jacket over it, long purple pants with an orange skirt with purple and yellow stripes over it and long purple and black boots. This girl was none other than Sunset Shimmer. She used to be a school bully of Canterlot High who ruled the entire school and made all the students fear her so she could get what she wanted. Shimmer was so ruthless, she even made Diamond Tiara a sweetheart in comparison. She even once turned into a She-Demon and took control of the students minds so she can take over her home world, Equestria. But after she was stopped by some magical girl named Twilight Sparkle and her new friends, Shimmer decided to turn over a new leaf and tried to make up with the students she had wronged. After weeks of apologies (and helped stopping the Sirens), most students were willing to forgive her, but there are some who still refused to give her a chance and didn't believe that she changed.

And Apple Bloom was one of them.

While Shimmer never did anything to Apple Bloom personally (except temporary mind controlled from Shimmer's She-Demon form), but Shimmer did bullied her sister many times before. Apple Bloom dislike Shimmer for that, but after hearing that Sunset originally broke up her sister's friends, Apple Bloom flat out despised her. She remembered how Applejack was miserable days after she stopped talking to her friends and sometime she saw her crying in the orchard when she thinks no one was looking.

After Shimmer nearly crossed a line at the Fall Formal, Apple Bloom thought there was no way someone like Shimmer could ever get a second chance after that, but to her astonishment, Twilight Sparkle, the stranger and hero from another world not only gave her mercy, but also offered her hand of friendship. Even her sister, despite that she was bullied relentlessly from Shimmer, gave her another chance and now became one of the gang. This angered Apple Bloom because all Shimmer was getting from her years of bullying and hurting her sister was a slap on the wrist instead of getting punished. Sure, Shimmer did end up helping the construction crew repairing the school entrance as punishment, but that wasn't good enough punishment in Apple Bloom's eyes.

What's even worse was ever since the Fall Formal, Applejack and the others began to hang out a lot after school and even bring Shimmer along, leaving her sister to spend less time with her as the days gone by. Despite that Applejack forgave Shimmer and let bygones be bygones, Apple Bloom never bring herself to forgive Shimmer even after hearing Shimmer so-called assistance in defeating the Dazzlings from the Battles of the Band. Even when Shimmer offered to help or gave Apple Bloom her friendly greeting, Apple Bloom would either flat out turned her down or just ignored her with a cold shoulder. Unfortunately for Apple Bloom, today was not her day when fate decided to have her and Shimmer bump into each other, leading her to have the most unpleasant interaction of her lifetime.

"Oh... hey Apple Bloom," Sunset greeted awkwardly.

"Shimmer," Apple Bloom responded coolly.

Despite receiving a cold response from Apple Bloom, Sunset attempted to continue to make a conversation with the younger Apple sibling.

"Well... isn't that a coincidence, I just talked to your sister earlier. She was just talking to me about how she likes to spend the Holidays. You Apples certainly know how to have a fun time, even on Christmas."

"Oh yeah... fun! ...when yer not around!" Apple Bloom mumbled as she began to pick up her items.

Feeling bad from earlier Sunset went over to Apple Bloom to help pick up Apple Bloom's things. "Here, let me help yo–"

"Ah don't need yer help!" Apple Bloom snapped, nearly slapping Sunset's hand away from her stuff. "Ah can do it myself!"

Sunset slowly stood up with a frown. "Um... are you sure Apple Bloom? I'm sure it'll be a lot faster if I–"

"Didn't you hear me the first time Shimmer?" Apple Boom shouted, nearly getting attention from other students. "Ah don't want yer help and I don't want anythin' to do with you! Now buzz off!"

Sunset stood with hurtful expression before she let out a sigh and slowly walked away. "Well... alright. I'll see ya around."

Apple Bloom scoffed at Sunset back before she resumed picking up her things from the floor. As soon as she stood back up, she noticed her friends were staring at her with concerned and stunned expressions.

"...what?" Apple Bloom said bluntly.

"Wasn't that a bit too harsh Apple Bloom?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Apple Bloom scoffed. "To Shimmer? Are ya kidding me? She used to bully everyone including mah sister! Ya'll expect me to be nice with her?"

"I agree with Apple Bloom," Scootaloo added. "After everything she'd done, she doesn't deserve to get off that easily! Why Rainbow Dash and your sisters decided to give her a chance was beyond me!"

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly comfortable with Sunset being around my sister either," said Sweetie Belle with a frown. "But Rarity told me that she's been trying to make amends with everyone that she wronged and that we should give her a chance."

Apple Bloom gave Sweetie Belle her skeptic frown. "Oh yeah? Well how'd she know that Shimmer was actually pretending to be friendly and acted all sorry and then turned around and get us when our defenses are down!"

"You know, she saved us from those Sirens along with your sister a few weeks back," Sweetie Belle pointed out. "Wasn't that enough!"

"Ah still don't believe it!" Apple Bloom replied stubbornly. "Mah memory may be fuzzy, but her as a hero? Yeah right!"

Scootaloo crossed her arms while looking down with a frown. "I hate to say it, but even Rainbow Dash told me that really happened. Heck, she admitted that if Sunset haven't stepped in, the world would've been doomed."

Apple Bloom growled. "Well even if that's true, that's not enough to convince me! As far as Ah know, she's still that same snake who was waiting for an opportunity to strike us all!"

Sweetie Belle looked unsure. "Apple Bloom, I don't think you're being–"

Suddenly, the school bell rang, signaling everyone that classes was about to start. With a loud sigh, Apple Bloom threw her backpack over her shoulder.

"Ah'm heading to class," Apple Bloom said flatly as she turned away from her friends. "Ah'll see you all later!"

Without waiting for her friends response, Apple Bloom walked away from them and down the hall to her first period with a heavy frown on her face.

Shimmer changed her ways? Yeah right! At least our Holiday vacation is getting closer! After dat, Ah can spend time with mah sis fer our traditional Christmas bonding, and Ah don't have to worry about running into or think about that there Shimmer fer a while! Nothing can ruin mah day!

"What do ya mean we can't hang out tonight?!" Apple Bloom exclaimed, shocked to hear her sister's sudden change of plans.

"I'm sorry Sugarcube," Applejack sighed as she was packing up her things in her backpack from within her bedroom. "But Ah'm going to Pinkie's and have a sleepover with the girls fer tonight."

"Well what about tomorrow?" Apple Bloom asked desperately.

"Can't do that either," said Applejack as she place the last of her things in the bag and started to zip it up. "Ah'll be sleeping over at Rarity's the next day. Ah'll be sleeping over at each of mah friend's house everyday until we end at our house before Christmas."

Apple Bloom couldn't believe this. She was looking forward to spend her time with her sister for their Holiday tradition, only for it to be canceled so that Applejack could go have a sleep over with her friends for many days up until Christmas.

"Ah don't get it?" Apple Bloom cried, upset that her plans were up in smoke. "Why are you going around sleeping over at your friend's house for the week instead of spending time with m– your family!?"

There was a slight hesitation from Applejack for a moment, knowing that this will her sister until she finally replied, "We're doing this fer Sunset Shimmer."

By the sound of her name, Apple Bloom suddenly felt a huge amount of anger and bared her teeth so hard it could potentially break.

"WHAT!? WHY HER!?" Apple Bloom screamed in rage.

"Sunset has no one fer the holidays and all alone," Applejack answered calmly, trying to defuse her younger sister's anger. "So the girls and Ah decided to have a sleepover for the week and spend time with her. Ah even invite her to our party fer Christmas."

Apple Bloom shook her head in disbelief. "You can't be serious! You don't seriously believe that she's lonely! She's probably acting all sad and alone just to get to know your weakness and when the moment you drop your guard... she'll stab ya in the back!"

Applejack frowned in annoyance as Apple Bloom spook ill of her friend again like many times before. Despite that she spoke up all the good things what Sunset had done and her efforts to become a better person to her family, Apple Bloom was the only one of her family who still refused to believe she could change and still gave Sunset a hard time whenever those two meet. It hurt her to see her own kin treated her friend so horribly even though Sunset assured her that she was fine.

Despite that Applejack can clearly see the hurt in Sunset's eyes.

She gave her younger sister her hard look. "Apple Bloom, what did Ah tell ya about Sunset? She's a changed person and she will never betray our trust!"

"How'd do ya know fer sure?" Apple Bloom argued.

"Because Ah know her!" Applejack replied in her sharp tone.

"Well maybe that's what she wanted ya to think! If ya ask me, she doesn't deserve a second chance after what she did!"

"You gave Diamond Tiara a chance and she was a bully to you," Applejack pointed out.

"Diamond's different!" Apple Bloom countered stubbornly. "Sure, she was bully to me and mah friends for a few years, but at least she didn't rule the school like a dictator at one point or go as far as breaking my friendship apart between me, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo!"

Applejack sighed through her nose and crossed her arms while trying not to lose her temper. "Look Apple Bloom, Ah know we had a bad history in the past, but Ah forgave her after we gave her a chance. She is actually a good person once you get to know her. You should probably give her a chance too."

Apple Bloom scoffed. "Yeah right, like I would ever want to be friends with a She-Demon!"

Suddenly, Applejack slammed her fist on her desk with a look of fury on her face, causing Apple Bloom recoiled in fright.

"DON'T YOU EVER CALL SUNSET THAT IN FRONT OF ME AGAIN!?" Applejack yelled angrily, making Apple Bloom shrink away further. "She already had to deal with people who still resent Sunset by calling her dat terrible nickname and Ah don't want you to do that too! Ya understand me?"

There was a long tense silence as Applejack glared at her sister with raw anger while Apple Bloom shook herself in fear. Eventually, Applejack realized what she had done, so she calmed herself down as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Sorry Apple Bloom," Applejack sighed. "Ah didn't mean to lose mah temper, but Ah hate to see one of mah friends get hurt from someone else who deliberately made their life worse, especially from someone ah know." Applejack placed her hand oh her hip as she looked directly at her younger sister's eyes. "You have to understand, Sunset... had a hard life. While what she did in the past wasn't right and she nearly gone too far at the Fall Formal, but at the end of the day, she was just a lonely girl who made some really bad mistakes without anyone guiding her. And ever since we let her into our group, she had come a very long way. You would've seen it too if you give her another chance instead of keep turning her away like a stubborn mule."

Apple Bloom no longer felt frighten from Applejack's sudden anger as she listened to her sister's words. But despite that, she refused to believe that anyone like Sunset could chance as she turned away with a scoff.

"Yeah well... Ah still don't trust her and... Ah'm not making friends with Shimmer!"

Applejack sighed and shook her head in disappointment. "Ah'm sorry to hear that sis, but if that's what you feel... then you don't have to be friends with Sunset." She then gave Apple Bloom her stern expression. "But like it or not, Sunset is my friend and she will be joining us for our Christmas party and Ah expect you to behave while trying not to make her feel like an outcast."

Applejack picked up her backpack and placed it on her back as she made her way out the door into the hallway with Apple Bloom following behind her.

"We'll talk about this some other time! Ah'll be heading over to Pinkie's now! We'll get together some other time," Applejack promised as she made her way down the stairs.

Apple Bloom just stood behind with a scowl on her face as she was glaring at the back of her sister's head.

"Fine, then you go enjoy your stupid slumber party with your friends and that Shimmer girl instead of your family!" she screamed.

Applejack never responded to her sister as she walked out of the front door. After Applejack was gone, Apple Bloom stormed into her room and slammed the door behind her. She then jumped on her bed and screamed into her pillow in anger, while cursing Sunset for taking her sister away from her yet again.

It has been a couple of hours since Applejack left the house and Apple Bloom was in a sour mood since. After sulking in her bedroom for quite some time, Apple Bloom went downstairs and headed to the living room where their Christmas tree took place. Usually, she loves to admire their beautiful tree with their decorations up and lights on, which gave her the Christmas spirit vibe from it. Tonight however, it didn't help improve her mood at all, especially after her big argument against her sister. It didn't help that she was practically all alone in the house as well. Big Mac was already out of town, dating some girl named Sugar Belle and Granny Smith already went to bed. Apple Bloom would have hang out with her friends, but even her friends have their hands tied. Sweetie Belle couldn't visit because of her curfew from her family and Scootaloo was forced to finish her school project by her aunts. Apple Bloom's only company in this dark house was her Christmas tree, while her sister and her friends and that Shimmer girl were having fun at Pinkie's.

I can’t believe mah sister is having a sleepover at Pinkie Pie with her friends and that girl… and left me here! Apple Bloom thought angrily. Why did she canceled our sister’s night? Why did she leave me behind? How could she picked her over me!? It’s just not fair!

Her eyes then glanced at a picture that was sitting on the table next to the couch. It was a picture of her and Applejack when they were little, baking Christmas cookies while wearing their ugly sweaters with huge smiles on their faces. While their cookies were burnt somewhat, Apple Bloom remembered that she had a lot fun her sister on that day, especially when they spent all night together watching the fireplace to see Santa.

Her eyes then set on the second picture next to it and her frown deepened and her anger flared.

It was a picture of Applejack, her friends and Princess Twilight in a group hug, which had taken place after the Battle of the Bands. While this photo was nothing new since Applejack likes to have pictures of her friends in her room and some parts of the house as she considered them family. But what really made Apple Bloom's blood boiled was the person who was standing in the middle of photo, who was in the center of a group hug.

Sunset Shimmer.

The girl who bullied everyone at school and made their lives miserable.

The girl who originally tore her sister's friends apart.

The girl who turned into a She-Demon at the Fall Formal.

The girl who was easily forgiven and accepted into Applejack's circle of friendship and acted like nothing had happened from her bullying days.

The girl who took her sister away from her!

With an enraged shout, Apple Bloom picked up the photo and chucked it towards a random shelf. The picture knocked the book from the top of the shelf and both the photo and they both fall to the floor with a loud 'smash' from the picture frame and the book opened on a random page faced down. Once Apple Bloom calmed down somewhat, her eyes widened once she realized the damage she had done.

"Oh crud!" she exclaimed as she rushed towards the fallen objects.

She first picked up the broken picture frame of her sister's friends and winced from all the cracks on the glass frame, specifically, an almost circle around the center where Shimmer was. No doubt that her sister will be angry at her when she sees her ruined picture of her friends. She placed the broken picture frame aside and then picked up the book from the floor. When she turned the book over, she noticed that many pictures of her family were in the book, most of them when they were younger. She realized that the book she was holding was her Granny's Family Photo Album. This made her worry even more. It was bad enough that Applejack will be angry at her for destroying the picture frame, but having her Granny be mad at her for damaging the family's heirloom would be even worse. Thankfully, the book remained intact and no pages or images have fallen out of the book. She was about to put away the book when one particular photo caught her attention.

It was a photo of her sister when she was just a toddler, happily sitting in a mud and played with the pigs while Granny Smith was laughing in the background.

Oh I remember this story! Apple Bloom thought in amusement with a chuckle. Granny Smith told us this story all the time that when Applejack was little, she loves the pigs so much she once play with them in the pig-pen for hours! We call her “Piggly Wiggly” as a result. I always laughed whenever I see Applejack felt embarrassed from the story. I didn't know someone took a photo of her like that. Apple Bloom frowned and sighed softly. I bet if Shimmer ever get a hold of this information, she would've made my sister's life even worse, but I guess that won't happen since they're... friends now. If she ever does that, then my sister would never speak to her–

Suddenly, an idea struck her as her face slowly morphed into her sinister smirk. She had a plan to get rid of Shimmer for good and have her sister all to herself.

Apple Bloom was back in her bedroom, now in her pajamas. After making sure that Granny was completely asleep, Apple Bloom laid on her bed on her stomach and took out her cell phone. She was now about to start her first phase of her plan. In order for her entire operation to work, she needs to make it look like that it was all coming from Shimmer. In order to do that, she just have to plant a few seeds in a non-obvious way. With her determined look, Apple Bloom dialed her sister's number and the phone rang. After a few moments of waiting, she heard her sister spoke over the phone.

“Whoever this is, you just ruined a real heartwarmin’ moment,” Applejack joked.

“Hey, big sis," said Apple Bloom while trying to act annoyed. "Granny wanted me to call and make sure you’re doin’ all right.”

“’Course Ah’m all right! Applejack replied. Ah’m with all my friends! So tell Granny Smith to quit her worrying!”

“Yeah! AJ’s fine!" Sunset's voice added with a laugh. "She’s wearing nail polish!”

Apple Bloom gripped her phone tightly in anger from the sound of Shimmer's voice but kept herself composed. Since Shimmer could hear her, she figured that Applejack must of set her phone on speaker, which made things much easier for her to execute her plan.

Apple Bloom sighed loudly. “All right, all right, I’m just the messenger. Have a good night… Piggly Wiggly!

Apple Bloom hanged up her phone. Phase one complete. Now, it's time for phase two!

With a determined frown, Apple Bloom picked up her laptop and turned it on. Once it finished booting up, Apple Bloom connected to the internet and entered MyStable site. Instead of logging in to her own account, Apple Bloom decided to create a whole new account so she can use it for other purposes. As expected, she was in a set up page with basic questions like name of your account, name of your email, your age, etc. The most basic questions were no problem for Apple Bloom since she can just easily make them up, the email however was a little tricky. She can't just put her own email account on there, otherwise she'll be discovered right away. The only sure way to do that without getting caught is to also create a new email account just for this MyStable account in case if her plans went south. The only thing she had to do to create a different email account, is for her to come up with a name for her new MyStable account first.

Now let's see... what should Ah call myself? Apple Bloom pondered. Ah have to make this account look like that it was Shimmer, but at the same time... it can't be too much like Shimmer, otherwise it would be too obvious. It would have to be subtle, yet effective as Ah'm posting new messages like it was posted from an anonymous source.

Suddenly, her eyes were wide as dinner plates as a brilliant idea stuck her mind like thunder.

Anon...a...mous... THAT'S IT!

With a eager smirk, Apple Bloom typed out he name of her new MyStable page. She edited it a few types as she was trying to come up with something cleaver for the name. In the end, she finally settled on the official name of her new MyStable page called, "Anon-a-Miss".

Apple Bloom nodded. Perfect! Now to create a separate email and finished setting up this page...

For the next several hours, Apple Bloom spent all night creating a new email mail for her new MyStable account and then worked on customizing the Anon-a-Miss page. She first created a wallpaper and post boxes with the same colors as Sunset's hair and skirt. Then she took one of Sunset's selfie photos and then edit it with Photoshop to hide Shimmer in a shadow, but keep her figure to make it recognizable. Once she was finished, she posted her edited photo as an avatar. She tweak the bio page a bit to make it almost similar as Shimmer, but wrote it much more nasty to make Shimmer look bad.

By the time the morning sun rose from the horizon, Apple Bloom completed her MyStable page. Apple Bloom admired her work with a sinister smirk.

Alright, the Anon-a-Miss page is finished! Now Ah just need to type this message...

Apple Bloom knew exactly what her first post was going to be. She began to type her message in her MyStable post box, clicking and tapping as her fingers danced all over the laptop's keyboard. By the time she was finished, Apple Bloom read over her handiwork a few times off from her laptop screen:

Did you guys know when AJ was a kid, she loved playing with her pigs? OMG! She sat in the mud for hours! Her whole family calls her “Piggly Wiggly” cause she loves them so much! What a pig!

Apple Bloom smirked. All right, that should do it. Now to post it!

Apple Bloom hovered her cursor over to “submit” button so she can to post her message on MyStable. Just as she was about to click the button, she paused with her finger hovering over the enter key. Both her mind and heart telling her that this wasn't a good idea and that she shouldn't do it. She realized that if she posted this now, this would be the start of incriminating Shimmer of being the culprit, but in the process, her sister will be the laughingstock of the entire school. Should she stop now and take down her MyStable page without hurting her sister despite that she came this far or should she just go through with it and stick with the plan? As she was struggling back and forth with her morals, her thoughts then drifted to her memories from earlier today, further angering her as she reminded herself about Shimmer.

"Well... isn't that a coincidence, I just talked to your sister earlier. She was just talking to me about how she likes to spend the Holidays. You Apples certainly know how to have a fun time, even on Christmas."

"Look Apple Bloom, Ah know we had a bad history in the past, but Ah forgave her after we gave her a chance. She is actually a good person once you get to know her."

"But like it or not, Sunset is my friend and she will be joining us for our Christmas party and Ah expect you to behave while trying not to make her feel like an outcast."

“Yeah! AJ’s fine! She’s wearing nail polish! Ha ha ha!

Apple Bloom narrowed her eyes. She had made her choice. Without any more hesitation, Apple Bloom clicked the button.

Author's Note:

Whew! This chapter took me a while to write! I tried to imagined Apple Bloom's thought process and feelings during the events of the comic and what made her motivate to create the Anon-a-Miss MyStable page. There was another reason why she resented Sunset Shimmer but all will be revealed in future chapters. :raritywink:

So, what do you all think so far? Let me know your thoughts down at the comments below!

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