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Through the Eyes of Anon-a-Miss - sonicfan05

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were summoned into Principal Celestia's office so they can explain on how and why they created the infamous MyStable user, "Anon-a-Miss".

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Chapter 3: A Dastardly Deed (Sweetie Belle)

"WHAT!? YOU'RE ANON-A-MISS!?!" Sweetie Belle bellowed.

"Sssshhhhh! Quiet Sweetie Belle!" Apple Bloom shushed hastily. "You'll get everyone's attention!"

Apple Bloom quickly peaked outside the door of an empty classroom to see if anyone was listening in. She chose this empty classroom earlier so she could talk to her friends in private without anyone eavesdropping. Thankfully, there was no one in the hallway to hear Sweetie Belle's outburst. She let out a sigh in relief before she closed the door and then faced her shell-shocked friends.

"Yes... it was me," Apple Bloom confirmed quietly.

Both Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo stared at their friend with their stunned expressions and their jaws were hanging open. They couldn't believe that their best friend who was normally a friendly person would do something so horrible. Sweetie Belle in particular was shocked beyond belief that Apple Bloom would ever do something so cruel to her own sister!

After a few moments of tense silence, Sweetie Belle was the first to regain her voice. "Apple Bloom... why? Why did you posted that nasty message about your own sister?"

"Yeah Apple Bloom, why did you do it?" Scootaloo demanded in disbelief. "That's not like you at all! I expected maybe Diamond Tiara or Sunset Shimmer who's behind this but you? I... I don't even know what to think!"

Apple Bloom sighed deeply. "Listen girls... let me explain."

And so Apple Bloom spent a few minutes explaining to her friends what happened after she came home from school yesterday; finding out her sister's plans involving Shimmer, her argument with her sister, how she felt while she was all alone, and finally finding an old photo album which inspired her to create Anon-a-Miss. She also told them how she subtly brought up 'Piggy Wiggly' over her phone call with her sister and then how she set-up the MyStable account to make it look like it was from a mysterious person, yet also subtly looked like it was Shimmer. By the time Apple Bloom was finished, both Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo just sat there in shock, not saying a word. After what it seemed like minutes had gone by, Sweetie Belle began to speak.

"So it was because that Applejack hardly spend time with you and she skipped out on her holiday bonding time with you in favor of sleeping over at Pinkie's for Sunset's sake... is what lead you to this!?" Sweetie shook her head. "I can understand why you're jealous at Sunset, I felt the same way for me with Rarity hanging out with Sunset lately, but this... that's...!"

Apple Bloom frowned. "First of all, Ah ain't jealous at Shimmer!" Sweetie Belle wasn't convinced but didn't say anything about it as Apple Bloom continued. "And second... Ah know, what I did to my sister was cruel, but in order to get the others to ditch Shimmer, I had to make it look like that she did it, even if I had to humiliate my sister in the process."

"But that was still an awful thing to do Apple Bloom!" Sweetie Belle argued angrily. "And even so, your dumb plan clearly didn't work because not everyone (us included) thinks it was Sunset!"

"I know that," Apple Bloom snapped, causing Sweetie Belle to flinch away from her. Apple Bloom breathed deeply to calm herself down. "After I met up with them this morning, my sister's "Piggly Wiggly" post wasn't enough to convince them to think that Shimmer is Anon-a-Miss. Applejack still considered her to be her... friend!" Apple Bloom spat the word 'friend' as if the idea of Shimmer was one of her sister's best friend was absurd. Her expression changed to a look of determination. "In order to get them to believe that Shimmer becomes a meanie again, we just need to make another embarrassing post of one or more of the Rainbooms except for Shimmer herself!"

Sweetie Belle gave Apple Bloom her confused look. "We?"

Apple Bloom nodded. "Yes, that's where you come in Sweetie Belle! I got info from Applejack yesterday that today they'll be sleeping over at Rarity's today, a.k.a. your house!"

Sweetie Belle's eyes widened. "You don't mean–"

"Yes," Apple Bloom answered before placing her hand on Sweetie Belle's shoulder. "Sweetie Belle, I want you to find whatever that is consider embarrassing to your sister and then we can use it to post it on MyStable. It can be a hidden secret, an embarrassing photo or anything you can find, as long as it's the same secret that Shimmer already knew about, it will be enough to get others to think that she was the one who posted it."

Sweetie Belle was shocked at the request her friend was telling her to do. Is her friend was really willing to go as far to hurt other people just to take down one person? Would she be willing to do the same at the expense of her sister too? Sweetie Belle quickly shook those nasty thoughts away. With narrowed eyes, Sweetie Belle wrenched her arm away from her friend's grasp.

"No way!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed. "As much as I don't like the idea of Sunset spending a lot of time with my sister, but I won't go as far to hurt my own sister to get Sunset to leave!"

"Ah can't promise that your sister won't be ridiculed," Apple Boom said smoothy. "But your sister dealt with some neigh-sayers all the time with the fashion industry right? Ah'm sure she could handle some people teasing her. 'Sides, it'll be worth it once they believe that Shimmer became a bully again. As they say, ya can't make a omelette without breaking a few eggs!"

"NO!" Sweetie cried. "This is wrong! I'm sorry Apple Bloom, but I can't! In fact, I can't let you continue this! I'm gonna report this to Principal Celestia!

Sweetie Belle rushed past Apple Bloom and reached out to the door. As she was about to turn the knob, Apple Bloom spoke up.

"Do you feel lonely without your sister too?"

Sweetie Belle stopped in her place but didn't turn around as Apple Bloom continue to speak.

"Do you also felt left out more than usual ever since Shimmer came into the picture? The girl who bullied and hurt your sister many times before, especially the Spring Fling incident? How long do ya think until you get to spend time with her again? Until she broke free from Shimmer? Until she graduates from this school? Or even after college? Wouldn't you rather have your sister to come back and spend time with you instead of that... meanie and go back to the way things were?" At that point Sweetie Belle turned around to see Apple Bloom reaching out towards her with her hand sticking out. "If you and Scoots join me, we can finally put Shimmer in her place and get our sisters back! What do ya say?"

This is becoming too much for Sweetie Belle. While the things Apple Bloom said about her and Rarity is true, she did not like how she used those facts against her. Plus, the way Apple Bloom was speaking to her kinda sounded like how an evil Con Mane1 villain spoke. Heck, even a Con Mane villain wouldn't go that far! She needed to put to stop to Apple Bloom's crazy plan before it gets any worse!

Just as Sweetie Belle was about to respond, Scootaloo suddenly spoke up.

"Alright, count me in!"

Sweetie Belle gasped and turned to her other friend in shock. "SCOOTS!?"

Scootaloo sighed. "Apple Bloom's right Sweetie Belle! Sunset has been a huge bully in this school for years and all she's getting was a slap on the wrist! And she made our sisters spend way too much time with her and doesn't deserve it!" Her eyes then narrowed. "I say we should give her a taste of her own medicine and get her away from our sisters for good!"

Apple Bloom grinned. "Ah knew you would agree with me!"

Sweetie Belle couldn't believe this! Not only she found out what her friend had done and was trying to get her to get the dirt on her own sister, but her other friend just decided to join in too! She doesn't even know who her friends are anymore! Sweetie Belle shook her head violently.

"This is crazy!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed angrily, hurt from both of her "friends" behaviors. "Do any of you girls realized what you two were saying! This is wrong!"

"Well do you got any better ideas!?" Scootaloo challenged.

"Anything better than this!" Sweetie Belle spat. "I refuse to be part of this!"

"So you're just gonna let Sunset keep our sisters to herself!"

"I didn't say that! Don't you put words into my mouth!"

"You're supposed to be our friend and friends helped each other!"

"Not at the expense of others, including a former bully!"

"Is she really a former bully or is it all just an act?"

"What would Rainbow think when you were taking down a bully!?"




Sweetie and Scootaloo ceased their argument after Apple Bloom screamed at them, but their looks of anger still remained on their faces. Neither of them said a word and the room was so tense, you could cut it with a butter knife. Finally it was Sweetie Belle who spoke up.

"You know what? Fine! Do whatever you two want, just leave me out of this!" She turned back to the door with her back facing them. "I won't tell anyone that you're Anon-a-Miss or any of your upcoming plans. But right now... I... I don't want to talk to either of you right now!"

With that, Sweetie Belle opened the door and stepped out into the hallway.

"Fine! Then go and let Sunset take your sister away for all I care!" Scootaloo yelled from behind her.

"Fine!" Sweetie Belle yelled back, not looking back as she continued to walk away.

Despite that she had a angry expression, tears were leaking out from her eyes. Finding out one friend who committed such an awful act and another friend deciding to join in really broke her heart. It was like finding out that your friend just committed a crime and now they're inviting her to join in for future heists without thinking of the consequences. While Apple Bloom made some good points, but she also hated how Apple Bloom used this whole Sunset problem against her in hopes to get her to help them destroy Sunset further with this "Anon-a-Miss" thing. And the worst part... Sweetie was actually tempted to join in as well.

And that scared her!

Suddenly she heard some footsteps and someone calling her name. She figured it is one of her 'friends', but whoever it was, she did not want to speak to either of them. She quickly wiped her tears away and then glanced behind her. From the corner of her eye, it was Apple Bloom who was trying to catch up with her. However, rather than waiting for Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle continued to looked ahead and walked at a much faster pace. Despite her efforts, Apple Bloom still managed to catch up to her and then tried to coaxed her out.

"Listen, Sweetie Belle–"

"I said I'm not talking to either of you right now!" Sweetie Belle spat angrily.

"Then don't, just listen!"

Sweetie Belle stopped walking, but refused to look at her "friend". She heard Apple Bloom let out a long sigh.

"Look... Ah understand what we're– Ah'm doing is terrible and... your right. Ah'm not gonna lie, Ah hate what Ah did to my sister from my post from earlier, but if that's the only way to bring down Shimmer... then Ah'll take it. But that wasn't enough! We can still get the others to think it was Shimmer, but Ah need you and Scoots' help in order for this to work! And since they're going to sleep over at your house tonight, you're the only one who can get close to them!"

Sweetie Belle still couldn't bring herself to look at her, until Apple Bloom stood in front of her with her soft expression.

"Please Sweetie... will you at least consider it?" Apple Bloom pleaded.

Sweetie Belle stared at her for a moment with a dull expression, contemplating on Apple Bloom's words. After a few moments, Sweetie Belle grunted and looked away.

"I will be there... but I'm not going through with it and that's final!"

Apple Bloom just stood there for a moment until she let out a dejected sigh. "...alright, I won't push ya further." She then began to walk away. "Just... call me if you ever change your mind."

Sweetie just scoffed and walked the opposite direction away from Apple Bloom, heading to her class.

Some time later, her school was done for the day and Sweetie Belle was walking through the snow covered sidewalk towards her home. Usually she'll be walking home with her friends just like any other day, but after what had happened from this morning, Sweetie Belle would rather be heading home alone. She let out a long somber sigh, a small cloud from her own breath escape from her mouth as a result. There was so much to take in at once, the nasty post, Apple Bloom telling her she created Anon-a-Miss, Scootaloo is on board with Apple Bloom's plans, and now Apple Bloom expected her to find something else they can use against Sunset Shimmer.

She was disappointed and upset at her friends who decided to stoop so low to humiliate someone online just to take down the one person they don't like. She didn't want to be part of this because she was taught at an early age that taking out a bully no matter the reason was not only wrong, but also in doing so, you'll end up stooping at their level. Maybe even worse. And yet, Sunset Shimmer had been the biggest bully in school for years and had been mean to her sister and even herself sometimes. And after everything that happened, her sister and her friends offered Sunset a hand in friendship. While Sunset did get punished by Vice Principal Luna to rebuild the school entrance along side with the construction crew, but was it enough? This confused Sweetie to this day. Why reward someone who done some horrible things in the past? Sure, Sweetie and her friends gave Diamond Tiara and chance, but Diamond was a sweetheart compared to Sunset.

But the one thing she'll agree with Apple Bloom, was the fact that her sister Rarity didn't spend her than what they used to be. Back when Sweetie was little, she loves to spend time with her sister. They used to play in the park together, sing songs together and they even played dress-up together. Well... Rarity usually dressed-up Sweetie Belle as her personal mannequin, but as long as Sweetie is with her sister, she didn't mind. But when Rarity went to high school, that's when things were slowly fall apart. Rarity met each of the Rainbooms for the first time and then spends a lot of time with them. It was also when her sister decided to focus on learning to design clothes, leaving little time with Sweetie Belle. Sweetie would sometimes tried to be part of the group so she can be with her sister, only to get shooed away from her own sister many times. Even when she asked Rarity if they can hang out together for just the two of them, her sister would just brush off and said they will do it another time, even though Sweetie knew it would never happen. Sweetie's loneliness was short lived when Sunset Shimmer first showed up at school one day and caused a lot of trouble. Sweetie was secretly kinda glad that Sunset somehow split Rarity's friends apart from her at one point so she can have time with her sister, but it turn, it made her sister's life miserable. And when they got back together during the Fall Formal and included Sunset Shimmer to the group, Rarity spent less time with Sweetie Belle more than ever as a result. Whenever Sweetie sees Rarity hanging out with Sunset and do the things she used to do with Sweetie, Sweetie couldn't help but to feel jealous towards Sunset. While Sweetie had nothing against Sunset personally (somewhat), she disliked Sunset for not just bulling her sister in the past, but also inadvertently stole her sister from her.

When Sweetie Belle finally reached her home, she noticed two cars sitting on her driveway, but none of them belonged to her parents. She recognized these two cars belonged to two of Rarity's friends: Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Sweetie then remembered that Rarity had their mom to pick up both Rarity and Applejack from school today. Sweetie frowned. She and her sister used to ride in a car together to school and back home everyday, but now, her sister preferred to travel to school and then go out with her friends afterwords. Granted, Sweetie have her own friends to travel with, but it would be nice to travel with her sister once in a while, even if it was only two minutes on the road.

Sweetie Belle shook those thoughts away as she approached the front door. She then used her spare house key to open the door and then stepped inside. She sighed in relief when she felt the warmth from her own home as she removed her winter coat.

"Hello? Anyone here?" Sweetie called out as she hung her coat on a coat rack.

"We're up here in Rarity's room Sweetie Belle!" a voice cried out, belonging to Fluttershy from upstairs.

So Sweetie Belle climbed up the stairs and walked into her sister's bedroom. There, she spotted Rainbow Dash leaning on Rarity's desk and Fluttershy sitting on Rarity's "thinking couch" or as Sweetie liked to call it, Rarity's "fainting couch".

"Hi Fluttershy! Hey Rainbow Dash!" Sweetie Belle greeted.

The two older teens greeted back as response.

"Is Rarity home?" Sweetie asked.

"She's on her way, she'll be here soon," said Fluttershy.

Sweetie Belle nodded. "Okay."

Sweetie Belle stood for a minute before giving the two girls her timid look. "Um... may I hang here... if that's okay?"

Fluttershy smiled warmly. "Of course you can Sweetie."

"Totally!" Rainbow added.

Sweetie smiled as she approached Rarity's bed and and then laid on the bed. As Sweetie situated herself, Fluttershy began to speak to the young girl.

"So how you doing Sweetie Belle?" asked Fluttershy.

Sweetie looked back at Fluttershy, surprised from the sudden conversation from the shy girl. "Oh... I'm fine. Me and my friends were busy, juggling with schoolwork and our club."

"Oh yeah, you three were watching and analyzing movies together!" Rainbow commented. "That sounds awesome!"

Sweetie nodded. "Y-yeah, we usually watch the same movie five times."

Rainbow raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Uh... why five times?"

"It's because every time we watch them, we'll notice many new awesome details!" Sweetie explained before her face brightened up. "For example, in Daring Do and the Mummy's Curse when Daring Do explored the Tomb of the Lost–"

"Whoa, don't spoil it! I didn't see the film yet!" Rainbow exclaimed hastily.

Sweetie Belle blushed and chuckled sheepishly. "Whoops, sorry!"

Fluttershy titled her head with an uncertain expression. "Um... shouldn't you be with your friends for your club now?"

Sweetie's smile faltered and fainted from the mention of her friends. "Oh we... decided to cancel it today," she stammered.

"Why's that?" Fluttershy asked.

"Oh we... decided to finish up our school work before the break," she lied, not wanting to get into details about her friends right now.

"Oh I hear ya sister!" said Rainbow Dash as she stretched her limbs. "It's better to get them all out of the way and not worrying about school over the break. Then you'll have plenty of time for exchanging gifts, hot cocoas, eating lots of food and best of all, spending time with your family and friends!"

Fluttershy nodded with a smile. "I agree. There's nothing better than spending time with the people you love."

Sweetie Belle looked down in sadness. Then why isn't Rarity spending any time with me?

Fluttershy noticed the young girl's sudden depressing mood. "Hey... are you okay Sweetie?"

Sweetie Belle looked up to see Fluttershy, giving her a look of concern. Sweetie wondered if she should tell Fluttershy that she felt left out from her sister's activities lately and what her two "friends" had done and planned to do with Anon-a-Miss? Would Fluttershy understand how she felt instead of brushing her off like Rarity? After a brief inner struggle with herself, Sweetie let out a sigh.


Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and Rarity, along with Applejack, strolled into the room.

"Hello girls!" Rarity greeted.

Both Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash greeted back.

Rarity then noticed Sweetie Belle laying on her bed. Just as she was about to ask why her sister was there, Fluttershy beat her to it.

"We were just chatting with Sweetie Belle," Fluttershy explained. "She just telling us what she and her friends have been up to."

Rarity placed her hands on her hips with a strained smile, which made Sweetie internally gulped. She knew that look. It was a look whenever Sweetie does something that annoyed her sister. She had a feeling that her sister did not want her to be around and join in on their sleepover.

"Yes... well! I'm sure you've been lovely Sweetie Belle," said Rarity in her 'sweet' tone as she forced Sweetie Belle to get up from the bed and pushed her towards the door. "But isn't it almost your bedtime?"

"What? Hey!" Sweetie protested. "No it's not!"

"Come along, little sister!" Rarity insisted, ignoring Sweetie's protests. "It's time for your big sister and her friends to spend time together!"

Sweetie Belle tried to plant her feet on the floor to keep herself from moving but her sister was surprisingly too strong to her. Eventually, Rarity managed to get her out the door and into the hallway.

"Aw, c'mon! I can be cool!" Sweetie pleaded, but Rarity ignored her.

Before Sweetie could get back into her sister's bedroom, Pinkie suddenly showed up and accidentally knocked her over.

"Hi Sweetie, bye Sweetie!~" Pinkie greeted quickly with her cheerful tone, not paying attention to her actions.

Sweetie would have fallen onto the floor but luckily her back bumped into someone else. She looked up just in time to see Sunset Shimmer who held her up by her shoulders.

"Whoops, you alright there Sweetie Belle?" she said with a chuckle as she helped Sweetie stood up. "You have to forgive her, she can be a little too excited when it comes to having fun."

"Oh there you are Darling!" said Rarity as she hugged and then kissed both Sunset's cheeks in greeting. "You are just in time, please come in!"

Sweetie watched as her sister wrapped her arm around Sunset's shoulder and then led her into the room, closing the door behind them. Sweetie just stood there, staring at the closed door leading to her sister's door. Her sister had kicked her out. While this wasn't the first time that Rarity kicked Sweetie out of the room, but the way her sister did it just now while disregarding her feelings and made her feel unwelcome really hurt her. Worse of all, as soon as Sunset walked in, Rarity welcomed her in open arms and was genuinely happy to see her, more so than her own sister.

It was then that Sweetie had finally convinced herself, that her sister did not care about her anymore.

With a quiet sniff, Sweetie rushed into her bedroom, slammed her door, jumped into her bed and silently cried into her pillow.

Sweetie Belle sighed sadly as she lied in her bed. While it was still technology too early for bedtime, but after she cried her eyes out for quite sometime, she doesn't have the energy anymore. But even after that and changed into her pajamas, she couldn't fall asleep because she was still thinking about Rarity's sleepover and how her sister flat out refused to let her be part of it, just like how Rarity wouldn't let her join on any fun occasions.

It's not fair! Sweetie thought sadly. I wanted to be part of their slumber party too! I... just wanted to have fun and spend time with my sister, was that too much to ask for?

She suddenly heard a loud music through her beedroom walls. Sweetie realized it was one of her sis's band songs coming from Rarity's room. She moaned loudly in frustration. Her sister kicked her out of her room so she can go to bed, yet they're loud music was keeping her up from sleeping.

She doesn't get Rarity's sense of logic sometimes.

"Hey Rarity, can ya keep it down!" Sweetie Belle shouted.

There was no response except for the loud music.

"Rarity!" Sweetie Belle shouted again in a much louder tone.

Once again, no response.

Sweetie then realized that her sister couldn't hear her because of the loud music. With a frustrated huff, Sweetie Belle got out of bed and headed to Rarity's bedroom so she tell them to keep it down. Just before she was about to barge in, she heard her sister and Sunset talking through the door.

"Are you recording them?" Her sister asked.

"I want to capture the memories!" Sunset responded.

Sweetie stopped as her hand wrapped around the door handle and her eyes widened. Sunset was recording them with her cell phone. Before she could think further, she heard Pinkie let out a loud shout.


Sweetie Belle winced from the sound of a very loud crash, no doubt Pinkie must of break through something. Just as she was about to rush in to help out in case of injuries, she heard Pinkie let out a loud gasp.

"Rarity, what are all these clothes?" Pinkie asked through the door.

"Oh this is the closet of shame," Rarity responded with a sigh. "It's where I put the outfits I make or buy that turn out to look horrible."

Sweetie Belle knew which closet her sister was referring to. Sometimes her sister either bought or designed a lot clothes on the whim when she thought it would look good, only it turned out to be immediately out of style (in Rarity's mind), looked ridiculous or just wasn't a good idea to make at all. Instead of destroying or getting rid of them, Rarity would just store them in a closet and then moved on. She once asked Rarity why she kept all of these clothes and her only response was that she was only keeping them as reference when she's making better outfits and forbid Sweetie for taking them.

Not that Sweetie ever wanted to wear any of those outfits!

"What are you talking about?" Pinkie cried out suddenly. "This stuff is great! It's the perfect material for outrageous selfies... CHEESE!"

Sweetie then heard a snapshot, assuming it was from Pinkie's cell phone. She then heard the others voiced out in agreement and began to take snapshots of their own. She eventually heard Rarity's low sigh.

"Well... feel free to try them on I suppose."

As they were busy taking more pictures of each other from the other side, Sweetie Belle just stood by the door thinking. If they were taking photos and videos of them singing badly and wearing Rarity's ridiculous outfits, that would mean that Sunset also took pictures and videos of them on her own cell phone. Maybe if Sweetie would get a hold of that phone–

Sweetie rapidly shook her head. No, she shouldn't do it. She did not want to be do the same idea as Apple Bloom. She did not want to stoop so low to post anything embarrassing and then pin it on Sunset. And yet... this was the perfect opportunity to do so right in front of her, all gift wrapped on a silver platter. Once Sunset was blamed and out of the picture, Sweetie can finally have her sister back and won't be ignored again. But was that right?

Sweetie Belle had an inner turmoil with herself, weighing pros and cons whether to leave this idea alone or to go through with it. As was debating with herself, she heard both Rarity and Sunset giggled together like they were both having fun, reminding Sweetie further on how she and Rarity used to do together. It was right then and there, Sweetie finally made a decision.

It was later in the middle of the night within Rarity's bedroom. After hours of fun and crazy activities, the girls were fast asleep, drifting into dreamland. Naturally, Rarity slept on her own bed while the others slept on the floor around the room in their own sleeping bags.

While they were snoring away, no one noticed Rarity's bedroom door slowly creaked open, barely make a sound. Once the door opened far enough, Sweetie peaked around the door, turned on her flashlight and surveyed the room. Satisfied that everyone was asleep, Sweetie slowly entered the room. Even though it was way past her bedtime, Sweetie Belle had been waiting all this time for the others to fall asleep so she can begin her little heist.

Okay... Rarity and the others are sleeping, she thought. Now where's Sunset?

She looked around with her flashlight until she spotted Sunset in her own sleeping bag next to Applejack by her sister's sewing machine. While trying to be quiet as a mouse, Sweetie crawled over to Sunset, using the girl's snores to drown out her movements until she reached Sunset's bag.

Alright... now where did she keep her phone?

She opened up Sunset's bag and rummaged through it, silently hoping that Sunset's phone was there. As she was searching through it, she suddenly heard Pinkie's voice.

"Hold it right there buster!"

Sweetie ceased her actions and hitched her voice, while her heart started pounding like a jackhammer. How did she get so careless? Before she said anything, Pinkie began speaking again.

"That cupcake belonged to Gummy Dashie!" Pinkie mumbled. "He really likes the one with the blue icing with polka-dotted sprinkles..."

Pinkie smacked her lips a few times before she began to snore again, back into her own dreamland.

Sweetie sighed in relief. She realized that Pinkie was only sleep-talking from her dreams, something about cupcakes and... her stuffed animal. She wasn't sure if she should laugh or confused with Pinkie's bizarre antics. In the end, Sweetie just decided that Pinkie was just being Pinkie and went back to searching through Sunset's bag.

A moment later, Sweetie finally found the very item she was looking for, Sunset's cell phone. She took it out of her back and placed her flashlight down. Just as she was about to turn it on, she paused. While Sweetie made it this far, it never occurred to her until now that Sunset might of set up a password to her phone. And considering how careful Sunset was with her tactics in the past, she would most likely secure her phone. If that was the case, then that would made this whole operation much harder for Sweetie to accomplish. She thought about quitting right here and there but she decided to go through with it anyway and then go from there.

As Sunset's phone was booting up, Sweetie took her time to guess some possible passwords that Sunset would most likely used. But once Sunset's phone was fully turned on, she was already on Sunset's phone home menu page without going through the password page, much to Sweetie's surprise2.

...huh. That's... surprisingly easy, Sweetie Belle thought with her stunned expression.

Not wanting to look at a gift's horse in the mouth, Sweetie decided to take her opportunity and tap into the Image Gallery app on Sunset's phone. To her delight, she found tons of Sunset's images and videos of her friends during their slumber party, including the images of them in their goofy outfits and videos of them singing (judging from the thumbnail images since Sweetie can't play the videos right now).

Bingo! Sweetie chimed from her mind.

While keeping Sunset's phone on, Sweetie took out her own phone out from her PJ's pocket. After creating a group chat between her and Sunset, she began to sent out all the images and videos that she thought would be the most damaging to the Rainbooms from Sunset's phone to Sweetie's own phone for her to download. After doing that for some time (due to the videos took longer to download) Sweetie deleted the group chat from Sunset's phone and then turned Sunset's phone off. She then placed Sunset's phone back into Sunset's bag where she got it and then put her own phone away into her pocket. She turned on her flashlight again and then silently crawled back towards the door without waking anyone up until she was out of Rarity's room. She turned off her flashlight, stood up, gently closed Rarity's door and then headed back into her own bedroom.

Once she entered and locked her room, she took out her phone to call one someone, hoping that this person is still awake. With her phone rested against her ear, she waited as she heard the dial tone. Eventually, the dial tone stopped, followed by a yawn and a tired groin from someone from the other line.

"S-sweetie Belle? Apple Bloom mumbled, clearly sounded like she was awaken abruptly thanks to Sweetie Belle. W-what is it? Do ya have any idea what time it is?"

"Apple Bloom, I... I just stole some embarrassing photos and videos of their slumber party from Sunset's phone," Sweetie whispered quietly as she eyed her door in hopes that no one was listening.

"Y-you stole pictures from Sunset's phone!? Apple Bloom exclaimed, now suddenly sounded more awake. How did ya managed to do that?"

"I snuck into Rarity's room while they're sleeping... and Sunset's phone doesn't have a password protected screen," Sweetie explained.

There was a long pause before she heard Apple Bloom replied, "Huh... dat's surprisingly easy."

"I know right!" Sweetie cried while keeping her voice down. "It's kinda ironic that a once dictator of our school who uses other peoples weaknesses against them... couldn't lock her own phone to keep others from taking her secrets."

"Still, thanks to your efforts, we can use these to our advantage! Apple Bloom replied. Are they on yer phone?"

Sweetie nodded, despite that Apple Bloom can't see her over the phone. "Yes."

"Okay, Ah'll send ya the password to Anon-a-Miss account by text and then you can post them yourself."

Sweetie's eyes widened in surprise. "Wait, ME!?" she nearly shrieked. "You want me to post these pictures!?"

"Yep," she confirmed. "Since you're the one who got these pictures, Ah figured you should do the honors of posting them."

Sweetie was shocked beyond belief. It was difficult for her to steal goofy pictures from someone's phone enough already in a moral sense, but to actually post them? That's just too much to her! And Sweetie couldn't believe that Apple Bloom was suggesting to have her do the job as if she's wanted her to be the one to pull the trigger. Sweetie did not want to be in this kind of position. She wanted her sister back and get rid of Sunset Shimmer as much as Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, but did she really wanted to go through with it?

Including hurting her sister in the process?

Sweetie shook her head. "I... I don't think I could do it. These... these pictures could destroy my sister!"

She heard Apple Bloom let out a long sigh. "I can't promise ya that your sister won't suffer from ridicule, but once they realized they're the same pictures from Shimmer's phone, they will think it was her who posted them. When that happens, they will ditch her fer sure! After that, we'll lay low and everything will be back the way it was with our sisters at our side. It's going to be fine, you'll see!"

But Sweetie Belle wasn't feeling so assured from Apple Bloom's words and she felt her hand with the phone was shaking from the side of her head. "But... but..."

"Listen Sweetie Belle, would ya rather get your sister back and have her spend time with you or will ya let Shimmer continue to deceive your sister and keep her all to herself... leaving you feel all alone?"

Once again, her morals was having a war within herself, fighting back and forth between right and wrong. Apple Bloom's words didn't help much. She felt this was her final chance to back out of this insane plan, delete all the photos she downloaded and then act like nothing happen and no one will be hurt. But if she did back out, Rarity will continue leave her out, Sunset will continue to have her and worse of all, her friends will think she betrayed them and they might ditch her too...

...and be left all alone.

"...fine. I'll do it," Sweetie croaked.

"Awesome! she heard Apple Bloom cheered. Ah knew ya pull through Sweetie Belle! Ah'll send the password over to ya now! Let me know when yer done."

Sweetie heard Apple Bloom hung up the phone, ending their call. A second later, she heard a notification sound from her group chat. Sure enough, it was from Apple Bloom. She sent the name of the Anon-a-Miss' email and password for MyStable just like she said she would. Sweetie frowned heavily at the thought of what she's about to do, but there's no turning back now. She went on to MyStable, logged in the Anon-a-Miss' account. She was surprised to see how many new followers on Anon-a-Miss' page after a day of her "debut". She decided to put that on the side as she selected some pictures from Rarity's slumber party to post and then wrote a message that she herself came up with:

OMG... what a bunch of dorks! Hahaha

Sweetie felt sick in her stomach for typing that but she needed to make this message as believable as possible so that others will think it was Sunset. Once set was done setting it up, her eyes and finger hovered over the "submit" button but she hesitated. She felt her heart beat faster and faster and her pointer finger was shaking like crazy. She realized once she pushed that little button, she can not take it back and all the stuff about her sister will be up for everyone to see.

Sweetie Belle closed her eyes tightly and felt her finger moved. A second later, she heard a "ding" and then she slowly opened her eyes and saw a message on her phone's screen.

Post Complete!

A second later, her post showed up on Anon-a-Miss's page. The job was done. No doubt that those who followed Anon-a-Miss will know about the post by now.

With a heavily heart, Sweetie switched to her group chat app and sent a text message to Apple Bloom.

StarSong112: it's done

AppleSeed109: ah see it! great job sweetie! :D

AppleSeed109: now go get some rest, cuz tomorrow...

AppleSeed109: we'll be seeing some fireworks! ;)

Despite Apple Bloom's praising, Sweetie didn't paid any attention to any of that. For several minutes, she just stood there with her phone over her face, staring off into space. She slowly turned towards her bedroom door where the direction of Rarity's room is. As she slowly comprehended of what she had done, she didn't noticed that she accidentally dropped her cell phone onto the floor with a light thud. Her body felt numb and her eyes were leaking as she continued to stare towards the door with a look of regret and remorse.

Sis... I'm so sorry.

Author's Note:

Sigh... you were doing so well Sweetie Belle! :ajsleepy:

1) Con Mane is the MLP equivalent to James Bond, which was referenced from MLP:FiM Season Two's episode, MMMystery on the Friendship Express.

2) This is what bothered me from the original comic. Sweetie said she used all of Sunset's pictures and videos by downloading them into her own phone. And yet, she never mentioned how she did it. The only way Sweetie could ever get into Sunset's phone so easily would either that she's good at hacking people's phone (which is less likely considering her age and I don't see her as a tech genius kind a person) or Sunset may not have set up a password for her phone. I think it was most likely the ladder. You could argue that Sunset was already good with technology after her time in the human world, especially how she created and then uploaded an anti-video against Princess Twilight from the first EG movie, but she's not always perfect. She probably didn't think to set up a password to her own phone because she always carry it around with her or maybe she did at one point and then disabled it because she's friends with the Rainbooms now. She didn't have a password page on her phone as a sign that she has nothing to hide and that she trusts them, even though the Rainboom's lack of trust towards Sunset was questionable in the comic's cannon. Whatever the reason why Sunset didn't set her password on her phone, this is the only way Sweetie could get her hands on Sunset's pictures so easily... in my theory at least.

There's an Easter egg within a text message between Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. Can you figure it out what it is? :trixieshiftright:

Anyway, next chapter(s) of this story is coming soon! Hope you're looking forward to it! :pinkiesmile: