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Through the Eyes of Anon-a-Miss - sonicfan05

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were summoned into Principal Celestia's office so they can explain on how and why they created the infamous MyStable user, "Anon-a-Miss".

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Prologue: Principal Celestia's Office (CMC)

It was a cold winter day at Canterlot High. It was very cloudy and the entire school ground and beyond was covered in a white blanket of snow as snow flakes continued to fall, but not enough to cancel the school, much to the students dismay. But that wouldn’t matter because in the next two days, the school will be closed for the holidays, which would’ve excited every students in the school. However, instead of excitement and joy on every students’ faces in the hallway, their expressions were nothing but dull, anger, resentments, sadness and even… guilt.

All because of what happened from almost two weeks ago.

While that was going on, three young students with looks of guilt and fear, were sitting on their chairs within the principal’s office in front of Principal Celestia's desk. The first student had orange eyes and long red hair with a pink bow. She wore a light green shirt, blue jeans, which were rolled up to her knees and orange boots. Her name is Apple Bloom, a young farmer and the youngest sister to Applejack of the Apple Family. The second student had green eyes and a long curly purple-pink hair with a red-violet headband. She wore a white-pink striped shirt with a red-violet coat over it, yellow skirt, purple belt and red-violet boots. Her name is Sweetie Belle a talented singer and the youngest sister to the youngest fashion designer in town, Rarity. The final student had purple eyes and short purple hair. She wore a turquoise shirt with a grey hoodie over it, green cargo shorts and grey boots. Her name is Scootaloo, the youngest daredevil and a young sister figure to Rainbow Dash.

Together, they are well known as the CMC, The Canterlot Movie Club. They usually hang out and watched movies together (sometimes multiple times for one movie) and talked about trivia's and Easter eggs they found after watching them. Sometimes, they would go around and help out other students by tutoring them for school or solve their life's problem without asking for anything in return. While those three unintentionally caused mishaps sometimes, they are model students in their own right.

But that wasn't the case this time around.

Earlier, they were called in to Principal Celestia's office and they were now sitting in front of Principal Celestia and her sister Vice Principal Luna.

And neither one of them were happy.

Celestia herself were staring at the young students with her strained but calm expression on her face, but her eyes were very tired after spending days of dealing the chaos that's been going on in school. Luna on the other hand was glaring angrily at the three as if they had just done the most heinous crime. The five of them were having a silent stare-off for what it seemed like five minutes, but felt like an hour ever since the CMC walked in, until finally Vice Principal Luna spoke up.

“So…” Luna began sharply, nearly startled the younger trio. “It has come to our attention that the three of you are the real Anon-a-Miss.” She then narrowed her eyes at them. “For the past couple of weeks, you all posted private and embarrassing secrets left and right of almost every student of this entire school, including some teachers too!”

“…are you still upset from that image we posted of you on your desk, playing with toys from My Little Dragon show?” Scootaloo asked.

Scootaloo flinched slightly when Luna glared intensely at her direction before slumping slightly from her seat.

“Right… shutting up now.”

Luna lingered her glare at Scootaloo for a moment longer before speaking to the group again.

Anyway… I also heard from your sisters that you all purposely posted these... hurtful comments… all so you could frame one student? The one student you all brought harm the most? The one student who just recently proved herself, that she’s more than earn our forgiveness? The one student who had finally put her past behind her and felt she had earned her place… only for everything she had worked for was quickly ripped away after your horrible and stupid stunts?”

Luna then slammed her palm hard on Celestia’s desk, causing all three young preteens to flinch back in fear.

“What. Were. You. Three. THINKING!?

“Luna… calm down,” Celestia chided but Luna ignored her.

“Do you three have any idea how many times this student you hurt the most comes into my office after the Fall Formal in her depressed state?”


“Or how many sessions I had with her until she broke down crying about that she’ll never be forgiven by everyone.”


“Or how long I encouraged her to start hanging out with your sisters and other people?”


“And then how long it took her to finally let go of her past deeds and then felt truly happy after hanging out with her friends?”


“Answer me! Why would you three do that to Sunset Shimmer!?”

“LUNA, THAT’S ENOUGH!” Celestia shouted.

Luna stopped, glaring at her sister, while Celestia remained calm.

“Luna… what those three did was terrible, but yelling at them isn’t going to help!”

To demonstrate her point, Celestria gestured to the CMC’s, specifically their emotional states. Apple Bloom looked down towards the floor with deep guilt on her face with tears leaking from her eyes, Scootaloo was shaking violently out of fear and on a verge to crying and Sweetie Belle bawled loudly while burying her face into her hands. Luna expression softened somewhat but still frowned at them.

"I know you cared about Sunset ever since you took her in as her guidance counselor and quite frankly, I cared about her too," Celestia added. "But lets not forget, it not just Sunset who was the victim from this, but pretty much almost every student who was also affected from this ongoing mess as well. Don't get me wrong, what those three did was not right, but they're still just kids."

Luna sighed through her nose. “I'm sorry sister... I was out of line." Luna's eyes narrowed at the young students again. "But that doesn’t excuse them for committing such heinous act to Sunset Shimmer and the entire student body!”

Celestia was about to respond but Apple Bloom interjected.

“We… we weren’t thinking at all Vice Principal Luna!” Apple Bloom finally spoke up while sniffing. “We… we didn’t mean to get this far!”

“From the look of things, it seems that you did.” Luna commented, only to receive a warning glare from Celestia. When Luna got the message, Celestia sighed and spoke to the three miserable girls with a serious yet calm expression.

“Listen girls, we already heard what happened from your families and from Sunset Shimmer herself. And I must say... I’m very disappointed in you three.”

The three Crusaders looked down in shame.

“However,” Celestia added, causing the three girls to look up again. “While you three are still in trouble, we still didn’t get the full picture. We didn’t call you three in here just to berate you, we call you all in here because we wanted to know why. Why and how you three decided to group together and create… Anon-a-Miss and harm the student body? And why you all decided to continue with this unacceptable behavior up until yesterday? I want you three to tell us everything and I do mean 'everything'! If any of you three tell us any more lies at this point, there will be even more consequences coming your way! Am I clear?”

The young girls looked at each other with solemn expressions, silently communicate with each other. Finally they nodded and turned back to the principals with Apple Bloom speaking up for the group.

“A-alright Principal Celestia… we’ll tell ya,” Apple Bloom said sadly. “But... this’ll be a long story.”

Celestia nodded. “That’s fine. We have all the time in the world.”

“Except missing the Christmas special of My Little Dragons,” Luna mumbled.

Celestia gave her sister an irritated side look before focusing back to the Crusaders again. “Now… please start from the very beginning.”

“W-well to begin with… it was mah idea to create Anon-a-Miss,” Apple Bloom confessed nervously.

You?” Luna exclaimed angrily, causing Apple Bloom to flinch back from her loud voice. “You’re responsible for creating Anon-a-Miss?”

“Y-yes,” Apple Bloom answered nervously. She looked up to see Luna’s eyes narrowing at her, clearly angry after hearing her revelation while Celestia still had a calm serious expression and gestured her to continue. Apple Bloom sighed for a moment before she began her tale.

“It all started about two weeks ago… on a day before Ah created Anon-a-Miss…”

Author's Note:

Greetings everypony, and thank you for reading the prologue of my story!

This is my second Anon-a-Miss fanfic I wrote for this site. I know what you're all probably thinking, "Aw jeez, another Anon-a-Miss story!? C'mon, those stories were done to death!" Well... yeah, I'll admit, there's probability a boatload of them, but let me ask you this:

How many Anon-a-Miss fics out there that starred the ones responsible for the Anon-a-Miss in the first place, the CMC?

Not a lot. And after my other story, Was It Worth It was a huge success, I figured I should write a multi-chapter story from the CMC perceptive during the events of the Equestria Girls Holiday comic would be a refreshing take for the genre. So expect some dialogue reference from the Holiday comic.

And before any of you asked, no this story is not a prequel or related to my other story, Was It Worth It, This story stands on it's own.

I hope you all stick around and enjoy my story as it goes! :twilightsmile:

Feedbacks are welcome, but please be polite! :pinkiesmile: