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On her first day at Canterlot High, the Twilight Sparkle of the human world learns that it wasn't just her new friends who mistook her for her royal Equestrian counterpart. Realizing that what had seemed like a harmless brush-off to her may have in fact broken the heart of nice-guy Flash Sentry, Twilight becomes determined to make it up to him. What better way to do that than to set him up on a date with the girl of his dreams-or at least, a close proximity to her?

It's a crazy plan to be sure, but it just might be crazy enough to work. Best of all, it's completely risk free. After all, there's no way either of them could develop feelings for each other, right?

Featured on Fimfiction on November 5th.

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Wait, Flash's dad walks out on his family in your headcanon too? Freaky! In my headcanon, Flash has a younger sibling as well. Double freaky! However, the similarities in headcanon end there. Oh, well. "shrug"

Other than a few grammar and spelling errors, this story is well-conceived and well-written. I also totally agree that Hasbro definitely could have chosen to do more with Flash.

6602260 Whoa, you review just made me realize something that I forgot to mention:

First Base is the creation (I assume) of Deviantart's dm29 based off of a background pony seen in Twilight TIme, while Colored Reel is loosly based on Pauly Sentry, Flash Sentry's unicorn sister created by Deviantart's PaulySentry.

6602288 Cool beans! I love their work. However, in my headcanon, Flash's only sibling is First Base. Sorry about that. It's not that I'm opposed to the idea of Flash having a sister. I just have some ideas for fanfiction I have yet to write that involve Flash's role as an older brother that was easier to conceive with only a younger brother.

This was a great story, filled with laughs and romance. Brilliant, simply brilliant.

6602341 Write that story soon! Also, could you list the grammer and spelling errors I made? It would be a lot of help for me in the future. Thank you.

Hello featured list. I already see it coming!

When she entered the house, she was greeted by the sight of Shining Armor gagged and tied to a chair. When he saw her, she started struggling and moaning through his gag. Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie all sat on the couch wearing big fake smiles.

“Welcome back Twilight, how was your date?” asked Applejack slowly.

“Before I answer that, can you tell what my brother is doing here and why he’s tied up?” asked Twilight.

“Oh, um, he dropped by unannounced to check up on you,” said Fluttershy, tapping her fingers together nervously. “But when he realized that you weren’t here, we had to tell him the truth, and, well, he got all upset and decided to “hunt you both down”, and, well, we couldn’t just let him ruin your date, so Pinkie Pie managed to get the drop on him, and…” she trailed off, glancing at their “hostage”.

“And Mr. Blaze was OK with this?” asked Twilight.

“Actually, when he saw what we’d done, he just said ‘Nope’ and went to bed,” said Pinkie Pie.

“So ya want us to let him go now?” asked Applejack.

Twilight regarded her brother for a minute before deciding. “Let’s wait until morning,” she said, eliciting a muffled cry of outrage from Shining Armor.


6602636 Yeah, this is pretty much the best possible outcome for when Shining Armor discovers that his little sister has a boyfriend.

6602671 You referred to Shining Armor as "she" in that passage. There's more where that came from, but I'll put them on a separate comment.

6602804 It has been corrected. Thanks, that was embarrising.:twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Godslittleprincess deleted Nov 5th, 2015

Wow! I loved this story! It was funny and didn't treat Flash like the worst thing to happen since bird flu!

I also really liked how devoted you kept Flash to pony Twilight rather than just have him jump straight to human Twilight. The human one may be more convenient, but they are two very different beings. (Well...different at least :twilightsheepish:)

I hope this story gets featured because, honestly, it deserves to be! :twilightsmile:


I hope this story gets featured because, honestly, it deserves to be!

Get more people to say that, and it just might happen!

I also really liked how devoted you kept Flash to pony Twilight rather than just have him jump straight to human Twilight.

I read a story a long time ago where Flash just "transfered" his feelings for Princess Twilight to human Twilight, which simply "cheapened" their relationship in my eyes.

Twenty likes in less than twenty-four hours? Maybe I do have a future on this site!


You got the feature man.
And a FlashLight fic at that. Not that I have anything against that ship.
Still ship Flash with Lemon Zest though.

This was a great story! A few errors here and there but nothing that ruins the whole thing. I always love a story that gives Flash justice and it was a nice job showing his friendship with Human Twilight instead of just dating her right away. I think my favorite part was when Flash kicked those bullies butts, I always thought he was a badass! Good job!

6603980 My first featured story. Today is a very good day for me.:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:


I think my favorite part was when Flash kicked those bullies butts, I always thought he was a badass!

Interesting fact: the fight scene was originally supposed to feature two problem students from Crystal Prep who would harrass Twilight over her transformation into Midnight Sparkle and how sexy she apparently looked at the time (original idea by MythrilMoth). But when writing this story took longer than anticipated, I decided to change them to two random thugs to cut back on time. I'm glad I did, because the whole point of that scene was to show off Flash's fighting skills, and giving the thugs a back story wouldn't have added anything to it.

Yay for a story that doesn't treat Flash like a two-day old donut, :derpytongue2:

This was so awesome! :pinkiehappy: I think you should make a sequel that's Flash's POV of him struggling between liking Princess Twilight or SciTwi, it could be called The Dream? Or The Reality? (Princess Twilight being his dream girl verses the Twilight that's there in his world and is just as amazing) and seriously? YOU NEVER SAW THE ACTUAL MOVIE? :pinkiegasp: I'm amazed of how well you got her character! Great job! :twilightsmile:

6604697 If I DO make a sequal to this, it'll be about Princess Twilight finding out about the "date", completely misunderstanding it, and going on a rampage (like this). Also, unfortunately, I couldn't see it because the tv at my place doesn't get DiscoveryFamily AND I work weekends :applecry:.

Haha... This was really good! I loved that ending!

6604300 Am I the only one who'd still eat the doughnut? :rainbowlaugh:

Hey, no big, I found the movie in 13 parts back on YouTube by Omar Cantu 2.0 because I couldn't watch it on DiscoveryFamily either or the show for that matter, I always have to wait for someone to post an episode online. And I mean no disrespect but won't it be kind-of out of character for Princess Twilight to rampage about a date that her counterpart went on? Twilight doesn't know much about Flash anyway what with little time they had. If anything, I think Twilight would be glad for her other half since she does live in the human world and considering there is a pony version of Flash in her world, maybe it's just what she needs to realize that there can't be any relationship between her and Human Flash. :applejackunsure: But it's your story, I can't stop you.

Very nice! I adored all of the little headcannon moments and the side characters. Flash was great to. I do enjoy a well written Flash. Guys got potential.
Would love to see a sequal. Perhaps something with Human Twilight getting the change to meet Pony Twilight's parents and get some closure.

Well, I had a lot of fun, and I feel this really integrated well into the EQG canon and have a satisfying conclusion to this potential ship. I really like the way you presented Flash; I was shortened to see how similar out headcanons were. This is definitely a great story, and deserves a featured spot. So, don't let the haters get you down, and keep on shipping.

6605417 No haters so far; at least not in the comments. A discouraging number of dislikes however, but what are you gonna do?

A fantastic tale, this, and it's great to see Flash shown as, well, an actual character as opposed to Random Guy #42.

Also, count me as someone with a similar headcanon to yours, although my version of Flash has First Base as his half-brother, his mother having remarried some time after Flash's father was arrested for domestic abuse. Said father died in prison.

6605719 Which story would that be in?

This was a really neat story. I like Flash's personality here and Sci Twilight was great to. I guess if there's one thing that kinds of bugs me is the "Flash has an abusive/deadbeat dad" thing I see repeated in a lot of headcanons about it.

Aside from that, I really dug this story.

6605889 If it's any consolation, there really is more to the story of Flash's dad leaving his family. I havn't perfected it yet, but it's bound to show up in one of my future stories.

Also, is the "Flash's dad is a bad person" trend really that common? Because I havn't seen it. Then again, I'm picky, so I havn't actually read that many stories with Flash in it.

6605948 I know two people who use and have seen some other works with it.

Not a huge fan of it. It's partly the reason I made his dad an active role in his life.

Still...I am slightly interested to hear the story behind this...

Ooh..Sci-Twi likes Flash:raritystarry:
I've been waiting for a story like this! :scootangel:Cuz I mean really?:ajbemused: Twi and Flash are from different worlds, it ain't gonna work out.:facehoof:

6605966 I have an idea or two on how it can work out :ajsmug:. If you want to know what they are, you'll just have to keep reading my stories.

I have no qualms with that!:pinkiehappy:
(Plz tell me you'll make a sequel!):fluttershysad:

6605987 It's up in the air. I have several other ideas I'd like to use, plus original stories I need to work on if I ever want to have them published some day, so I can't put too much on my plate. But don't lose hope, it's a tempting idea.

Yay! That wasn't a no!:pinkiehappy::scootangel:

6605741 Currently, none. I've got things planned very far out in advance. So far, however, I've portrayed Flash as perceptive, loyal, forgiving, and more than a little awkward in Chapter Seven of Six Nights (and a Day) With Sunset. Not a bad portrayal in my mind.

You know, I fully expected both of the to fall in love, everyone to be nervous, only to receive a message from Princess Twilight that the same thing happened to her on a simulation date with Pony Flash Sentry, asking for advice. This works too.

Dimensional distance relationships never work out. EVER!!!!

6605966 Yes and princess Twilight have pony Flash.

Comment posted by ApplejackM deleted Nov 7th, 2015

Story was good, but I think you have your "than"s & "then"s swapped.

Remember: "Then" is for denoting the passage of time whilst "than" is used to compare things.
Feel free to look the words up in a dictionary or something if you don't trust what I'm saying.

6612501 I know exactly -what they mean, what you have witnessed is nothing more than a random mistype committed by a guy in a big hurry to get it done.

I really liked this! Will there be more?

6631564 There might be a sequal, and there will deffinately be more stories that take place in the same universe as this one, plus more stories that take place in a different one. Just wait and see.

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