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Welcome ponies (and other creatures) who partake of the one true food!!!

As the name states, this group is solely for those who have accepted the true diet. That's right, meat. Forget vegetarianism, we want our bacon. It is pure fact that we can only be at the top of our food chain if we eat other creatures, therefore, I bid you to spread the word of the glories of meat.

*many animals were harmed in the feeding of this group.

(Thanks to Justice4243 for the amazing banner)

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I'm half-changeling so I eat meat.

388051 I don't know, you should be able to... I'll look into it.
Edit: It should work for anyone to add stories now.


Why I can't add any stories in this group?

A group about ponies eating meat. I have to join now :raritystarry:

im a pony, but i love dear burgurs.
i go out in the everfree forrest and shoot'em with a 30-06REMINGTON Spr.

Why am I here?? Oh thats right the titles so friggin hilarious I had to join!!

343262 Thanks. This will work stupendously.

343258 Its actually too big (it uses the original image and I don't have any image-editing software on this computer). The dimensions are 1000x250.


I thought the top one would work, I also assumed either would have to be cropped.

Do you have the dimensions it'd need to be?

Edit: On closer inspection, it seems either may not be wide enough. :applejackunsure:

343243 Those are both great, unfortunately I can't get them to fit in the space.

(temp. one added until I can get something to fit)
-thanks anyways, I'll try to get something to work

Despite the name, we don't care what your species is; we only care if you enjoy your protein.

(If anyone is willing to find/make an image for the banner, that would be awesome)

  • Viewing 1 - 15 of 15
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