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Ever since the Friendship Games, Tennis Match has been unable to focus. All she can think of is the girl who saved her from falling into another world. And her admiration for that girl is growing more and more.

Can she work up the courage to ask her out?

A little Valentine's day crack-ship story between two unlikely characters. Takes place just after the Friendship Games.

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Flash Sentry wasn't there for his sister when she got her cutie mark, but he went to see her as soon as he got the chance. Even so, he worries that he and Scootaloo may drift apart over time.

With that in mind, they begin to talk about what their cutie marks have in common.

A super late reaction to Crusaders Of The Lost Mark, as well as the fact that Scootaloo's cutie mark bears a few surprising similarities to a certain other pony's mark.

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A prequel to A Harmonic Sonata. Reading that story first is recommended, but not strictly necessary.

Luna's new student, Sonata Dusk, has a lot to learn about the world. While it may be hard, the young former siren shows great promise, and Luna is determined to bring out her full potential.

Meanwhile, across Equestria, five ponies who will one day become best friends with Sonata grow and learn as well.

Edited by Retirw-Tsitra.

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When a small filly calling herself Sonata Dusk emerged from the mysterious portal within the castle, Princess Luna expected many things. What she didn't expect was for the filly to claim that she was actually a siren, banished from Equestria a thousand years ago. Despite her initial surprise, Luna makes an unexpected decision, and takes the filly under her wing.

Several years later, with the impending return of an ancient evil, Luna sends Sonata off to the humble little town of Ponyville, in the hopes that she will be able to learn the true value of the magic of friendship.

But Sonata isn't quite keen on interacting with other ponies. After all, ponies would never accept a singing sea monster as a true friend... right?

First story of the Sonataverse.

Edited by Retirw-Tsitra. Cover art done by Violise.

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Have you ever had one of those days? When your best friend has the brilliant idea of making rope traps for animals to get caught in? And you follow through with it, and end up getting caught in one? And then your stupid brother comes along and begins to tickle you?

Yeah. Scoootaloo's having one of those days.

Just a random EQG story inspired by the cover pic.

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When Sonata Dusk said she had a boyfriend, Aria Blaze expected to be able to tell her how stupid he was and watch as she ran off crying. However, after meeting him, Aria finds herself crushing on him. Thus, she resolves to get them to break up and take Dusk Shine for her own!

Yeah. That's not going to happen.

A story about why trying to steal someone else's boyfriend is a really bad idea.

Featuring two normal characters and one R63 counterpart. No point for guessing who it is. (DuskDusk OTP!)

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When Sonata Dusk tried to return to her home after the Battle Of The Bands, she ended up in the wrong version of Equestria. However, while she didn't find her home, she found somepony willing to help her.

Ever since then, Sonata has been grateful for Dusk Shine's help. And slowly, her feelings for the prince who gave her so much have become deeper and more meaningful than she could ever have imagined. Thus, when a special day for couples to express their love for each other comes around, she resolves to finally declare her feelings for him.

The answer he gives her, however, may surprise her.

Written for Equestria Daily's Super Happy Hearts and Hooves Lovefest Fanfic Event. Coverart by BerryPunchrules (AKA Tennis Match Fan)

DuskDusk OTP!

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This story is a sequel to A Tale of Two Dusks

Dusk Shine has never been particularly interested in making friends. Most of his time has been spent investigating the strange conspiracy theories surrounding Canterlot High, with occasional snark fights with his sister.

However, after meeting Sonata Dusk, he promised to help her out, and he plans to follow through with that promise. But between Dusk's inexperience with the whole "friendship" thing, the mysterious events that tend to occur around Canterlot High School, a pair of sirens who are still on the loose, Sunset's well-meaning but unhelpful friends, a mother who seems intent on welcoming a new member of the family, a bunch of students who are still not quite willing to forgive Sonata, and a girl who sees her as a threat for a very different reason, he feels as if he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Hopefully he'll figure it out. And maybe even discover something greater than friendship.

Reading A Tale Of Two Dusks is not strictly necessary, but it will be helpful!

Also, a big thanks to Tennis Match Fan for the cover pic, as well as for proofreading!

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Defeated by the Rainbooms, Aria and Adagio finally have enough of Sonata Dusk, and banish her from the group with some incredibly harsh words.

Broken and remorseful of her actions, Sonata sits alone at a cafe, wondering what to do with her life. It is there that she meets a boy who might be able to help her. A boy who might allow her to redeem herself for her actions with the Dazzlings.

A boy who kind of resembles one of her former rivals.

Just some silly shipping that I dreamed up because I honestly can't think of anything else. Seriously, writer's block is baaaad.

Also, Dusk Shine X Sonata Dusk = DuskDusk OTP. Don't deny it.

Seriously. Just try to think of a better ship name than DuskDusk. I dare you.

Also, I totally made a group for it. For realzies.

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Not everypony likes colt bands. But Twilight has always loved them. So when she gains her own castle, she turns one of its rooms into a Chamber of Colt Bands.

Will she be able to inaugurate it without any unpleasant surprises?

Written in about half an hour due to writer's block and boy band music. Dedicated to all people (and ponies) who love (or love to hate) boy bands.

Also contains some implied FlashLight.

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