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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.


Twilight gets a visit from a familiar stranger. Except it's not a stranger. It's Twilight, from the future. As future Twilight hangs out with past Twilight, past Twilight comes to a startling realisation... Her future self is kind of a jerk!

Quite obviously blatantly copied from based and expanded from this comic by 1trickpone.

Preread by Chicago Ted, thanks!

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I am so glad right now that this story isn't tagged romance.

'Cause I kind of think I've seen that done before: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/9562/perfect-for-me

I can only imagine future Cadence.

Cadence straddled Shining's groin, the stallion desperately trying to ignore the nye copy of his wife sitting in a chair not far from the two lover's bed.

"...Honey, why is there another you over there?"

"Oh don't mind me, I just like to watch." The mare replied in his wife's voice, the two seeming to share that exact same vivacious smile.

"...Oh that's unsettling."

6958422 *looks at your username* How can such different terms share such similar spellings? :trollestia:

Probably because there is not such a great difference between getting socked and getting shocked in the face. :derpytongue2:

This is when you GET Celestia to GET SOMEONE ELSE to research a way to prevent your future self from invading your time-line. If you did it yourself then your future doppleganger would know and your research would be fruitless. If you asked someone then Future-Twi would know WHO you asked and would be able to stop you, BUT if you ask Celestia then you have asked someone Future-Twi likely can't coerce and you won't know who is doing the research so you won't be able to stop him/her. As bad as it seems you shouldn't research it yourself even independently because that is only giving yourself ammunition.

Paradox: A universal mechanism designed to confuse.

In which, Future Twilight shall take full advantage of.

Looking forward to more.

good story so far... but my plushie brain hurts.. i'mma go lay down..

Sheesh if you want a princess level pony to prank, try Chrysalis, or even Discord.

6959736 nah i think that wouldn't be good in the long run.. i mean it would work but then discord would get pinkie and maybe rainbow then prank you back with twice the prank of what you pranked him with... oh my celestia it would be a never ending prank war.. but then Flutters would come and prank them all.. because it's always the quiet ones you gotta watch out for.. :yay:

also darn you future twilight.. stop bring a meany pants.. :fluttershyouch:

the great times I’ve had there doesn’t hold a candle to Canterl

That analogy is backwards.

Nice story. Can't wait to read more Future-Twilight shenanigans!!!

Have a grinning Pinkie: :pinkiehappy:.

I've yet to read this but I think Twilight's reaction to this is "Oh no... Not again!"

Twilight rubbed her chin thoughtfully, as if the thought hadn’t actually occurred to her. “Oh, really? I thought it was actually quite clever. It played on your fears, I let it carry on for suspense, then I sprung the surprise.” She thought about it longer, then her confusion cleared. “Oh wait, that’s horror, not comedy isn’t it?”

This is amazing.

You should bring out the 'what' counter for how many times Twilight says 'what' in this story.

25 in this chapter, if you count the actual narration.

Tiny typo

that’s the most amusing thing I’ve heard in awhile.

in a while

You future she is an immortal Alicorn Twilight, you've gotten.. eccentric as immortals do.

Wonder if there's something dark here and Future-Twilight is trying to loosen up her past self to prevent some cold and lonely future she ends up in, full of regrets.

“Morning!” she said brightly.
“Morning,” I mumbled, not in the mood to return her cheer. I shuffled to the table and rested my head on it. “Make any for me?”
“Luckily for you, I did, even though I’m not obligated to. You know, because this is also my house, technically.”
“If you’re me, then you know that you are equally responsible for making me breakfast.”
“Only half responsible, and I’ve made half of myself a breakfast, fulfilling my obligation to myself.”
“If I starve to death, then you’ll starve to death.”
“Oh, causality! A tricky trap.”
“So feed me.”
She flicked a dismissive hoof. “You’ll hardly starve.”
“But any discomfort I feel would be your discomfort.”
“Time makes discomfort more bearable. I have a lot of that.”

Wow. Future Twilight would make Discord proud. :rainbowlaugh:

Pfft! Romance? I've written Twilight x Future Twilight, tagged Sex.

...thanks for the warning, I guess.

I loved how yolo-like older twilight is and how she always manages to sett current Twilight off. Well done, dear writer, well done! :rainbowlaugh:

Wait, why was the decorum different?

Decoration. "Decorum" refers to pomp and circumstance. It's a way of behaving in formal situations.

“By erasing my memories, it protects causality and allows me to alter my own past, because essentially I’m not altering the present with my knowledge. I wanted to see if it would actually make a difference to the chronology.”

Causality kinda don't work like dat, bro. Information in the physical sense is structured, ordered change, not knowledge. By moving yourself or anything else to the past, you are spontaneously creating information, even if you don't know it.

6962169 Twilight is using 'information' in a different sense. Loosely, it's just her term for 'foreknowledge'. Knowledge of the future brought to the past is violation in that sense. She's not using strictly physics or metaphysical definitions here, also it's based off a book that's nearly a thousand years old, so, you know, inconsistencies.

For Decorum... I'm just an idiot.

Edit: I probably thought of decor, and just flubbed it up, thanks.

Eh, ok then. It looked to me like it was one of those stories that try to explain magic in real-world physical terms, you know the sort. That always falls kind of flat to me.

I kinda want to see one do this the Dune way sometime. The Golden Path is one of the more interesting paradoxes of foreknowledge in literature, I think.

Comment posted by Kepler deleted Feb 22nd, 2016

There’s a lot you can do with information, but you can’t make it spontaneously appear out of nothing. A closed time loop is forbidden.

That's disproved in "It's About Time". Future Twilight told past Twilight where the time spells were, but she knew that because, when she was past Twilight, future Twilight told her that. Twilight's knowledge of time spells only came about because of Twilight's knowledge of time spells.

Still, that's a pretty minor issue, and this IS an AU fic. Let's just say time travel works differently in this fic and enjoy it.

well this looks interesting.

I'm so glad I learned long ago that when it comes to discussing time travel, it's best not to totally focus on it as that just leads to migraines and confusing the likes of which have rarely been seen.

just accept it, don't question it and move on.

and I have caught up to the author. damnit, onto tracking you little story.

With a groaning moan like the castle was laboriously shifting the stone itself, a hidden passageway opened up.

“H-How did you know about this?”

"Because Future Twilight led me to it and showed me, duh!"

How do you keep yourself safe from yourself?

It's pretty difficult no doubt, but it can be done, it's not impossible.

The key is to find ways to protect and save yourself that not even you could ever overcome.

...It's the "ever" part that might be a pretty high place to aim tho, so start with basic insurance and then just move yourself up...

and up...

for as long as you have to...


This definitely caught my attention. I don't know why exactly, but I love the thought of a younger version of a character thinking the older version is a jerk and, well, just not getting along with herself.

Pretty interesting so far, and my only regret is that I caught up to the current chapter too soon.

Always have a backup, even for yourself.

Specially for yourself


I knew myself. It was my future-self that was throwing doubts about my own self-perception. Unfair. I mean, I’m not that uptight, am I? I stole another glance at myself as she grinned at me.

Sabotaging your past self?

Now this is like...

Which leads to...

Gosh, I hope that it's not what you are planning on doing here. D:


Why doesn't she just kill her future self if she is angering her?

She's only just killing herself, it's not a crime.

Kill yourself Twilight. :trollestia:

6964762 D: That would escalate quickly in an E rated fic.

I can't believe present Twilight hasn't figured out what's going on yet. It's pretty clear why future Twilight has come back.

“That’s… quite extensive,” she commented, her gaze raking critically over my formulas and hypotheses.

“Thank you Princess, I haven’t had time to build it scale or have it painted…”

Celestia smiled in amusement. “It’s fine, Twilight.”

Back to the Future reference, anypony? :pinkiehappy:

I hate closed time loops so much, you don't even know. Seriously. They're the ultimate in cheap, lazy plotting. They don't need any explanation or reason, they just happen ex nihilo, kind of by definition. I've seriously never seen it done well before. It always ends up being contrived and railroaded. The best thing you can really do is play it for humor, like in this one.

I really hope the note is mostly gibberish

Would I be like that when I discovered how to time travel?


Future Twilight is making herself a better princess of friendship by altering the past. Still think that note is going to be gibberish

Was tempted to end it with 'But nobody came', but that would have been egregious.


No, it wouldn't.

Also the spell is a different one since not limited to once and only for one minute

Oh no, only two chapters left T_T.

Aww, poor Twilight. Both of them.

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