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Twilight has just gone through eye surgery, and needs to recover. Which means her eyes are covered and she can't see. Without anything to do, she can only wish she could read a new book she's been reading. And somepony is there to grant that wish.

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Comments ( 17 )

Let the d'awww-ness commence! :heart::twilightsmile:

I'm interested...KEEP WRITING :pinkiehappy:

Very cute too.

This was short and sweet. I love it! :heart: Super cute!

A very sweet story. Great job.

Aww this is a nice story

Short, sweet, delivers the Dawws on a schedule and avoids being to saccharine. Quite a good FlashLight story, and I suppose it's greedy to want some more.

Very sweet.

Lol this is the first time I ran into this story for the first time in 5 months

Aw... that was so cute:twilightsmile:

ohhhhhh, Its sooo cute :heart:

Holy hell, that was adorable.

On a scale of 1-10, what is this story's Cuteness Level?

Probably around Baby Fluttershy levels.

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