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Flash has a close encounter with who he assumes is the Twilight he already knows. But this one is a little bit different than the princess of friendship.

The cover art is a cropped version of this lovely comic right here.

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I don't mind a Flashlight fic, as long as it's done well. I don't mind Flashlight in general. So have a like. (Savor this moment before the inevitable downvotes.)

Cute! I liked it! TO BE CONTINUED IN EQUESTRIA GIRLS 3!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

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All ships are accepted here :ajsmug:
For this is FimFiction.net :moustache:
If Rainbow can be shipped with a chair then Flashlight deserves a chance :rainbowdetermined2:

Let me just applaud you on A: Making Flash likable as he deserves to be, (I don't hate him but I am disappointed in his canon lack of personality) B: Having the guts to write and post a FlashLight fic, and C: Writing a good FlashLight fic. Excellent work!

6104205 I agree. I applaud anyone who has guts to post a Flashlight story here.

I may not like or support Flashlight, and probably never will, but this was a cute read. :pinkiesmile: Out of pure curiosity, why do you like it?

6104469 i think its cute. Plus when Twilight gets all blushy around him and twirls her hair its super adorkable. :rainbowkiss:

GAH that was too cute need to see the next chapter...wait...WHAT DO YOU MEAN COMPLETE!:flutterrage: Oh well too bad:ajsleepy:
What a good thing I decided to follow you or else I wouldn't have found this. I was wondering when someone would do a fic of this comic.

Huh. I honestly thought Human Twilight would be a cynic. Still an adorable fic though. :pinkiehappy:

Flash's eyes shifted back to Twilight's receding back and noticed she was still blushing. He smirked. "Nah. It's alright. I have a feeling I'll be seeing her again."
Little did he know she was still blushing.

Wait... What?

Thanks for the ice cream," She said gerting up.


I wasn't looking were I was..."


Alright, I'll take you up on thag offer.

Sorry about all this, it's my OCD:twilightblush:
Now, even though my least liked ship is FlashLight, this was cute enough to be acceptable. Coming from you, I didn't expect less. Keep writing good fics like this one.

Except of course THIS Twilight Sparkle thinks friendship is a waste of time, and has had that attitude 5 years longer than pony Twilight had it.

Always with the bumping into each other. Couldn't he have seen her scribbling down notes in Sugarcube corner, or the library and been like, OMG Twilight, when did you get back? Still a cute story anyway.

Twilight's blush intensified. "I-It's not like that!" She snapped. Adjusting her glasses, she huffed, "Just forget it!"

Literally the most anime, tsundere line I've ever heard.

We need more Flashlight on this site, almost as much as we need a better name for their ship. Man, I loved this story!

With maybe a few changes I could see Hasbro making a similar story.. :twilightblush::twilightoops::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

Sweet. I'm neutral about their whole relationship. This was great.

I like to think that people are starting to warm up to Flashlight and Flash Sentry in general. It's still an long uphill battle, but everyone who shows their support counts.

I am not the biggest flashlight fan, but the thought of flash with twilights counterpart... I'd ship them.

I'm all for keeping fresh batteries in the Flashlight, :derpytongue2:

noticed she was still blushing.

Little did he know she was still blushing.

You seem to have made an error, sir.

Uotapo's artwork has a habit of inspiring fanfiction. :pinkiehappy: Nice work on this.

6105710 I wish but I still see plenty of people against it...oh well...

6105710 Human!Flash and Human!Twilight, sure

H!Flash and Pony!Twilight, no

But, everyone is entitled to their own canon

hold up..... I can feel the tsundere kick in!!!!!!

Tsundere Twilight is best Twilight :rainbowkiss:

Also, we need more FlashLight stories, so kudos :twilightsmile:


6106944 Well who knows, if people like write as many good stories as we can, maybe we'll be able to change their minds.


I don't hate him but I am disappointed in his canon lack of personality

I agree. Like him or hate, the franchise definitely needs to develop him more. I have my own ideas for that, but let's see if the next movie comes through for us.

Flashlight is fine with me as long as it's well written. And honestly I've never understood the hate for Flash Sentry.

6107251 I'm really looking forward to Friendship Games, both for that and other reasons. :twilightsmile:

6107239 I would like that.

6104181 when did that happen:rainbowderp:

Flash deserves better from the fandom. I'm glad this story has more upvotes than down votes. And it is absolutely adorable. A few spelling errors, but nothing more than that.

6104205 I never really understood why he got so much hate. Sure, he lacked personality and was only there to be a highschool crush, but why so much hate?

6107816 Envy, his general Brad-ness, rampant fear that the show's quality was going down the drain, etc. 2013 was not a happy time for bronies in general, and EQG just fanned the flames that Princess Twilight started. :applejackunsure: I disagree with it, but I understand it to a certain extent.

6107816 It was mostly the stereotype it fell into. A show with {in many opinions, fairly well-rounded characters} falling into something so blatantly ignorant {a personality-less nobody there for the sheer purpose of a romantic interest, and a bad one at that}, or something of that nature. And of course there are some people who are just mad that Twilight had any form of romantic interest, whether because they felt {myself among them} that it was absolutely pointless and hurt the concept as a whole or because they just don't like the thought of their Twilight being interested in anyone that isn't them.

I... must be misunderstanding something. You write twice in a row, basically, that he notices that she's still blushing. Is that a typo, or... What am I not getting? She's walking away, reading, noticing she's blushing, makes one comment to his friend, and you note that he notices her blushing, as if he hadn't noticed last sentence. Just... what?

6108614 i know I'm gonma fix that

"Hey, how did you know my favorite flavor was vanilla?" Twilight asked, digging in. Her eyebrows were knitted, but she sounded more curious than creeped out.

Flash shrugged with a smile. "Well, I had a hunch."

"A hunch?" She repeated, raising a suspecting brow.

"...are you saying I'm boring?"

"N-no" said Flash, unconvincingly

Tears streamed down Twilight's eyes. "Get out! I never want to see you again! I'm going to date Sunset Shimmer now!"


>Go back one scene
>Start from beginning

6108807 How could Sunlight ever be a bad ending?:duck:

Some of the fans love Flashlight and some hate it. I'm one to lean towards the love side of it.

Great story :)
I was wondering when someone did something like this :pinkiesmile:

Hey look, Mythrilmoth got me to support Flash and Twilight, so I don't have a problem. This was adorable, and I totally want Flash to get Twilight.

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