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This story is a sequel to Expulsion

Sonata Dusk, once lost and unsure, is living proof that people can change. When she realizes how hard it is to make amends and regain the respect of her peers, she will make an attempt to do some good, so the students of Canterlot High could see who she really is.

Setting up a café sounds like a great start.

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Hello and welcome to Icebreaker!

First and foremost, I'd like to thank all who read Expulsion, to which this story is a sequel. Without your support in form of kind comments (and other, slightly more numerical values), I would've never decided to continue the adventures of Sonata Dusk and Sunset Shimmer at Canterlot High. Alas, this is how it's going to be - I give you a two-parter sequel exploring the humanverse and the characters within!

The reasons behind writing this fic are twofold. First is to give you more about dusky shimmers, obviously. Second is to establish some characters, places, and relations in my take on CHS which I'd be interested in discovering in the future. Sort of a harbor from which any future fic may set sails. No promises, though.

Other than than, have fun! :twilightsmile:

serving so awesome foodstuffs


Good start. The more enjoyable RR-inspired stories there are, the happier I am.

Oh this is good. :pinkiehappy: Realy good.
Finaly a story whit EG Zecora.

This chapter, I like it. :pinkiehappy: ANOTHER!

Mrs. Zecora is married?

You've caught my attention. Nice touch, making Zecora a biology teacher. It works perfectly.

I felt that making every female teacher at CHS a "Miss" would be a bit far-fetched. She's likely older than your average MLP character, so why not? Perhaps she's come from her homeland to pursue the American However-the-EG-universe-is-called Dream?

It's surprising how many characters from Equestria translate well into the school grounds. It's not far from a herbalist/mentor to a biology teacher I suppose, though I don't know if I could keep up with a rhymed lecture about amoeba reproduction.

Actually, I indented to have her say "so awesome foodstuffs". Unless there's some horrible breaking of grammar rules of which I'm not aware?

Ah, that's the effect you're going for. I think the word you want, then, is "really."

looks like it could be a enjoyable friendly story, i hope to see where it goes :)

A sequel?! Yes!

Floor it Zecora! We've got a school to fund!

I have heard that writing Zecora is hell. I do not envy you trying to make her a major character.

Thanks! :yay: Another chapter, which will be also the final one, will land this evening (and since the concept of evening is pretty subjective, I say 10-11 hours from now).

Gotcha, thanks for the tip.

Or she could be a widow and chose to retain the "Mrs.". Let me put it this way - I won't be stating her status explicitly in the story itself, but my headcanon is that she is, indeed, married. To whom? I honestly have no idea.

Friendly is what I'm aiming with this one. Nothing groundbreaking, I suppose, only expanding on the world a little.

Thank you kindly, it's appreciated! :raritywink: I believe that Zecora, and many other characters known from Equestria can be placed reasonably within this humanverse.

You're correct, Chaotie, this is indeed a sequel! :rainbowwild:

Loved the first chapter and I eagerly await more! :twilightsmile:

This is already off to an interesting start!
I can't wait to see the inspector's reaction to CHS.

Vroom-vroom! I have a question for you: what do you think, what kind of car Zecora has?
Food for thought! :raritywink:

For me it's mostly sitting with resources on rhymes and hoping that words I need exist in English. It's definitely fun and refreshing from usual writing, though.

5312079 I'd guess a jeep. If not that, then a minivan or a prius. Very different options I know, Jeep because she lives in a forest in Equestria, and the others because she's a teacher.

5310959 Huzzah, my wishes have been answered! :rainbowwild:

They both knew there would never be anything between them, ever.

Sure sign that they'll be getting back together.:rainbowkiss:

Octavia and Bulk Biceps? *writes ship down*

“So far there hasn’t been a day with lesser attendance,” Celestia replied.


Definitely a satisfactory ending. I can't decide if I like this or Dune Goddess more. That's... That's a difficult decision. Hmmm.

That's all for my humanverse endeavors for now, folks!


starring Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer

>Sunset Shimmer
You're forgiven.

Well, who else enjoyed this?
Because I did.

Yay for a new start for Sonata! And yay for a new student hangout.

Oh. my. gosh. My freshman biology was named Mrs. Zee. She was all I could think of as I was reading this fic. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm proud to announce that I had a satisfactory wakeup today.


I'm totally making a blog post for that occasion, because it's the first time a story of mine has landed in the Feature Box. Thank you kindly for your support! :raritywink:

What a coincidence! Was she a good teacher for you?

Last time I checked there was not even a single story on FiMFiction with both Bulk Biceps and Octavia tags. SOMEONE WRITE ABOUT THEM ALREADY!

5312590 5312664
I think I'd go with a jeep. Thanks for the input, my headcanon on human Zecora is becoming clearer!

Regarding your other comment: no, that's clearly a situation in which they will never be interested in each other, totally and absolutely undeniably. Because young people are so skilled in choosing on whom they have a crash. :heart:

My four most recent stories have Sunny in them. It just sort of happened. :twilightsheepish:

I definitely enjoyed writing the thing - does it count? :twilightsmile:

Hopefully their hangout will last longer than the tea room I had in my school. Our principal wasn't that supportive!

Well, she didn't lie, did she? :scootangel:

Ask, and thou shall be given, or something along these lines.

Cannot wait to read more!

5314433 That definitely counts!

Damn, CMC, you sneaky! And Flash Sentry not being useless? Wow! :twilightsmile: Very nice ending too.

Yeah, I see what you did there at the end of the letter, and the level of approve is at 11. ;)

there was no sub-species of humans

I find that cute, given that modern humans are a subspecies (Homo sapiens sapiens, as opposed to our dead cousins Homo sapiens idaltu.)

Arms, legs, fingers, nails, they were all so interesting!

Fingers, toes and tiny noses
Brownish hair and tannish skin!

Gossip Bridler
Sweet Elitist

I see what you did there. Love the rest of the names too. :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if there's a herbal infusion against fever named the Magical Mystery Cure. :p


That takes longer to type on my phone then the two swipes for principal Venezia.
I mean princess Celsius.
Err... Well you know the one.

updating Sonata.

But she's already at version 2.0. :P

By the time she sent it she walked into someone.

It's hard not to suspect he's standing in the way on purpose by now.

Rumor has it he had a gateway to another dimension in there, and while Sunset found little credence in such claim, she was from a different world herself, so who was she to judge? Besides, she never had any problems with Good Ol’ Janitor Discord.

Now I'm picturing him as a mixture of Discord and the Twelfth Doctor.

Mrs. Harshwhinny




Professor Sombra.


“So far there hasn’t been a day with lesser attendance,” Celestia replied.


Would it be too much to ask
Yes, Lyra, it's too much so shut up and get a job already!

Also, so many comments! :pinkiegasp:
First off, I also have a feeling that Flash Sentry is lurking just around the corner so someone walked into him already. Perhaps it's his secret pick up technique? As for Sunset, she obviously programmed the word "Princelly" into her mobile after someone thought she was called on the carpet to Pretzel Celebrant.

So you say you've thought of Sombra as math guy? Interesting. I thought he'd make a good chemistry teacher, but perhaps he'd be the chosen one to make trigonometry interesting.

Celestia, trolling government representatives from time immemorial. :trollestia:

These are the exact words Sonata - reading yet another book on anthropology she borrowed from the school library - said to Sunset when the latter pondered about the longevity of Principal Celestia. Then, Sunset threw a pillow at her.

That's a pretty high level I suppose! In RR Sunset proved that she also gets the magic of friendship, perhaps even better than she realizes.

CMC are the A-Team of this world, only that they're too young and not everyone takes them seriously. Give them a couple of years, though, then EXPLOSIONS! :rainbowwild:

As for Flash, the trick is to have him as far from Twilight Sparkle as possible, otherwise people get mad. Other than that, he might be an interesting male character for the purpose of fanfiction, as in the movies he's rather monodimensional.

Its genius! A story where super brony waifu #1 and super brony waifu #2 start a cafe together! You clever boy/girl you!
My one nitpick in this story is that sonata dosnt seem as funny or cute with her stupidity and antics as in rainbow rocks, and thats what made her so popular. This story seems to treat her stupidity in a more serious light, and while thats a fine route, doing what was done so well in Rainbow Rocks would likely appeal to all the sonata fanatics reading this fiction.

I know what you mean. I often try to look deeper into a character and may end treating them as more serious. For example, in the RR scene where Sonata says she added too much grape juice to the fruit punch, most people will notice her silliness due to the fact she's holding a bottle of apple juice. What I saw in that scene was that Sonata, barely a student at CHS, has made a contribution to the event by preparing said punch, most likely all by herself.

That's the science behind her portrayal here. :raritywink:

Thanks! It's appreciated! :pinkiehappy:

I'm sure you've noticed by now, but the story is marked as complete.
Just letting you know so you don't wait in vain! :twilightsmile:

5324838 Yeah I did notice, I am kinda disappointed the story ended in 2 chapters because it has so much potential for more :twilightsmile:

Thank you for saying that. These 7k-ish words were as far as I could get without forcing it or coming up with a large-scale plot (because of other time-consuming projects). But writing humans was a nice exercise and I'll happily return to CHS when I get a chance.

"...Sunset had never been of a patient kind. In fact her impatience was one of the reasons she had parted ways with her old mentor..."

Indeed! The Fall of Sunset Shimmer short was the main reason I liked Sunset after her disappointing redemption by the end of the first EQG. I'm so glad RR fixed that.

5318062 And our other cousins, Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, who we ended up interbreeding with and of who we still have some DNA.

Then again, Sonata isn't exactly the kind of person who'd consider these as subspecies.

Except that the jury is still out as to whether neanderthals should be H. neanderthalis or H. s. neanderthalis. My guess is the latter given the ability to interbreed easy, but I'm not an expert, nor do I play one on TV.

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