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Queen Chrysalis is a very busy monarch.

Not only is she going to expand her Hive's possibilities by signing a Cultural Exchange Treaty with Equestria, but she's also working on a duplicating spell that will allow her to create a perfect assistant for herself - which is, by the way, strictly forbidden and frowned upon by the Equestrians and in several other, supposedly civilized nations. So it's for the best that they wouldn't find out, right?

And just when you thought that Twilight Sparkle is the only magic user capable of casting a spell which 'accidentally' turns your world upside down... Chrysalis is there to prove that she is no worse.

Warning: please refrain yourself from reading the comments before the story, because spoilers!

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 116 )

Hello and welcome to Cheersalis!

I came up with this silly idea in the shower, so please don't treat it too seriously. In short, it is a package with my headcanon on changelings, their society, naming convention and customs, conveniently wrapped with [Slice of Life] motives and some dose of randomness. It also contains some worldbuilding... and a one of two deceiving twists. It's a story about Queen Chrysalis, after all!

Once again, please don't overthink it - I simply needed to vent the changeling infestation off my system before returning to my current flagship. Enjoy!


Bad Twilight.

Civilizations is not a good role model for how you're supposed to treat other countries!

Even if the Culture Victory is the most benevolent of the possible ways to 'win', you still shouldn't deliberately try to make another country that was obviously already functioning quite well(at least in this fic) the same as yours!

IT'S JUST AT 9000!!!!

okay, on read later list.

Looks to be a fun read.

They planted it... I guess mess with the ponies, they fight back with friendship... But damn! The Griffons are next.

It could have been worse, I guess - they could employ Gandhi's benevolent nukes!
*Twilight Sparkle has completed SS Booster*
Thanks for reading!

First the changelings, then the griffons... then the entire world! :derpyderp1:

I was expecting changeling Cheerilee

What a twist, good one. Didn't think that it will be so well done fic.

This old custom was supposed to be a gesture of respect towards the ever-changing nature of the changelings, and Twilight had probably dig it up somewhere in one of her many libraries.
had probably dig it up
Please take a look at this sentence.
Otherwise, really good story! The only thing I disapproved off was advertisement method. But whatever, it led me to a good tale. I especially liked your portrayal of the Hive. There are so many interesting concepts of it, yet very few are thought out well. Yours had its flaws, but was pretty decent nevertheless.

Somehow, that duplicate has all the worst aspects of Pinkie Pie and Discord's personality mixed in.

"By Deception Thou Shalt Make War" -- Motto of The Maressad, the Equestrian secret intelligence service :twilightsmile:

So, is this a bit of cultural imperialism or simply trying to influence the Changelings onto a less-harmful path without all the trouble of a huge invasion and a costly occupation that could last generations? Either way, it's smart. However, I do hope that the ponies do not destroy the unique aspects of the Changelings' culture in their attempt to shoehorn them into their culturally-specific concept of 'harmony'.

Add one word please.
Anywhere.....( there are 9000 words in this fic..... Make the reference. :rainbowwild: )

I intentionally left if at exactly 9k in order not to make the reference. :rainbowwild:

That Friendship Duplicate Spell, FTW.


It would seem that the Friendship Duplicate Spell that we dropped into the hooves of Queen Chrysalis’ oblivious agents was performed, even if she was trying to hide it behind her foreseeable deceit. I am certain that the duplicate introduced as ‘Cheersalis’ will bring the Magic of Friendship into their Hive. I believe that with a proper ‘encouragement’ from the cultural exchange program the changelings will develop a harmonized structure just as we calculated. Note: now that we’ve acquired more luminite crystals we should perfect the spell formula before bringing the Harmonica Initiative to the Griffin Kingdom.

You know, this makes it sound rather dark and mindrapey... until you consider what they are actually doing... which is just throwing a Pinkie at them.:derpytongue2:

:twilightsmile: "Oh hey there! You looked bored and grumpy so we got you a Pinkie! 'Kay bai nao!"

Technically, yes, it's just like Pinkie-fying the Hive. But is it morally right of the ponies to intervene behind the scenes like that, even if they consider it harmless or even proper? Food for thought. :raritywink:

4022784 ... They don't have to keep her. Chrysalis could just kill Cheeralis if having her morally dubious cloning project be really happy and upbeat is such a major problem for them.:trixieshiftright:

Loving that cover art. That alone warrants a read! Will do as soon as I get that pic!

“I will go deal… with myself.”

Chrysalis, see? You ARE funny!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I think throwing a Pinkie Pie in is brilliant! And I haven't even reached the part you're talking about yet!:twilightsmile:

Read to the end. I personally think that, despite the Princesses being responsible, just like of Twilight's spells, the whole 'love is magic' plan will backfire, as no matter which way you cut this brick of cheese, Cheersalis is still a Changeling. Yeah, she might spread love throughout the hive, but that will probably just result in lots of lazy Changelings.

Some of my OCs might learn a thing from Cheersalis, you know...

On average, the Princesses' plans (Twilight included) backfire, like, ninety percent of the time. So who knows what will the next day bring to those huggable changelings? Changes, that's for sure.

Thanks for giving this a read, and thanks for the follow! :raritywink:

You have an excellent record.
And Chrysalis. The doubling is always nice.

ooooo. Worldbuilding.

Orangey is crashing in next, I presume?

I am amused at how the Ponies are quick to use magic of questionable morality on other species to get them to conform to their ideals.

I know, right? Sneaky little ponies are the worst! :twilightangry2:
Thanks for giving the story a read!

Wow, I knew ponies were arseholes, but this is too much. I think i should start recruiting changelings to try and take over Equestria again...

Protip: attempts to "take over Equestria" will give you guys bad press. Try "fighting for equal rights" instead, and we'll be drinking cocktails in Canterlot in no time! :raritywink:

4541485 but the ponies snuck in and tampered with the queens books for their own benefits. I'm not sure equal rights covers that.

Neema and Rayya? Oh you!!!! Mass effect references? Nar Rayya Nar Neema? Hehe...

Wait... The ending sound really fucked up for a comedy... I think this initiative... Is scary.

Hello and thanks for the fav! :raritywink:

Indeed, the names of the brides are ME references. I don't know, I was looking for short name-like words, preferably with a doubled letter, and I kinda remembered the Quarians and their Migrant Fleet.

As for the ending, I fear that Twilight's ongoing mission to teach everypony about friendship might have gotten out of hand...

Comment posted by Lord Destrustor deleted Aug 3rd, 2014

Wow, that ending sure made things instantly terrifying...

Oh, but how can the noble act of bringing the magic of friendship to every corner of the world be terrifying? Unsettling, perhaps, but I'm sure that the Princesses will make sure everyone to feel great! Who needs freedom, anyway... when you have safety? :trollestia::twilightsheepish:

Thanks for giving the story a read!

Sorry for the double comment.

Great story, although I´m concerned about the methods to spread the magic of friendship. This seems so devious but also effective. It is obviously that this methods are a part of equestrian diplomacy at least into this universe, but if all conflicts are solved like this- to a certain degree with deviousness - what will happen when one nation find out what really happened? Would the gryphons pleased to be tricked like this?

BTW: Very good world building.

Thanks for giving it a read! :twilightsmile:

No nation would be happy if they found out that somepony's messing with their internal affairs. The question is, will they ever find out? I'm pretty sure that Celestia, having a 1000+ years of experience in leading a nation, is not going to slip that easily, especially when paired with our super-organized-and-rarely-wrong Twilight Sparkle. Truly, dark times are upon the world with the magic of friendship knocking on its doors!

I'm glad that you've enjoyed these world building bits. They were the whole reason behind writing the story in the first place.

Comment posted by JEFFERY8U deleted Sep 20th, 2014

This made the Repo Man happy:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


Changelings are essentially genderless

Should be sexless. Sex is physiological. Gender is psychological.

“Aw, don’t be like that, Chryssi!” the other changeling replied from up high. “Can I call you Chryssi? It has such a nice jingle to it, just say it with me! Chry-ssi... Chryssssi. Chryssi!” she giggled. “Hear it. Taste it. Smell it!”

"On some rare occurrences the copy might get mixed with Time Lord essence, and act somewhat like The Doctor." :coolphoto:

curiously enough, such description would classify ‘love’ as a drug in Equestria and few other nations.

Sooo... the invasion of canterlot was technically a drug war? :trollestia:

“Maybe,” the other one said, taking the same pondering look on her face. “We may never know.”

Y'know, unless someone reads the end of that line in the book :rainbowlaugh:

“Would you trust yourself?”

“Of course not.”

Ah. I think that this is where we touch upon the core of the problem :rainbowlaugh:

One remark:
> We may never know,” she pointed up towards the Spire.
These two pieces totally don't belong together, so you shouldn't write them like a "s/he said" construction. Just end the quote on a period and start the next part with a capital letter.

Hee. Worldbuilding, and Twilight being Twilight. Nice! :twilightsmile:

“I would like you to meet... uh... Cheersalis, who came from a faraway Hive Dontask reigned by the Queen Dontell. You probably never heard of either, but that’s okay. Don’t worry.”

Yeeah, looks like both are exactly equally skilled in lies and deceit. About as convincingly as Chrysalis played Cadance in Canterlot :rainbowlaugh:

It would seem that the Friendship Duplicate Spell that we dropped into the hooves of Queen Chrysalis’ oblivious agents was performed

Pffhah. You insidious bastards. Did NOT see that coming :rainbowlaugh:

Remarks and corrections:
> Sorry I’m late by the reception down there was awesome!
Shouldn't that be "[but] the reception down there"?
> drinking the bevarege extremely slowly

So many comments! :pinkiehappy:

Indeed, the changeling invasion was supposed to be a hostile takeover of the worlds' most efficient love factory! Sadly it failed, because Chrysalis skipped a couple of Cadance 101 classes.
Thanks for dropping by, thanks for pointing out the mistakes, and I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed the twist at the end!

I'm sorry, but; WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN! :flutterrage:

when did Chrysalis wanted peace with Equestria, I'm not agenst it I just want to know when this came to pass.:applejackconfused:

Hi, here's your clarification! :raritywink:
This happens a few years into the future of what we know from the series. I can best describe such point as "Chrysalis got wiser and is bored with conquest" and "Twilight is used to her role of a Princess, and has more equal relations with Celestia than just student-mentor type".

Chapter 1 (One-shot)

I see four chapters, mister! :trixieshiftleft:

This can only end in tears.

Oh boy. I do enjoy shenanigans.

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