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Things Chrysalis dislikes: winter, sports, winter sports and, above all, being bested by Celestia at winter sports. But when your trusty advisor says it's high time you took a day off, you do what she says, even if her idea of a vacation spot turns out to be a ski resort at Equestria's absolute north.

Welcome to Clarity Peak. Enjoy your stay!

You may benefit from reading Cheersalis first.

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Hello and welcome to Snowboardling!

It seems that winter brings out my inner changeling yet again, because much like with Cheersalis last January, today I'm coming with this little fic. As mentioned in the long description, you may benefit from reading said story before this one because Queen Chrysalis and her trusty assistant have appeared there first BUT I think you'll be fine either way (they also appear in The Queen and I series by SoloBrony if you're interested).

It should be noted that this fic came to be only because I stumbled on its current cover made by Xain-Russel. Be sure to support him as well!

Enjoy the story! :twilightsmile:

What else can I say?


That was fun, Chrysalis should do this more often. I hope to see more of Iqqel and Chrysalis after what happened in Cheersalis and this, keep it up, Prane. :raritywink:

to prove their overground competition

I think you want to say *prove to their

“I remind you’re on holiday as well.

*you you're

Chrysalis never understood why would anyone get so fascinated about the snowflakes

*anyone would

In the end, Chrysalis thanked for the gift

*thanked her

I followed you for your Sunset stuff, but man, this changeling stuff is pretty great, too.

I liked this immensely. Iqqel is just adorable and amazing, and I'd like to be her friend.
She is best assistant.

This slope is going to be perfect...

HA! Once again the inferiority of those abominable ponies (and the accursedly creepy reindeer decor) has been proven for all to see! Surely the generosity of our most benevolent and wise and tyrannical Queen has been demonstrated by allowing us to witness the sublime glory of her utterly dominating the accursed and most definitely not beautiful Princess in the act of winter domination sports!


She gone? Good. Someling get me one of those little bubbly milkshakes. I'm on thin ice here bug, need something to calm down with. She gloating already? Ugh, better than being squashed by a dinner buffet I guess...

So you're saying the story brought a smile to your face? I guess my job is done here! :yay:

I wonder what would she say to that...
Chrysalis: "More holiday? Most certainly not! I shall now lock myself in my study to rest my mind after our last expedition. Iqqel, I'm banning the snow from existing. Everywhere. See to it."

Employing hotfixes... done! :twilightsmile:
I'm glad I could interest you with my take on changelings as well!

5434451 Yep that is what I imagine she would say, hopefully we see more of those two. :pinkiehappy:

Ok, dropping in from "I just want a comment" group, hoping for one on Tales of a Hidden World in return :twilightsmile:

Now for the story. First, let me say, though I initially started reading it for selfish reasons, I actually did enjoy it a lot. And better still, it seems to be a part of a bigger storyline :pinkiehappy:

Chrysalis is different from her canon portrayal, but that's a given - she needs to be for the story to be possible. Still you manage to make her petty enough that we can love (or love to hate) her. And the assistant is just great. If she was the main character, she might be a Mary Sue, but as a foil to Chrysalis, she is just what the story needs.

One minor mistake, I think:

to gain vial mutual cooperation and trust

via ?

That was verily awesome and the Trixie cameo was not too shabby either.

Glad to hear that you found little Lili-Iqqel interesting! You can always count on her to appear at her Queen's side in need.

You have a heart of a true changeling! Here's your imaginary bubbly milkshake for your devotion!


This slope is going to be perfect
The kind of slope on which I'll prove once and for all
Everypony will come and see
Celestia's glory ceases to be
For there's no better snowboardling than me!

Or something in that fashion. :twilightsheepish:

Such grace! Such skill! When Chrysalis sees it she'll declare skateboarding the national sport in the Hive! :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for dropping by! Indeed, my take on changelings and Chrysalis makes them rather silly, but lovable'n'huggable creatures nonetheless. Not a big fan of tyrants here! Also, good catch with that vial, it's fixed now. Still, if pride can be liquid, perhaps cooperation and trust can be as well. :pinkiegasp:

I'll give you story a read. Not sure when exactly, but I'm adding it to my Read Later list now.

Good to hear that! It definitely helped me making the scene less technical and more alive.

I have to say that I loved everything about this story!
Good work, Prane!

Thank you! Writing grumpy Chrysalis sure was fun to me! :twilightsmile:

“I’m ready to go. If there’s anything else you need me to do, please say so.”

Shut up, Iqqel. You're on vacation. You don't need to ask her what to do :rainbowwild:

The changeling bowed and headed towards the ski lifts, while Chrysalis mustered all of her self-control not to knock the reindeer over. She looked around, took a breath of cold winter air, then crushed the nut under her hoof with a loud crack of excessive force, leaving but a sad, broken shell unfit for anything. She scattered the pieces in front of the now forever noseless reindeer which stood stoic despite the reprehensible crime it just witnessed.

Tsk. First invasion, now littering? At least eat the nut after you crack it! :pinkiegasp:

Chrysalis never understood why anyone would get so fascinated about the snowflakes, these silent, face-stabbing daggers which just waited to prick your cheeks or melt all over you. They had no value whatsoever, there was no practical application for them, and their blinding shine was unbearable. Come to think of it, the snow was a flawed concept overall.

Snowdrop: "H-hey! Shut up! I worked really hard on those!" :applecry:

Chrysalis looked over the railings. How hard would she have to throw Celestia to break that safety net, again?

She has wings, you know :rainbowwild:

“Aren’t you little worried that some foreign force will benefit from such state of things?”

"Nah. I juggle the sun around. They know that if I say I'll move heaven and earth to keep my ponies safe, I'm totally not exaggerating." :trollestia:

“Hey, don’t I know you from the newspapers? Wasn’t your hair orange?”

Uh-oh :rainbowlaugh:

She took a sip, once again making sure the reindeer was facing the other way. A pleasurable warmth filled her, spiced by delicious love energy she savored with a silent hiss.

Heh. "Made with love"! They can tell if it's true or not :pinkiehappy:

Chrysalis nodded back. “Hello there. Anything to report?”

The only correct response to that is "No, I'm on vacation." But of course Iqqel would never say that :facehoof:

“I assure you that I am, in fact, having fun,” Chrysalis replied

You're not fooling anyone, you know :rainbowlaugh:

Chrysalis’ eyes went wide. “Two planks, each with a will of its own, aiming to tear you in half by the time you touch them? Are you so keen on getting a new employer?”

“No! Never! I mean, not even in a thousand years, my Queen,” Iqqel replied

These two have a lovely, lovely dynamic :rainbowlaugh:

She twisted her board, the rear end hitting a fir reindeer and sending it flying.

She's a fast learner, with the right motivation :rainbowlaugh:

Remarks and corrections:
> a steady income of love for the Spawning Polls
I assume that should be "Spawning [Pools]"?
> but the atmosphere got better of her.
"got [the] better of her"
> then gloated over approaching Celestia
This sounds like she's gloating over her own act of "approaching Celestia". Might be better to say "gloated over [the] approaching Celestia"

First off, I love the way you comment, Nyerguds! It's always great to relieve some of the high points of the story and receive immediate feedback about what somebody thought upon reading them. Also, thanks for pointing out the mistakes!

She has wings, you know :rainbowwild:

She knows, but she takes great joy in her little acts of defiance nonetheless.

Heh. "Made with love"! They can tell if it's true or not :pinkiehappy:

That's the problem with the ponies, y'know? Whatever they do they generate way too much love energy and pollute the well-balanced ecosystem. Fortunately we have changelings, the brave denizens of the deep who can actually make use of all this love. Without them, Equestria would collapse under its own positiveness.

These two have a lovely, lovely dynamic :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for saying that. You can count on that whenever I'll be writing about Chrysalis, Iqqel will be around somewhere.


First off, I love the way you comment, Nyerguds!

Hey, I wrote some stories too; I know what kind of comments I'd like to get :raritywink:

(and yay, Iqqel!)

After reading this story. I am honestly considering animating it...

That would be great. I have no experience in creating animation but if I could be of any help feel free to message me.

5728267 Might take a year to get this done

I understand, of course. No pressure. If you'll pull this off then it's great. If not - it's also okay. I guess what I'm trying to say is that at this point I'm just happy you've enjoyed the story! :raritywink:

5730123 Consider it an animated review. Me reviewing it while have animated stuff in it. But hey, you don't expect people to pull that off in 1 day. Unless they are a god

She then fluttered her wings and performed a mirthful pirouette with a silly smile adorning her face.

I'm really happy for Iqqel!

I think it works like this:
When the changelings come up on top (especially with Celestia outplayed), then Chrysalis is happy. If Chrysalis is happy (or at least content), then Iqqel is happy. Apparently, if Iqqel is happy, then TwistedPretzel is happy as well, which makes this story's author also happy! She gets happy, you get happy, everybody gets happy! :pinkiehappy:

For the quick, fun romp this is meant to be, it does quite well. Fun character moments, a bit absurd, but that's all part of the game here. I confess, I would've loved to see some more in-depth plot to follow up Cheersalis, but that obviously wasn't this story.

Of course, now I can't help but wonder if snowboarding, in quadruped land, is done facing forward on the board, which seems to fit, yet kind of defeats the whole reason for snowboarding rather than skiing (or monoskiing.) :pinkiehappy:


I would've loved to see some more in-depth plot to follow up Cheersalis

Please inquire here! That one isn't from me but it's a sequel which I think you'd like to read as it presents a more serious take on the characters from the original story. I'm usually using my changelings to think of light-hearted tales.

Quadruped or not, Chrysalis would never go skiing solely because Celestia does it. And, as it is known all around the world, Chrysalis thinks she is superior to her in every manner, and snowboard is apparently more stylish than skis, so it's only natural she chose this particular way of conquering the glaciers.

At least that's what Iqqel will tell the press. :twilightsmile:

Chrysalis would hate the Olympic Winter Games
She would love the Summer Games though

Out of all disciplines involved in the Summer Olympic Games, which in your opinion would suit Chrysalis the best? Assume that all available sports are adjusted to fit quadrupeds, or come up with something unique for the changelings. Food for thought!

5889184 I can imagine long running.
Although if the Olympic games was hosted by changelings it could be Long Distance Teleporting

Long Distance Teleporting, eh? Nice! Imagine a stadium with a big target painted on one side (like a big dartboard), with some obstacles placed all around, like walls or water pools. The competitors would have to teleport themselves as close to the middle as possible in one go. It's all about precision!

5904329 We could make a story based off that

I'm up to my ears with different projects right now, but if you like the idea, it's yours to claim. Go for it! :twilightsmile:

This is perfect. I really love the Iqqelis interactions; hopefully that'll go somewhere. Good work!

These two are definitely fun to write. Perhaps I'll make them--
*checks drafts and story stubs*
Yeah, it seems that at this point I'm much closer to revealing their past than their future.

6077205 Ah, well, I look forward to it!

This is a general message to all you wonderful people who once took time to read Snowboardling - if you're interested in another changeling story from me, then I've just published the first chapter of Dichromatic. Feel free to check it out!

Hehe. Added to my usb flash drive for future consumption :moustache:

Don't eat them! Changelings are people, too! :rainbowwild:


So is soylent green. Yum!

Just read Cheersalis and Snowboarding after picking up Dichromatic. I really enjoy your take on the changelings, as well as the Iqqy/Chryssi dynamic. I'd hate to see how Chryssi would react if Iqqel were hurt....

In a perfect world, armies would be shattered, worlds would burn, and then at last, Chrysalis would have her vengeance (for she is the Queen of the Swarm). However, we're not living in a perfect world and neither does Iqqel, but you'll definitely have your answer delivered as Dichromatic develops! :trixieshiftleft:

The unicorn swept the snow off her goggles. “Who dares to interrupt the Great and Affectionate—”

I lost it. :rainbowlaugh:

Those darn changelings! All Trixie wanted was some quality time with her special somepony, but Chrysalis and Iqqel successfully killed the mood! :rainbowwild:

Well, way to get caught up in the competition forgetting someone else is on your snowboard.

That big Changeling should try to get her temper under control. But that would kinda ruin the fun^^

"Crushing into crystal" should be "crashing".

"Frantic attempt of" should be "frantic attempt to".

Another great Iqquelverse story!

Aaaand fixed! Thanks for reading and lending your keen eye for the good of the Hive!

I swear, I sometimes think you’ve dedicated yourself to a wrong caste. Shouldn’t you be a Thinker?

She still has not said it? :[

She leaned to Iqqel and added silently, "I much rather prefer your rambling, to be honest.

How does one speak silently? :moustache:


She still has not said it? :[

Nope, she keeps a lot to herself. If you're interested in finding out how that turns out for her, check out SoloBrony's The Queen & I series.

How does one speak silently? :moustache:

'Quietly' should be a word here, methinks. Thanks for pointing that out.

Also, I see you've been rummaging through my stories and added them to your bookshelves. Thanks for checking them out, I hope that you liked them even if they're not all about changelings! :raritywink:

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