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  • EStage Revival
    The first step is always the hardest, but Trixie is confident she will succeed in her theatrical endeavors. Meanwhile, Princess Celestia is about to learn that words have consequences.
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The world seen through the eyes of a child is a place filled with wonders. Peaceful orchards become traitorous woods, hills turn into impossible to reach mountains, and small critters grow into predators lurking in the shadows. In a word: a perfect place for an ace explorer like Trixie!

There are some places even brave Trixie would rather not enter alone, but with a guardian angel on her side. Luckily for her, one called Princess Celestia happens to be nearby.

Reviewed by The Goodfic Bin here and by DuncanR here!

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Hello and welcome to Where Fillies Fear to Tread!

Between being busy and writing gloomy AUs it's sometimes good to get back to basics of what ponies are best at: making new friends. Coincidentally, that would also be a theme for The EFNW 2015 Pre-Con Contest, so I've decided to take one of my drafts and smooth it out a bit. Think of this story as a fairy-tailish environment with busy Princess Celestia on a break and Trixie before she has become great and powerful - or rather when she was becoming just that.

Enjoy! :twilightsmile:

A little, sweet story that made me smile at the wonders of a child's imagination. :twilightsmile:

Well done, my friend. Great work, as always.

Cute.:twilightsmile: There is something special about a child's imagination.

5737361 5737675
Thank you both! With writing this story I finally found a reason for the adult Trixie acting like she does. She does not see the world as it is, but as it could be, and we can safely blame Celestia for that! :raritywink:

5737736 I'm imagining a sequel about Trixie visiting Celestia and talks to her like old friends or vice versa.

Trixie arrives at the Royal Castle in Canterlot, walks with Celestia around the gardens, they talk about how Celestia's advice worked out for Trixie over the years... oh, no. See what you've done! Now I'm actually considering a follow-up!

5737781 Creativity is a tool. Use it.:ajsmug:

I can be very creative myself, I just find writing them down very difficult.

Okay, absolutely loved this from beginning to end. Celestia is great, here. Trixie is deadly with her d'aww and Great and Powerful imagination, too. Just a complete winner, here.

5737781 That would be awesome!

Aww, my heart. That was absolutely wonderful. I love it. It really captures the overactive imagination of a child (and reminds me of my own childhood), but it also presents a kind and wonderful Celestia who truly cares for every single one of her little ponies, rather than the too-busy-with-royal-duties princess we usually see in fanfics.

A few errors here and there, mostly a few words autocorrected into wrong ones (such as "however" instead of hover"). None too distracting, though.

And yes, I'd love to see a continuation like that.

Heh. I wonder if Celestia remembers Trixie the Great and Adorable.

And there goes my heart, curse you Prane! :raritydespair: :heart:

This story reminded me of how our wild imagination as kids made us wonder if they were a reality, now you know what you must do now. :trixieshiftright: Such a cute story!

That was such a nice story. It bring me back to my childhood. Oh, those were the days. Great story!

It could use a little bit of proofreading, but it was very cute and I enjoyed it.

I think she can remember most of just about everything, but given her longevity she sometimes gets tired with it. Luckily, she has gathered a fine collection of heartwarming memories over the years, and these are a constant reminder that it's worth taking care of the world as she does. :trollestia:

Some time ago my take on Celestia has been affected by a flavor text on this card. She may be a cunning leader of the nation when surrounded by foreign ambassadors and dignitaries, but outside of her throne room she can be very warm and caring.

such as "however" instead of hover"

Fixed. My howevercraft is full of eels, apparently.

I found out that writing down ideas has become much easier once I stopped caring about their initial quality. A broken sentence here, a comment in parentheses there, bit or two in my own language, all help to keep the story going. Editing and figuring out the best way to deliver comes later.

Here's a spare one for you, Chaotie! :heart: Use it while it lasts, because I can't guarantee I won't write another story which will d'aww you to the extreme!

5739900 I'll use it wisely, Prane. :heart:

And the cat dragon! Don't forget him, with his terrifying gaze of destruction and utmost powerful--oh, who am I kidding, that's just one lazy cat. Pretty useless, like all cats. Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

Oh, that was just wonderful.

Good to hear that, thanks for dropping by! :raritywink:

I wish my childhood had been so full of adventure like Trixie's, but no, I always had to be "the good kid".

“So you aren’t mad that we didn’t fight an actual dragon? Dad says I’m too old for making up things like that, but I can’t help it. It’s so much fun!”

Little bit of a correction, but the story was cute nonetheless.

I'm happy to hear that, Elric! I'll make sure to clean the story up before submitting it to the contest.

That depends. Would you be interested in reading about a casual meeting between these two many years later?

5748025 Yes this is a great story I want to see how this changes trixie's life.

Hey, I didn't know The Goodfic Bin had ribbons! Neat! :raritywink:

5877982 Biker just finished 'em today. Now I feel 18% more like Twilight's Library! Cheers :pinkiesmile:

This is a general message to all you kind people who read this story. :twilightsmile:
The sequel called Stage Revival has landed - check it out!

5878145 And off to the sequel, I go!

Now that's the right attitude! :raritywink:

OHMYG:pinkiegasp: so cute :rainbowkiss:

Hey, I'm glad to hear that! Also: welcome to FiMFiction, enjoy your stay! :pinkiehappy:

This was a great and delightful story

Good use of descriptive language and the part when Trixie made celestia feel young was adorable :yay:
i do feel that some of the parts that references the realistic counter part sort of breaks the filly-ish fantasy a bit.
Celestia encouraging Trixie to become great and powerful was a fun tidbit to add

ps. you are the quickest person to ever re-comment

Before the gif loaded completely I wondered why would you post an angry Rainbow Dash at me. I was pleasantly surprised! :raritywink:


That is so sweet.

Sweetness and d'aww-ness are what I aimed for. Mission accomplished! :twilightsmile:

Marvelously done, I laughed pleasantly, and fondly. You showed an understanding of child like wonder. Beautiful.

That's good to hear! It means that my inner child keeps refusing to grow up! :yay:

That was too adorable.

I did my best! :raritywink:

So dang cute!

Why, yes, if there’s one word to describe both Trixie and Celestia in this story, it would be exactly that. :raritywink:

“I’m almost six and a half!” Trixie said proudly. “You must be like twenty!”

I'm having a heart attack. The CUTE is overpowering...! :twilightoops:

Remember your teenage years and thinking that people around 30 are “old”? Yeah, the same kind of sentiment applies here. :)

Teraunce.exe has suffered a fatal error! Value "Dawwww" has gone out of bounds!

Haaaave you tried turning it off and on again? :twistnerd:

Enjoyed this story but Trixie is one of my favorite ponies.

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