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Longtime fic author for other series, father of two, and I enjoy MLP:FiM with my whole family.


When Sunset Shimmer needs some money to get her jacket cleaned and repaired, she decides to take a part-time job to make some cash. She didn't expect to get a rather surprising co-worker, nor did she expect things to turn out quite like they did.

My first Equestria Girls story, happening after the events of Rainbow Rocks. Cover art courtesy of jankrys00.

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This was awesome

My cousin happens to work at the local Taco Bell. I don't like tacos, but burritos and enchiladas are fine.

This was cute, funny, and all-around pretty decent. I liked it a lot.

I might convert it to a short series and see if I can tackle Aria and Adagio as well


Don't redeem Adaigo and Aria.

It would make for a more interesting story if those two found some new power source instead.

Maybe a demon who offers them power.

Cue epic battle between villains and heroes.

Sonata could wind up getting her singing ability back after defeating evil and the forces of good judge her worthy enough for that.

When Sonata says that Pinkie is hiding something in her basement, was that a 'Cupcakes' referance?

Cute, funny, genuinely heartwarming, and all around well-written. :pinkiehappy:

I might convert it to a short series and see if I can tackle Aria and Adagio as well

Please? :raritystarry:

Taking Another Career Option... TACO!!!!!

That was great. You go, Sonata.

Hope this becomes a series. I'd love to see how Sonata fares in her new life with the Humane cast.

Sonata should work at Taco Bell. *ba-dum ksh*


Utter, unquestioned redemption was no doubt a theme in RR, so it would be nice to see Sonata restored.

But I also think restoration is available for all three Dazzlings. Once your heart has had every thing it can cling to knocked out from underneath it, there are very few options. Adaggio and Aria still have a few things they're clinging to, but Sonata got crunched.

Omigosh, I see you already posted the story! I really love it! One of the best one shots I've ever read about Sonata.

Also, about the Aria and Adagio short story thingy... Please do. c:

Good job on this story mate, keep up the good work! ^^

Okay, seriously. Where did this whole Sonata/taco thing come from? It's freaking everywhere

I find this strang.

After the first EQ movie we were all quick to redeem Sunset Shimer but after the second one Sonata is the one getting redeemed and Adagio is stuck being (and I'm trying to make this a thing) "Head bitch in charge of bitchery"

Really awesome, I think you should turn it into a short series. :twilightsmile:

TACO really? Man I face-palmed so hard when I didn't realize what it stood for earlier. Dang. Clever though, very clever. :facehoof:

5151806 Hmm..Aria, i think, is just a jerk...But with the potential of turning around.

Adagio, on the other hand, i don't think can be redeemed so easily.

Please, more of this. This is excellent! :pinkiehappy:

Love it! Now we just need a certain sombrero wearing villian in the sequel. As general management maybe?

At one point in the movie, the Dazzlings are going to head off somewhere else after the song in the cafeteria, and Sonata freaks out saying "But it's Taco Tuesday!"

I must have missed that, then. Much appreciated.

MORE!!!!!! please?

FAT TACO!!! :derpytongue2:

Wow. This story is so awesome!
I'm incredibly happy that you reformed Sonata too.
I would LOVE to see some additional short stories from this! Hope you can :raritywink:

Awesome story. I'd like to see more short stories following this. And clever move with the title. TACO & the fact Sonata's previous career was being an evil siren and her new one is a good siren selling tacos. Well played.


This was a most excellent Sonata fic. I loved the comedy and character development respectively. :moustache:

Would be nice to see this played out in a short series, but it looks good as a one-shot. :eeyup:

“At least consider a cool paint job for this thing,” Dash suggested, continuing to try and not be seen by passersby. “Like a wizard fighting a dragon or something.”

Didn't know Rainbow was that into high fantasy! :rainbowlaugh: If I had about 8,000 bucks, I'd so do that! Ah, well, the next best thing is an epic D&D session!

Neat little story you got here. Glad Sonata got the cajones to stand up to Adagio and Aria. I haven't seen RR yet but I get the gist of what happened. That doesn't really detract from the viewing experience to me. :twilightsmile:

“That makes us Buck Buddies!”

I won't comment on that... but I ADORED the rest of the story!!:pinkiehappy:

Please continue this. Sonata Dusk was my favourite Dazzling, and I love what you've done with this one-shot. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Maybe Sonata could join the cheerleaders or a dance troupe.

Loved this story. Kinda wish you put it in seperate chaptes to make it long. But yhis is good never the less. like its a episode.

Really good amazing story! :rainbowkiss:

Great little story! Everyone just loves Sonata and wants her to be good (and happy) -- the little sweetie!

Pinkamena Diane Pie does the atrocities in her basement. FlutterShy has the shed. Somehow, Sonata Dusk breaks the 4th wall.

The RainBooms did not directly RainBow the SeaPonies, but used their RainBow to conjure Alicorn who zapped the Sirens.

Pinkamena Diane Pie is an eccentric genius. Sonata Dusk is a drooling moron. The only thing they have in common is an extroverted upbeat personality.

¿Where does Sonata Dusk live now? When the other Sirens run out of money and realize that they cannot make others give them goods and services any more, they will miss the money Sonata Dusk earns. Maybe the can


Maybe Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze can use their fat tacos for earning money.

When there is just one its a no brainer on who gets redemption.
When there are a few more you'll see its often the one who's seen as either cute, ditzy or even picked on by the others who get the redemption while the others are still seen as evil.

Not quite that hard to predict.

Adagio now scowled at Sonata, but clearly Sonata wasn’t done saying her piece. “Yeah, I went there! We’re in this mess because of you! You never let me or Aria have ideas or try to do stuff. It’s all gotta be you! Well, I’m tired of only doing what you think we should do. I like working here, and I’m not gonna stop. And… well… there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Oh yeah she went there! She took a bus, bought the souvenirs, and came all the way back to Taco Bell just to lay down the truth. :pinkiegasp:
(That was refreshing to read. Sonata is by far the sweetest, coolest, all-around-best Siren, and she deserves a chance to tell off her mean sisters.)

I love this. Sonata is my favorite siren and she deserves a chance to redeem herself, and this does that spectacularly. What I like best is how it keeps her personality like it was in the movie: bubbly, ditzy and a lovable airhead, while other fanfics with this theme make her too serious. This is a great story, and deserves my like:derpytongue2:.

*Sniff* That was... beautiful... :pinkiesad2:

Title: Five Nights at Freddie's 2?

Or out in a shed somewhere.

Oh, fuck you.

Author Interviewer

Good job with the characterization. :D That really carried this, and I can believe it as Sonata redemption. Totally delivered a fun story!

I honestly cannot give this story enough love, no matter how many times I read it. I won't deny, it's helped color my own headcanon for Sonata quite a bit. Can't wait to see what the future holds.

Hng, :heart:
This was good for my heart. I loved it :rainbowkiss:

I would like to see more of Sonata's Adventure's along her path to redemption and hope you add more to this great story in the future as it would be a shame to just let it end here. :twilightsmile:

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