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Maud Pie has been tormented by a secret she has had to keep from Pinkie Pie for many years. A secret that her Nana has now taken to her grave, but which Maud feels she needs to tell. She owes the truth to her adoring baby sister... but after all of these years, how can she come out and tell her something that could change the way she sees herself and the world around her?

Co-written by Bootsy Slickmane
Rated T for mature themes.

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Yea I wouldn't be able to live with that. This makes me question who I am, what makes me, me. Well I guess just have to ponder that all night.


Don't know what to say.

And I thought you were going to put that she was adopted...

And now think of the moment where she saves Pinkie in "Maud Pie":rainbowderp:

Oh my God....oh my God...

I'll never see the scene that Maud Pie saves Pinkie, the same way, after read that fanfiction.

That might be the best summary I've ever read. I haven't read the story yet, but I'm hooked.

Quite the emotional rollar coaster. Plus really has that, "if she is the same in every way does that make it really her or not" theory. Maud is fortunate she does not show much emotion, because I would be a alcoholic wreck for a good bit to cope with that situation.


I mean, it's clear halfway through where it's going, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hit hard.

Also, I couldn't help but think of the "Dear Sweetie Belle" series from the description.

I thought that you were going to write about her finding out Rarity was her mother, not her sister. :trollestia:

I'm about to make a pool of my own if you know what I mean :fluttercry: still it was a beautiful story!

Me too. That scene was suddenly a lot more emotionally powerful for me.

Wow... All I can think about now is when Maud saved Pinkie from the rock pile and when Pinkie used the Mirror Pool by herself. Did Pinkie know the rhyme from being told it from her Nana? Or did she know it because somewhere deep inside that rhyme is apart of her existence? And the seen where Maud saved Pinkie, what she must have been thinking. "No, not again, not this time." "I am stronger, I can save her this time." "I can't lose her again. I just can't." The power of those two scenes I will never forget.

It had to be a fucking clone, didn't it?

clone (noun)
a person that is exact copy of another person

Still a person but not that person.

I'm so confused. Probably cuz I'm a dumbass.

This is beautifully done, thank you. It is an excellent addition to the varied lore of Her Pinkness.

The Mirror Pool magically knows not to copy injuries... even though it copies memories...

Magic's weird.

Thinking about it, I have to wonder if it's actually been the real Pinkie all along; considering the timing of things and how one-dimentional the clones from the episode were (and that it's Pinkie) it could easily be that rather than creating a copy of her that has all of her traits but isn't the original, that her spirit was transferred into the clone as it was formed so what actually happened is they made a new body for her without realizing it.

7298279 Gotta echo this; it's a very powerful piece of lore that nestles comfortably into canon.

7298907 That would explain why her memories didn't seem to be affected.

Makes what Twilight did in Too Many Pinkie Pies all the more horrific.

Explain right im lost with this story

How... interesting. I can imagine that Pinkie won't take that too well.


Just before pinkie died she was cloned in the mirror pool. That has been kept a secret from her, and Maud can't bear to tell her. So she wrote a letter for pinkie to read after she died.

7299781 Dude, spoilers. :applejackunsure:


The scene when Pinkie is saved in Maud Pie is one thing, but imagine what will happen if she learns about that and then remembers the events of Too Many Pinkie Pies. The next meeting with Twilight may be a bit awkward...

On a side note, there's apparently a Nurse Redheart in every hospital. And she's older than she looks.

Well… shit.

I have to say, from the description, I would never have guessed it would shape up this way.
It became quite obvious a bit before the middle, but still, well written and a pretty touching story. Also explains Maud's protectiveness to the extreme.


Whoops. Just trying to be helpful!:twilightblush:

7300547 Yes, but using the spoiler feature would help other readers. :twilightsmile:


wasn't aware that feature existed. I see it now. I'll keep that in mind next time.

7297735 It's not. Life is a point of view and that point of view was lost.

i was hoping to find out pinkies reaction cause the way this reads i thought maud was gonna write something then kill herself and pinkie would find what she wrote

7300707 I agree but its makes me wonder if its not just a simple copy of her, she did die just when the copy was made, could her soul just transferred to the new body? The copied body is not hurt like the original and in that episode "too Many Pinkies" she did pass the test unlike the others. I'm over thinking the hell out of this but that's what makes stories like these more fun.

7301028 Souls are a tricky business as it might actually be something to it in MLP. It's possible, but IMHO I believe it wishful thinking.

7301064 Well hope of that being It would help me sleep at night if I was in Maud's (horse)shoes.

7300110 Dude, comments. :/

7301197 Dude, the universe. :trollestia:

7301314 Dude, fluffy ponies. :rainbowkiss:


So depressing

Hauntingly well-written.

What the flank ?!? :pinkiegasp:

Talk about your twisted tales. I mean I'm flabbergasted, speechless and no words to comprehend what I just read.

Wow, just wow.


The original Pinkie Pie died young due to an accident. Just before she died, they got her to the Mirror Pool and cloned her. Her thoughts, her memories, her personality, her feelings. Everything that made her Pinkie, cloned. In that way, when her original body and mind died, Pinkie could live on. In this story, the Pinkie we've always known was always a mirror pool clone. And is probably why HER mirror pool clones were so stupid. Cloning clones.

This explains a lot why Maud was so quick so save Pinkie in Maud Pie.

7301334 Dude... pink, fluffy ponies:pinkiecrazy:

Okay, this was well written and emotionally compelling, but it NEEDS a sequel where we find out Pinkie's and Marble's reactions to what happened.

... just...
... wow...

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