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This story is a sequel to Tale of the Choosing Stone

The time has finally arrived: the four Pie sisters are about to go to the Choosing Stone to find their special ponies. However, even though they are shown to the right pony for them, love still has its difficulties to work through.

Chosen Love is a story detailing the love lives of the four Pie sisters: Limestone, Marble, Maud, and Pinkie Pie. I am warning you now that there might be a ship you don't like thrown into this story.

Sex tag is for light innuendos.

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I kinda wish the Choosing Stone would attract them to the princesses. Just for the LOLs.


For the lols! :rainbowlaugh:

That would be interesting, but I feel like this story might receive some hate for it. *cough cough "LUNA'S MY WAIFU!" cough cough*

This looks promising. I can't wait to see what sort of partners the choosing stone picks out for the Pie siblings, and something tells me it's not going to go as smoothly as it did for Igneous Rock.

So cool ! Cant wait for the next chapter

6689351 I'm glad you see it has potential! And the paths will be a little rockier than Igneous'.

Get it? Rockier? I live a sad life :rainbowlaugh:

6689728 I have a feeling you're going to enjoy it when it's Marble's turn :duck:

6695353 Next chapter will be coming very soon! Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

lolz idk what it is but if a character is shy and wears glasses I just can't resist :scootangel::twilightblush:

Interesting, so it looks Limestone's met her special somepony, and he may just be aware of it. But I doubt it's going to be completely smooth. As Shakespeare famously put it "The course of true love never did run smooth." :twistnerd:

Can't wait this will be so epic and funny

Hey, as long as Pinkie doesn't end up with Rainbow Dash (FlutterDash pairing all the way), I don't really care who she ends up with.


Lol I would have had the exact opposite opinion. Oh well.

6701502 I get the feeling she's not getting paired up with Cheese Sandwich or Party Favor, but I suspect she more than anypony else may defie the Choosing Stone if she thinks it doesn't know her better than she knows herself.

Things seem to be working out pretty well for Limestone so far. Perhaps a bit TOO well.

mmmm ............... i can smell the " drama train " smoke from here .... Something will happend

So, are we going to continue to follow Limestone's story, or are we going to switch persepctive and focus on one of the other pie sisters?


We will follow Limestone's story until the next Pie sister uses the Choosing Stone, since nothing much is happening in the others' normal lives right now. But, after the others use the Choosing Stone, this story will jump around a lot. So, I probably won't write another Pie sister for quite a while. I still need to detail Limestone's romance, since she's still only now in the crush phase.



The hype is real! :pinkiehappy:

I am just as excited to write it! Time to board the hype train! :coolphoto:

6748243 Heck yeah ! Cant wait for Limestone to get to bussiness:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Now let's see how Lightening will take it.

:raritystarry: *squee* She saaaaid it! Haha and what a perfectly Limestone type situation that played out before the confession!

*sits on edge of seat eating popcorn entently watching* KISS HER you Dolt so we can get to Marble Pie :pinkiehappy:

I like your enthusiasm for Marble Pie, but she is the youngest, and according to my Choosing Stone head-canon in place in this story, she goes last. So, it will be a long time before I get to her. But I have ideas for her already surfacing.

It is definitely perfect for Limestone. That whole scene before the confession was in my head before I started. I've been waiting for a while to get to write it. I'm happy it was well received! :twilightsmile:

The bomb has dropped... Let's see what happens


Lolz can you blame a guy for having a thing for the shy ones :moustache:

So, are we going to continue to follow Limestone, now that she and Lightning are a couple? Or are we going to shift focus to another Pie sister?


Well, it's tradition for another sibling to use the Stone the day after the sibling who goes before them gets engaged. So, until then, everypony else is living their normal lives.

But don't be concerned if you want to see another sister use the Stone- I don't plan to take a year to get there. Probably about two months at maximum. (Heck, it will probably be about a month if I keep updating 1-3 days at a time.) So, needless to say, the other sisters will get their time to shine very soon. :twilightsmile:

Limestone tilted her head, completely oblivious to where he was going. "Where is 'there'?"

Lightning winked before turning his back to her. "That bed you're sitting on."

Limestone sat for a moment before the tired gears in her head started turning. He was asking her to... oh. Oh! Limestone's face turned red very quickly.

"Lightning, we just got together. Don't you think this is a little much..."

I'm gonna be honest here; for a minute, I thought that he was going to... well, to put it mildly, make out with Limestone. Thankfully, a double-checking of the tags calmed my nerves.


I think the correct phrase would be: "I have a dirty mind".

Yeah, 'cause I really do.

6772917 that phrase if for every human....:rainbowhuh: No LIVING thing that has found the internet :trollestia:

..... Limestone thought the same thing i thought.... I hope so. Awesome chapter


I had a feeling that scene might have been misinterpreted, but I never changed it. But it works well, because Limestone did think that it would be something else that he had in mind. So, in a way, it can get readers to feel what Limestone's feeling in that moment.

And yep, T is the highest rating this story will get. So, never fear that the tag would have magically changed to M.

6772845 I was kind of thinking the same thing, despite the fic's rating and tags.


"Great minds think alike."

But in our case, it's "dirty minds think alike".

I adore Lightning in this chapter. Ha!

Aww, they're so cute together. :twilightsmile:

Small nitpick, they actually do have at least 7 beds, including 2 pairs of bunk beds, in the Pie household, the one all of the sisters were sleeping in was probably the guest bed after they surrendered their usual bunk beds to the Apples out of courtesy so they didn't all have to sleep in the same bed.

Oh right! Thanks for notifying me of that! :twilightsmile:

Time to make a few changes...

That was an interesting bit of history for Limestone to learn.

What a night indeed.

Interesting to know that Maud will be next to use the stone.

.....Would be funny if Maud ended up with a dragon or something. She seems like she'd have the most interesting life, just because you could never tell.:raritywink:

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