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Ever since Pinkie's birth, Maud has been having some dark thoughts. She wants to kill her little sisters, starting with Pinkie, as she is still the youngest of the three and surely the easiest to end quickly, as she is also the weakest of the three.

Surely as Pinkie is the final installment to the Pies, Maud has endured much already when it comes to dealing and living with her little siblings, but Pinkie's differences from the other members of the family cause her to envy her to no bounds. Inflicted with great jealousy and rage, Maud contemplates the worst and documents her feelings as to what happens after the event occurs.

I wrote this with no real objective. I don't know how it will turn out, but I do know that despite it not being a fic I liked writing in particular, I still worked fairly hard on it. This was very hard to write for me to be honest, as I've had similar thoughts and strange desires to do similar things, I am not proud of these, and even then I still feel guilty for these thoughts, despite them being several years old. I'm over it all, but it still bothers me sometimes...

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:twilightoops: Uh… I'll read it later.

That was beautifully written and the ending was beautiful :fluttercry:

This was amazing. One of the best stories I have read in a long time. The pace was great, ending was beautiful , and this was actually pretty believable. All around, one amazing story. :twilightsmile:

That was just so.... WONDERFUL! I love it! Such a beautiful story! *cries of happiness*

Damn, dude. That was some seriously deep stuff. I don't know how to respond other that great job, and I look forward to reading more from you.

Damn...now thats how you write a story. I liked the concept of it and I can't find any faults to your writing.


It is worth reading. It is not as bad as it sounds.
I know, I know, when I saw the title I was all :pinkiegasp: too. And then when Maud was describing ways to kill Pinkie I was a little :pinkiecrazy:. But at the end I was :pinkiesad2:.

Damn....ya know the fucked up thing is that I can kinda relate to this..

If this does get featured, I'll be really happy... but... the story really took a lot out of my soul to write...

I've been in Maud's shoes... er... horseshoes before... I know how it feels to do something so terrible.

Would I really want to be featured for such evil feelings?

Same here... but... I wish I never had those thoughts about that... it's too terrible:fluttershbad:

5790377 And I thought my psyche was broken!
Well... It was never really fixed to begin with~

5790382 Indeed. I hate myself sometimes for it but it is what it is I suppose.

5790458 I told you I went to therapy, not like I was lying or anything..

Yeah sure,
and Eris is secretly a dude in drag

This is BEFORE reading the story:
The closest I can say I've come to having thoughts about killing my siblings was whenever my 7 year-old little brother was trying to fight me, and I caught his kick, and whenever I held his leg, I had an urge, and desire to just snap it, and stab someone with the shards. Then I let it go, and was like "Du faq me, y u do dis"

I thought I was the only one...
in that case, i feel more comfortable with this being featured now

This was very hard to write for me to be honest, as I've had similar thoughts and strange desires to do similar things, I am not proud of these, and even then I still feel guilty for these thoughts, despite them being several years old. I'm over it all, but it still bothers me sometimes...

So, are you some kind of psychopath or something?:twilightoops: I'm not gonna lie, this confession scares the crap out of me! :applejackconfused: Have you thought of seeking professional help? Talking to someone? Please note: I ask these things with all due respect.

i've lost all connection with those evil feelings and as a matter of fact, i'm enjoying time with my little sister right now

5790979 I seriously doubt that we would ever meet in person, but if we did, I take it this means that I wouldn't have to worry about you trying to kill me?
P.S. I'm sorry if I offended you with anything I said or asked, that was not my intention.

I'm not a psychopath, honey. In fact, I'm rather calm and collected and openly perverted. You'd have more worries in being touched inappropriately by me than being killed.

P.S. Just kidding.

5791000 Again, I meant no offense. I'm sorry, can we still be friends?

I'm friends with anyone no matter what.

5791043 Thanks! Like I said, I meant nothing by what I asked.

In the end, it's the action that maters more than the thought.

Very well written.

This song makes this song so much creepier

5790380 I think almost all of us can relate to this kind of thing at some point in our lives.

Wow... it even sounds like Maud... good job.

That was beautiful...


Never thought I'd see the day where I added a fic to both my 'grimdark' and 'cute' shelf. Huh.

Wonderful, ain't it?

Regarding the bit in the spoilers in the summary: Many people will have dark thoughts, even I have had some pretty dark ones regarding both friends and family as well as complete strangers.

You need not necessarily feel guilty per say, but as long as you remember that they are not who you wish to be, and that you do not act on them, then you will continue to be fine. It is when you act on such thoughts that you go down the path into darkness.

This is really good
I enjoy this

5790848 Throughout my adolescent years I would be caught in contemplation of how exactly I could kill the people around me with just what I had and laughing at the types of items allowed in schools (headphones make nice garrotes, scissors to stab with, et. all) :pinkiecrazy:

This was wonderfully dark.
We've all had these kinds of thoughts before, but don't let it bother you too much.

Beautiful. I want to read this over and over and OVER again :heart:

Also, YOU WRITE AMAZING. You really need to start an author class and teach everypony on here xD


5790848 Nah, the urge to kill siblings happens to everyone, I assume, it depends on what you do with that urge, that defines you

Had this feeling with my older brother once, just ONCE. I got over it.

I love this. This is a great story,

Hmm, took me a while to find this here story. To be truthful, I wasn't really scared about what it was about or the fact that you once had these feelings, but I was scared that I wasn't going to be interested. But when i was done reading, I laughed. Of course it was going to be interesting! You see, I base stories and characters on myself and what I would do in certain situations. How I feel, how I act, how it all goes down in my head. With my two most popular stories about Spike, I feel that I can really relate to him. The darkness in my heart controls my actions and makes me do things I truly don't want to do. I am struggling with myself and my emotions and this mask I wear every day to convince others that I am happy. To this very day, I still struggle with it. I really want to be myself, but I can't. So I have given up and let my inner darkness control me as my hope and confidence dies slowly. But put these elements... these dark feelings into Spike and created a story that others can relate to and/or feel the emotions that Spike feels. Because they're actually real feelings, from myself, put into words so people can come close to feeling the same. And that made them very, very interested in my work.

You did the same. These feelings that you had at some point of time, you put them inside of a character and expressed them in a way so that your audience can relate/feel the emotions. I had a flashback to when I wanted to murder my bullies, and that was back when I was starting to become a bully myself. I felt that way inside, and I always wanted to carry it out, but... sometimes I can't help but think that maybe it isn't their fault. Maybe, just like myself, they became a bully, but didn't want to be, but couldn't control themselves and be who they truly are. Maybe they're trapped just like I am. So I never carried out those actions. But I've always kept the feelings. Though I only feel them when I think about my bullies too much. I already know I'll never do it though.

But enough about me. All I wanted to do was show you how your story affected me. I think you did a magnificent job on this, and if this ever got featured at some point of time, it sure deserved it. I have no idea how my sorry excuse for a story got into the featured box SEVERAL times. I hope that life will continue to look up for you, wonderful writer. You've earned a like, favorite, and a follow.

Such an en-riving tale, this deserves praise, and shall be dealt with swiftly

Must stop reading sad stuff before I have my coffee!!! Tears and caffeine! The breakfast of champions.

Wow this story was really good I can't believe what was about to happen but thank God it didn't these type of things happen to everyone even though we have little siblings that we hate and get jealous over the littlest things but we still love them and we vow to protect them with our very lives that's what it means to be an older sibling:fluttershyouch::fluttershbad:

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