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It's Saturday night, which for Rainbow Dash means only one thing: sleepover at Pinkie's place! Rainbow is ready to party all night, chugging down sodas, hanging out with her best friend, and playing loads of violent video games.

The only problem: Pinkie's parents are out of town, which means that Maud has been left in charge. And as far as Rainbow is concerned, Maud is totally determined to ruin, like, all of their fun.

Following an argument about bedtimes, Maud challenges Rainbow Dash to a round of her favorite game, Rock-Paper-Scissors. If Rainbow wins, she gets to stay up as late as she wants. If Maud wins, Rainbow has to obey every word she says. It's a battle for the ages, and only one thing is certain: there will be rocks.

Now with a reading by PonyStemCell!

Art by Indigo114. Inspired by an anecdote from Roger Dodger, and requested by Not_A_Hat. Thanks to Not_A_Hat and Titanium Dragon for prereading.

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Maud is a five-star general of psychological warfare. Or Dash is a civilian. In either case, most entertaining. Intense, yet hilarious. Nicely done.

Well, Maud called it. Quite entertaining.

I don't get it? Did Maud mind control Rainbow to use scissors all the time or something? It was kind of obvious she'd always use rock, so I just don't quite get it.

I find it funny that you think that, because this is actually based on a true story, believe it or not. Maud's strategy works because no one in their right mind would ever play rock three times in a row. In addition, Maud started out by saying that she would play rock three times in a row, which reverse psychology'd Rainbow into thinking that Maud was trying to trick her. If you see in the last round, RD starts out by saying, "Okay, she really is gonna just play rock, so I should play paper--but what if she expects me to think that she's just gonna keep playing rock?"

If you think that this wouldn't happen to you, you may be right--remember that Rainbow is a girl who is blinded by her passion for winning, and so when she finds herself caught in a losing situation, she's gonna panic and mess up.

Nice, I would love to see more stories like this:twilightsmile:


Makes sense I suppose, using psychological warfare to trick Rainbow and take advantage of her competitive nature. IT's clever I'll give you that.

Perhaps give my story "A Heart Encased in Stone" a read if possible and tell me what you think of it.

Awesome. The only time Dash tries to be reasonably intelligent is if she can win, so she overthinks it.

6047820 Probably with her poker expression it made Rainbow Dash over think the game, causing her to lose to her choosing rock.


Yeah I kind of figured that out, but thought I'd ask still.

6048020 Not a problem, I was intrigued by your question and decided to give my two cents on it.


Thanks, give my story a look if possible to, "A Heart Encased in Stone"

only to look up and see burning laser wall ripping through the concrete,

I'm not sure of what you're trying to say with that.

The air with thick with both anticipation and Rainbow’s sweat.

"The air was thick with both anticipation..." maybe?

That was fun. Although Rainbow came out as kind of a jerk... Like she does on most fics. I mean, Pinkie could have lost her whipped cream because of her. That's serious.

Must... Not... Say... "This... story... rocked"!

Does that bet still goes on cause you got to make a sequel!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

that was so predictable, but i still couldnt stop laughing!

Lisa's Brain: Poor predictable Bart; always takes Rock.
Bart's Brain: Good ol' Rock, nothing beats that!
— The Simpsons

It doesn't say in one's feed whether a new story is M or not.


“I swear, I will never understand your family’s obsession with rocks,” Rainbow spat, lidding her eyes. “But seriously, that’s it? If I’m loud, she’s gonna take away my sand?”

C'mon Dashie, read between the lines, she won't take away your sand, she'll take away something you like....

she shook with the strength of three grown men, throwing Rainbow’s arm around like a wet noodle, and very nearly lifting her into the air with every swing.

...like your ability to eat solid foods.

Honestly I thought Maud meant that rock always won in that rock will be beat scissors and paper in her game.

Bwahahaha! Maud is such a card. She'd kill in a game of poker. I was shaking during her winning hand.

The way she plays, I'd bet she's an earthbender.derpicdn.net/img/view/2014/11/3/757025__safe_crossover_ponified_30+minute+art+challenge_maud+pie_artist-colon-empyu_avatar+the+last+airbender_blind_toph+bei+fong_not+tom.png

Sweet job.

dashie got pwned hehe :rainbowkiss:

6047820 It's precisely because it's obvious that she obviously wouldn't do it (except she did).

No one would throw the same hand three times in a row. If she said she would, then she's obviously trying to trick you.

...really? Dash REALLY didn't see that coming?

come on, anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of maud would see that coming.

Well played, Maud. Well played. :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

I wanna know what this inspiring anecdote was now.

It was essentially exactly what you read here: Person A challenges Person B to rock-paper-scissors, saying they've never been beaten. B, cocky, accepts. A proceeds to steamroll them by only playing rock.

Author Interviewer

Fantastic. It fits these characters so perfectly.

Made me laugh out loud as I read it. Good show!

Pinkie's got a point..

Rainbow screamed again.

OOOOOOH!! get dunk ON!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

This was a delicious treat!

Game over, Dashie! Game over!

And that’s when I knew it’d be delicious. :rainbowkiss:

Rainbow beat herself.

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