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All these moments will be lost, like tears in the rain.

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The Princess of the Sun

The world of Fairlight

Fairlight is an ordinary unicorn living an ordinary life in Equestria with his beloved wife, Meadow. As an officer in the Equestrian Watch, he spends much of his time dealing with the mundane day to day trials and tribulations of a population that have lived for the last thousand years in peace and prosperity. But as always, where there is peace there is always somepony who will see kindness as weakness and love as a tool to be used and exploited. Under the veneer of peace, an undercurrent of crime, greed and cruelty is kept out of the public eye and dealt with quickly and quietly by the upholders of the law - the Watch. Or at least, it was. Corruption and avarice is never far from positions of power, and its insidious tendrils have found their way into the hearts of those whom the ponies of Equestria once trusted to protect them. Far from being ignorant of what is happening on the streets of their home, the change in society has not gone unnoticed by the rulers of Equestria who form a covert organisation to investigate and deal with threats to the Equestrian peace.

It is into this world that Fairlight finds himself brutally thrown without any desire to have anything more than a simple and quiet life with the mare he loves. Now he must travel the worlds of life, death, and the shadowy realm of the thestrals, to discover what fate truly has in store for him.

The Fairlight series originally spanned four books : Fairlight, Fairlight Book Two, The Fortress of the Four Winds and Blood of the Foal. Due to the graphic nature of some of the scenes portrayed, this series was rated Mature.

A companion series, rated Teenage, has been written as a parallel arc to Fairlight. Now completed, it begins with When the Snow Melts, Ice Fall and Where the Sunflowers Grow, finishing with the final story, All the Queens Horses

As Fairlight was my first work it has since undergone a complete re-write, bringing much more detail than the original story held, and is now accessible to more readers being rated Teenage. The series begins with Fairlight:Memories of a perfect sky, Fairlight:The frozen heart and Fairlight:The fortress of the four winds. At the time of writing, The fortress of the four winds is still being worked on, and there are another two stories to go in the series: Fairlight:Blood of the foal, and Fairlight:To the edge of midnight.

One more story is planned which will tie both arcs together. That, however is some way off!

As always, comments, thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.



Story update and other stuff · 6:32am Jul 2nd, 2023

Believe it or not I've actually started a new job at long last. I'd only planned on staying with my last employer six months, but ended up being stuck there for nearly five years. During my time there I had to put up with some of the worst bigotry I've ever encountered, despite the company claiming to be 'inclusive, supportive of diversity, etc'. Spoiler alert : They weren't!

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Double spaced L A R G E God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

guss well it's true that the inevitable entropy of the universe means that all our actions are ultimately pointless you don't need to make it sound so depressing

Thanks for the watch.

I don't think they're that long in comparison to some of the novels I've read to be honest. Most seem to be around 20 pages or so between each one, particularly when the book is around the 600 - 700 page mark. When I first started out writing the stories weren't as long as my later ones and had much shorter chapters. This drew a lot of criticism from readers, specifically about chapter length.

To my mind, so long as the chapter breaks are natural rather than forced, then they should allow the story to flow properly. I'm not a professional writer by any stretch of the imagination, but I think they work pretty well.


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