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All these moments will be lost, like tears in the rain.


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  • TWhen The Snow Melts
    In the forest of bamboo, the first snows of winter have begun to fall. A white blanket begins to cover the quiet hills the reed worker calls home. His quiet and peaceful life is changed forever by the discovery of a stranger in the snow.
    Bluespectre · 128k words  ·  335  25 · 5.3k views
  • TIce Fall
    Celestia has gone. The forces of the night, victorious at the battle of River Valley, push on towards the castle of the two sisters. Two friends find themselves caught up in the maelstrom of war and their lives will likely never be the same again.
    Bluespectre · 438k words  ·  78  6 · 1k views
  • TAll the Queen's Horses
    How far would a father go to protect his only daughter? When the echoes of war have faded, when the scars of battle have healed, what truly matters more than family.
    Bluespectre · 305k words  ·  29  0 · 822 views
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  • TWhere the Sunflowers Grow
    Rush, the latest and rather unsteady addition to the newly constructed palace, is home. Trials and tribulations lie ahead for the new Royal Consort who has to contend, not only with a new world and a new body, but the suspicious ponies of Equestria.
    Bluespectre · 174k words  ·  81  7 · 977 views
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