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All these moments will be lost, like tears in the rain.


This story is a sequel to Where the Sunflowers Grow

The Spoon family fortunes have declined over the last millennia following their ancestor's involvement in the defeat of Nightmare Moon and her legion. Still influential in the royal court of Canterlot however, Lord Spoon becomes the centre of a web of intrigue that uses his love of his daughter as a puppeteer pulls the strings of a marionette. No longer certain who he can believe or trust, Lord Spoon puts his faith in himself and his new found friends to help save his beloved daughter from the sickness that is taking her ever closer to the gates of the eternal herd. Cover art is a commission piece by Pridark.

Chapters (21)
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Comments ( 16 )

I really need to read that previous story. This one's really good.

7836228 Thanks! Hope you're enjoying it so far. This story can be read as a standalone, but would be best enjoyed with knowledge of the others in series. They start with When the Snow Melts.

Bluespectre :twilightsmile:

Absolutely brilliant I have enjoyed the whole book ,I couldn't put it down and I am now disappointed I have finished it.What do Let read now? Hopefully more by the same author.

No, I haven't got split personality disorder. This is what happens when a friend logs on using your account details.


Still, nice to get a comment now and again. Gets a bit lonely here amongst the tumbleweeds :pinkiehappy:


This was some pretty good stuff. I've been spending the past month slowly making my way through the stories you've written ever since I ran into the cover art for this fic in Drawfriend on EQD, and I really like the lore you've established.

I've still got a bit of a ways to go. My starting point was at "When The Snow Melts", and I had no idea the Fairlight stuff would interact with it.

8109740 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Bear in mind that Fairlight was my early work and is due for a rewrite. If you can forgive this, i think the story is solid and i'm working on the last Fairlight book now.

Trestle moved up beside him, licking his dried lips like some damned colt who’d just seen one of the princesses for the first time and realised the thing between their legs wasn’t just for pissing into a pot.

Thats some great insight from our dear Lord Runcy.
:rainbowlaugh: :trollestia:

Feels like its mom goddess showing herself huh. Nice.

And im starting to think the old friend of Runcys isnt what he seems heh.

Well now, this is getting interesting. :moustache:

Hah, cloak and dagger indeed.

I suspected foul play a while ago but lets see where it goes, maybe im wrong in my guess.

Actually went and looked up the origins of cloak and dagger, and that lead me to a site that allows me to view actual translation of (historic) european martial arts (HEMA as its called) treatises/manuals and other neat stuff. So thats for that as well i guess. :trollestia:

Hehe, quiet the mini adventure Silver had here.

The rifle described seems to be a straight pull bolt action, from late 19th/early 20th century, Mannlicher comes to mind, or maybe a more modern one.

A better name for the chapter would be "Twists and turns" hehe.


Always love a good story.

Time to move on to the Fairlight series heh a bit later.

Although i do wonder what Larks first reaction to Terra was. I imagine she could feel something was different about her relationship with Runcy.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Have a great Christmas, and thanks for you help with the typos :twilightsmile:

You're welcome, and happy christams to you too!

And thank you for writing such awesome stories. :pinkiehappy:

A good story in its own right. A departure in style from its predecessors, but that just means it is different.

Enjoyable as a stand alone fic, even without having read the previous tales.

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