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All these moments will be lost, like tears in the rain.


Bon Bon's story. · 7:00pm Dec 2nd, 2022

Seems to be coming along well. 365 pages at 192,769 words.

We'll get there.


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Story Update · 9:55am Oct 6th, 2022

Now on page 280 of Bon Bon's story. Looking good so far, but quite a technical challenge as she's been involved in other parts of the Fairlight story arc and I need to be careful tying it all together. I'm also aware that I will need to incorporate Lyra's story into it too.

I've not had much time to write either unfortunately. I've had covid, again, and the constantly changing shifts at work are leaving me exhausted.

I need a new job!


Bluespectre :twilightsmile:

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Continuing on · 8:06pm Nov 30th, 2021

Despite one of the readers claiming that they had felt like vomiting after reading my last story, I have pressed on with my scribblings. Apparently eliciting a physical and -or- an emotional response from a story is considered a good thing. Or so I'm told.

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Got the Corona · 6:40am Sep 1st, 2021

If any of you have had this, then you have my deepest sympathies.

Despite the vaccinations, both myself and another member of my family (Similarly vaccinated) have come down with this damnable bug.

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Rewrite · 9:19pm Jul 18th, 2021

Having read the helpful comments regarding Island of the Forgotten, I've decided to take the story down pending a major rewrite.

The follow up will have to be put on hold as a result (Once I finish the first chapter), however I may publish it when it's ready in case anyone fancies a bit of a 'teaser trailer'.



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Part Two? · 7:36am Apr 16th, 2021

Kinda. I always intended to create this story from two or three points of view. One was from Lyra's, which was this particular story. The other will be from Blue and Galeus' point of view. I thought it would be a novel concept, and one that I hope works.

In regards to the 'what happens next' aspect, this will form part of the finale of the Fairlight series which will go into production when I finish this one.

Back to the keyboard.


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I think I need a drink · 8:17am Apr 13th, 2021

Having read some of the comments I have say that I was surprised by some of the reactions. I honestly thought the ending was good, but then I get one comparing it to the ending of Game of Thrones? God almighty, I didn't think anything I've ever written was that bad! I certainly didn't intend to upset people, but I expect we all take different things away from a read.

I don't know, maybe I dropped the ball on this one.

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Island of the Forgotten · 3:51pm Apr 7th, 2021

Well, I finally decided on a title : Island of the Forgotten.

What do you think?

It's certainly fitting, if a little '1950's B movie' ish, but what's wrong with that? Anyway, the editing is done now, and no doubt would fail any English teachers examination. Still, I think it's a damned good read even if I say so myself. Which I do. So there. :pinkiehappy:

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Getting there. · 9:40am Apr 4th, 2021

250 pages of 300 done now.


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Half way point · 10:52am Mar 23rd, 2021

Halfway done with the editing now.

I'm a bit behind schedule due to the usual outside factors, such as trying to run a household and studying for my night school exam. The final paper was last night, so fingers crossed I pass. Considering it has been thirty three years since I left school, getting back into education was quite a culture shock. Not mention making me feel like an old fart.

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