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Finally got it done · 8:43am Feb 25th, 2018

Me: I finally got around to doing the edits of Rest Well, Twilight.

Angry readers: Took you long enough! Haven't you been promising those for over a year now?

Me: Yeah I know! I'm sorry but I think that it has been worth the wait.

Angry readers: It better be...

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So how's it going with the edits on those 30k words you had lined up for NLoL? Been awhile now. Need a hand?

Thank you for adding Blood Moon to your bookshelf!

2267956 Thank you for the great stories! :twilightsmile:Hay sense you're here why don't you have a look around and sample some of my wares. Let me know what you think.:raritywink:

Thank you for the follow :pinkiegasp:

First! Kill me later DP. Anyways, good luck on your story! I hope all goes well.

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