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Over the course of Celestia’s life, she has been forced to watch her friends grow old and die, unable to give them the same longevity that she and her sister share. Even though she knows that she’d have to experience the pain of losing a dear friend again, she still cannot help but grow attached to a few particular ponies from each new generation. This pain is forever locked in her mind, but even then, she is able to keep her feelings of loss at bay.

But now, with the passing of somepony so close to her, she isn’t sure if she can deal with the aftermath.

I would like to thank The Abyss for the revised story page.

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This is a very good and very sad one-shot.

7634124 Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

The tears, they are coming...:fluttercry:

This hits right in the feels. It is such a maelstrom of grief and such that this was masterfully done. Part of what made this great is the burning desire to know how she died and the cold aching stab that just doesn't want to know either. A very weird, fine edge of feeling like knowing would lessen this somehow, but not knowing fuels a desire to know.

7634878 That is such high praise, thank you!:twilightsmile: Seriously it made my day.


it makes tears in my eyes but a beautiful story nonetheless. Well done , you've truly captured the heart of grief...

Dame you now my pillow is all wet.
This made Me cry you are a amesing writer i can't tell you How good i think this is.

Even though I proofread this, it got me a second time. :fluttercry: I hope this makes the front page of fimfiction.

What us this... feeling? Is this... sadness? Grief? The knowledge that I just read one of the best written fanfics ever (in my opinion.)

You earned 1,000,000 cookies. Plus a cake in the shape of Twilight Sparkle.:twilightsmile:

7636150 One can only hope.:moustache:
7636233 It gives me the warm fuzzies knowing that I made you sad, I kid:trollestia:, though I am happy that you and so many other people have taken a liking to my story.:twilightsmile:

7636263 Damn you! Damn you to Tartarus for causing all these feels and tears I now shed!

Amazingly beautiful (yet sad) story!

You have earned this Spike Mustache!:moustache:

The feels...they are too much. :fluttershysad::fluttercry:

Congratulations. You have made me cry. It is very impossible and rare for me to cry. Usually me eyes will just sting, my throat will get tight, and i will feel some tears in my eyes, but no tears will fall. Although i only shed one tear rip , i guess it still counts.

why am i this formal. honestly im glad i finally cried, i havent cried innnnn about a year, although soon it'll be two years. i have had many opportunities to cry but noPE my eyes refoos. anyways congrats :yay::yay:

I'm definitely not crying.
(That's a lie but we're gonna pretend it's not)

Dang,that's sad! Twilight was so young. Nice job writing it :fluttercry:

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