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Kyle has lost so much. His life is in shambles, and everything feels like it is falling apart. When he was about to lose the last thing that he held dear, fate intervened and gave him a brand new chance at life on a brand new world, one with unfamiliar creatures and a land teeming with magic. With this new opportunity, he fears that his past will prevent him from finding peace within himself, but with the help of a few new friends, he might just have a chance.

I would like to thank The Abyss for the revised story page. Name changed from When the Time Comes.

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Would definitely like to see more. Kyle is a little bit too calm for attempting to commit suicide (?) and waking up in a magical world of talking ponies though.

I can't explain how much I enjoyed the first chapter, I'll be waiting for the next.

5889638 Thank you! I am glad that you have enjoyed the story so far!

Truly splendid! :moustache: Kyle gon' diddle her piddle with his widdle fiddle... :trollestia:

*sees tragedy tag* I'm going to regret this....*reads*

7774364 Things come to light. I don't really want to give away any spoilers.

Good start, but one question thou is he killed or did he Litteraly ask for it from his friend(or murderer)?:rainbowhuh:
just started and need already more!:twilightoops:
keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

7775436 He was the victim of attempted homicide.

Can't wait for the next chapter even though they r a little short. R u planning on lengthening them?

7789055 Originally the chapters I wrote were about 10,000 words in length, but it was simpler to edit them in this smaller format. They might get longer in later chapters, but at this point I couldn't say for sure.

7789282 ok I see he's mainly paired with luna mostly but what r the others cause I found this through human harem tag

7789887 I don't really like giving away spoilers (you can ask my editor he will say the same) but since I had already put it in the folder I will tell you. If you do not like spoilers do not read the blacked out line!
Twilight will be joining the relationship later on.

What a randome time to push a new chapter. Its 12:53pm why are you even awake?

7829258 I could ask the same thing to you... also, sleeping is for during the day time. Unless you have work.... damn.

7829293 compleatly with you on that one.

7829258 A mixture of not being able to sleep and wanting to get the next chapter out as soon as I could. I totally agree with you on the random timing but as I said before I wanted to get the latest chapter out as soon as I could.

7829851 who needs sleep nowadays anyways?

that so funny, what gonna happen next chapter?

good work, I love the introduction even if I'm a bit confused :twilightsmile:

I'm looking forward to the next part of this story. It's really good:twilightsmile:

so far, so good and nothing for twilight find spell to return Kyle back home. hope twilight find something in royle libry?

7936137 She definitely finds lots and lots of books, but are they the ones she needs? You will have to read to find out!:trollestia:

He’ll be fine. Lancet just can’t stand the sight of blood. He faints every time he sees it.

Then why did he go for an occupation that involves a lot of blood?

8128823 He is vary good at what he does, which is diagnosis of illnesses and other malaises, and he leaves the other stuff to either the nurses or other doctors. That is also the reason he chose a small town hospital (though he should have done more research on location) so there was less chance that he would find himself in the presence of blood. But trying to put all that in for a side charter that doesn't hold much importance to the story is a little counterproductive, so I left it out.

Spike shrugged and disappeared into the kitchen to prepare the late dinner.

Rest in peace, Dinner
Harkinian will miss you, dearly.

I do apologize for the long wait. I hope to get the next chapter out before another year passes.

To be honest, I almost forgot I was following this story.

“Right, you have no idea who Hoke Colburn is, do you?”

Twilight shook her head, "No, I can't say that I have. Who is she... or he?"

"It's not important, just a reference to a movie from the late 20th century," Kyle replied letting out a sigh. "It's a pretty safe bet that most people back home wouldn't get the reference either."

A safe bet, indeed.

And for a (potential) error.

Kyle changed from his makeshift toga to the cloths Twilight's friend so graciously repaired for you

Switch from 3rd to 2nd-person.

Thanks for that. I have been reading a little too many 2nd person stories...:twilightblush:
Hoke Colburn is the chauffeur from Driving Miss Daisy, in case the reference is to obscure.

that the most fucking shit jumpscare ever

I want more please please:pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you like the story!:twilightsmile: I am working on the next chapter so I hope to have it out in a timely manner.:unsuresweetie:

So far so good in my opinion, I just started reading this story today and I am looking forward to the next update. :twilightsmile:

She had a Before Kyle knew it Applebloom had her front hooves planted on Kyle’s knees

A what before Kyle knew it?

Ehehehe... that’s what I get for doing last minute edits while half dead from lack of sleep. :twilightblush:

Thanks, it's fixed now.
8878016 Thanks, I'm glad you like it so far!:twilightsmile:

poor luna. but what she think of Kyle when she meet him?

“Ah, yes. Thank you, Nurse. Okay, next question: you showed a temperature of 97.9 Marenheit. Is that normal, for humans?”

Discusting! How DARE you make the non-sensical scale of measurement of temperature the standart one?! Celsius is the only and true scale of measurement of temperaure! To imply otherwise is nothing short of BLASPHEMY! DISCUSTING; DISLIKED! (just a joke brah, I like the story)

But, but I just wanted to make something unique and punny. :fluttercry:

Glad you liked the story! :twilightsmile:

Sooo, will this ever be continued or is it dead? After 2 years I'm hoping for the former but leaning towards the later.

No, it's not dead I have simply been busy with life. I am working on the next chapter when I have the time and hope to finish it soontm.

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