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This story is a sequel to Life of Lyra

The fateful day has come and gone. Nightmare Moon returned to Equestria and was dealt with by Twilight Sparkle and her friends. The tale of Equestria is not told yet, however.

Lyra Heartstrings is seeking a true purpose to her life, Sweetie Drops is seeking safety for the ponies of Equestria, Scootaloo seeks the sky itself, and the bat ponies of Thestralia are looking for friendship.

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This should be the last story in this trilogy. We have finally hit S1E1, and things... progressed exactly as they should have.

You will note I will be avoiding showing the events of the show except where things might diverge (though that won't be happening too much). So come, let's explore the next chapter in Lyra, Equestria, and Thestralia's story.

Once again, as with the previous two, this is a weekly commission, though the chapters here might be a little more roomy than the previous ones. Not quite Queen Rarity scale, but I will carry each to the length it needs to be.

A great thing.
A story that manages to keep to the show and its world only adding to it without greatly contradicting itself but at the same time we are not forced to basically re-read the episodes for the x-th time.

Oooh. New story. Safe to read now? Or should I wait for Life of Lyra Epilogue?

10323225 If there was to be an epilogue to Life of Lyra, I would have published it before marking it complete.

Welcome, to the End Of The Beginning?

Next time, on The Ponyville Zone.

Do you like, ummm, cupcakes? :trollestia:

Doi. Didn’t even notice the complete tag on LoL.

Noticed the post date of this is end of May. Is that accurate? I spend a stalkery amount of time going through your stories for something new to read. Haven’t seen a brand new story since Lace and Filigree.

Wheeeeee! Really enjoying this AU!

I'm looking forward to the rest of this story already. I wonder how Lyra is going to react to the Elements of Harmony.

Going for a "greatest story never told" angle? I can get behind that. Looking forward to seeing what goes on in the background.

this is going to be interesting to see how you do this story arc , it is looking super good.

*sees title*

A stallion with two buttocks? (Species adjustments aside, I can absolutely see the Python crew using that joke.)

Dear Lyra of Heartstrings, daughter of Joyce of Mango, Big Sister to all Thestralia, and Wizened Cracker,
Congratulations, and may you live life to the fullest. As always, I look forward to your shenanigans and Tomfoolery.

Miss Not Appearing In This Publication.

Bloody fine writing, Damaged. I look forward to more.

Ohhh part 3!!

Just a note here. I will not be attempting Luna's affected Ye Olde English Accent for the following reasons:

It's an accent.
It doesn't make a lick of sense.
I, like 99.999% of authors before me, would mess it up.
To apply it consistently (unlike how the show does) would require significant extra time on my behalf.

So I apologize for any of you that hoped to see me spouting off with that. Not going to happen.

Lyra: might have missed this, but any plans to give Scootaloo her proper movie education? Unlaiden swallows, don’t call me Shirley, and have fun storming the castle?


Well enough, well enough. I myself have only seen it done really well and proper like once.

ELuna's Return Trajectory
Princess Luna has found herself on a very different moon after some strange force interfered with her banishment. She doesn't know what the metal objects that keep orbiting and sometimes landing there are, but she's going to find out.
Stainless Steel Fox · 97k words  ·  1,744  23 · 33k views

Stainless Steel Fox did a fine job, but other than that, it really is hit and miss.

If you had a Regimental Seargent Major called History Buff, what would their expected stats roughly be? :pinkiehappy:

And would their aide de camp be called Whispering Grass? :trollestia:

"It's not like the train will leave without them. Stamped is too nice for that," Scootaloo said.

I tried three times to read this as Stampede missing an 'e' before I realized it was Stamp-ed.

10334874 Stamped Mark is an NPC conductor for the train. He was first introduced in the first story when Michael Lyra visits Canterlot for the first time. :twilightsmile:

10334864 They are the .001 percent!

i for one know Scootaloo is meant to be something big in time.

This chapter is great I loved the part with Luna and Joyce and Lyra getting her classmates to help. I loved the part with Scootaloo and it's good that she will be able to fly.

Getting banished for a millennium for a pubescent tantrum... This made Nightmare Moon a whole lot darker, no pun intended.

"Technically over eleven-hundred years old, yes," Luna said.

Okay, so she was over a hundred when she went Nightmarish. That's less awful. I think.

There's going to be more shouting. Every time they salute I will want to shout.

Lyra truly does not understand how to seem unsuited for acting as a sergeant.

Wonderful amount of Cutealoo in this chapter, and I love how Lyra's getting dragged kicking and screaming to greater things. Fate isn't done with her yet, it seems.


Fate isn't done with her yet, it seems.

And it likely never will be.

On one hoof sad no scootabat. On the other yay for fixed wings.

On the "Ye Olde English", its usage as running joke material is quite possible... Rosencrantz and Guildenstern style, most likely.

BonBons having too much fun doing Heavy Training there, need to get her a white ghi so she can also keep up with her Fast moves, and how to Jump Real Good? :pinkiehappy:

If Bonbon gets that Ajustable Heavy Armor, will it be possible, between Minimum and Maximum size, to apply two sets at once, or even within a narrower range of body sizes? Would Big Mac be trainable until he can not only wear the weight of fully equipped Bonbo And Lyra, but also swing a War Anvil? :eeyup:

I would think, in keeping with SteamPunk, that Valves wouldnt be affected by magic all that much, because if designed right, they are literally lightning, or at least corona discharge, StElmos Fire, in air in a mineral container? And TVs origionally were, electronically, a giant lightning tube? Resistors and capacitors have direct natural equivalents, as in mineral concentration in water for conductance, and dry ground layers between aquifers and water courses for capacitors. The main complicated equivalent would be inductors, as how often do spirals of seperated flow of dense mineral fluid or mettalic enough ore veins occur?

For true computational systems Lyra would need piezooptical, piezoelectrical polycrystaline materials such as crystal growth kits, or rock farm geodes or nodules that at extremeis have properties effectively that of unicorn horns and possible structures for magic interaction in bones of ponies and others?

What are Bonbons thoughts on training with Pinkie Pie? :pinkiehappy:

Broad Strokes wore the smile of every teacher who'd explained something so many times as to go hoarse, only to be ignored. "Next?"

You should always be wary of a happy drill sergeant.

"And when you have that done, come back and see Pen Stroke about some paperwork regarding your promotion."

"Prom—" My brain shorted out. I hadn't realized exactly what he'd meant earlier, but now I did. I couldn't be a trainer without being a sergeant. "But sir…?" Words failed me again. How did I tell him no?

"But? Sergeant, there are no buts in the E.U.P. Guard, only a lot of hard-working flanks. Dismissed." He turned and walked off with my paper work.

Good work will be rewarded with more work. Such is the way of things.

He looked to think for a few moments, something I approved of. "Fly off, grab some rocks, drop rocks."

The really nasty pegasai are the ones who know how to pull ice out of clouds, and shape it into darts. Now there's a gift that keeps on giving.

And Trixie is here! The story is now officially great and powerful! Let the complete deviation from canon begin!

Another nice chapter and I'm eager to see how things with Trixie will go in Ponyville.

With Lyra and Bonbon as a training sergeant power couple, the Guard might actually stand a chance against some later threats. Maybe. Definitely better odds, if not necessarily good ones.

Also, now that Trixie has some ponies in her corner, hopefully her first visit to Ponyville will go at least a little better.

She levitated them up without using telekinesis (somehow) and then flicked through them to reveal they were all aces.

The first illusion you must learn is the illusion that your horn isn't glowing.

Staring at the spear where it hit him, Shining's eyes were wide. "How in Celestia's name did you just—Did you come up with that just now?"

I shrugged my shoulders—almost dropping the spear as I did. "Seemed obvious."

"It is. So obvious nopony has ever thought of it before. Scootaloo, that's an amazing idea."

Really? Thwacking something with the butt of the spear is a revolutionary idea? That's like one of the most basic things of spear-fighting! For that matter, why are you lot using spears as serious weapons anyway? You're not exactly physiologically suited to them...

10450040 When you have the ultimate weapon—one that can slice through enchantments, steel, and flesh—sometimes it's hard to remember that you can thump somepony on the head with it.

Trixies snake, couple with spear and armor enchantments, could make for some very intresting variations on offence and defence? Like deployable Stegplates just by innate reaction of defense to that location?

Personally Id go with bar. Its long, thin, heavy, very difficult to cut or bend and has a whole multitude of uses, and in many points of habitation can be passed off as a walking stick or carry bar etc. Especially if it doesnt look like its base 20 pound of steel. With the correct treatments, I wonder just what kind of draw an Earth pony could get out of it as a spring steel long bow? :eeyup:

THis chapter is simply great! and I love all the ideas that are presented about the events Lyra and Sweetie Drops need to organize. I'm very much looking forward to Trxie's show and it's obviously going to be different from the one in the Tv-series.

I know Trixie was in previous chapters (as is alluded to frequently here), but I never felt we got that much of a glimpse of her beyond the performer persona. This chapter’s use of Scootaloo’s perspective did wonders for Trixie as a character within your canon. She feels so concrete after this chapter that I’m honestly hoping to see her more beyond the upcoming show. Quite the feat when I rarely put forth much interest into her in the original material. Excellent writing throughout, beyond a couple of unfortunately easy to make autocorrect spelling errors hidden rarely.
Considering the size of this chapter, I can’t see the next update arriving as soon as my enjoyment cajoles me to hope. I’ll be looking forward to it regardless!

10450650 Of this I produce around 8000-10000 words a month, so hopefully not too long!

Child militar camps? Mmmmm idk

a awesome chapter and this is shaping up to be a amazing story.

10450808 Heh, it isn't like the Wonderbolts don't have this already with their "best young flier" competitions. My own country has not just Scouts and Guides, but also cadets for army, navy, and air force. Lots of militaries do, apparently: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadet

I know they exist. is because that I don't like them. But this is your story, make what you want

"It's just hard to wait for it to work."

Why the Crusade happened, summarized in a single sentence.

Quill and Ledger is a legitimately great ponification of a duo who already have pretty ponyish names.

You're lucky she didn't make me lunch from her homeland.

There's a joke about Vegemite in here somewhere...

Apart from Nightmare Moon and that nasty thing from Thestralia, Ponyville was fairly quiet.

Of course she thinks that just before getting a permission slip to see Discord.

"Trixie is looking after me today. She's one of Lyra—Sergeant Lyra's—friends."
That got a slight nod from the guard.

Being Lyra's friend is security clearance equivalent to most Equestrian counterintelligence agents.

I honestly do like the idea of an organized self-defense course like this. The ramped-up militarization carries some worrisome overtones for where Celestia sees Equestria in the coming years, but the ideas are sound.

Poke it with a stick: The first scientific analysis tool becomes the newest tactical innovation.

There's a lot in the works. The nation's going to be nigh-unrecognizable by the time Lyra and company are through with it. And that's before taking Twilight's contribution into account!

Dear Princess Luna,
What are your thoughts on a foal producing a revolutionary technique for non-lethal combat?

Showing none of the slight of hoof - sleight

10454730 Ack! Thank you for letting me know. All fixed.

You know, I can't wait to see what Lyra makes of the Flimflam brothers. That magipunk thingamajig could be exactly the thing that Thestralia needs right now, that "tech" would go a long way towards patching some of the holes magic has left in their industrial base.

Intresting to see Lyra glitch on seeing and understanding the sheer power levels associated with the Elements? I wonder what kind of thoughts thats going to lead her to, analysis and projections etc?

In combat terms, I wonder what the effect is of being hit with a fresh out of the oven hotter than boiling water stuffed apple pie is, on heat conducting metal armor or in the unprotected face. :twilightoops:


Oh, you cheeky mare.

This is certainly an interesting variation on the actual episode. I don't see why Twilight would need a scalding since she didn't do anything wrong at all.

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