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This story is a sequel to Tales From Day Court

A spin off/sequel to 'My Family and Other Equestrians'.

Living in Equestria with the rest of her family, Margaret has taken up a job at Ponyville's schoolhouse. Working alongside Cheerilee, she returns to the familiar life of maths lessons, spelling tests, exams, lovable students, and dealing with insufferable helicopter parents. But this is Equestria, and that means more than the odd spanner in the works from time to time. Join this semi-retired teacher, pulled back into the work she loves, as she gets to grips with cutie marks, magic lessons, and the general chaos that is the life of an Equestrian schoolteacher.

Set during Season 5 and runs parallel to 'Tales From Day Court'.

Updated every Friday

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 92 )

his is a super good start to this collection of story's I am really loving .

You get a 1Up for the awesome Buttons Adventure reference

ok Filthy straighten your brat up or she gets thrown out for a week and false the year and held back.:scootangel:
I have a huge problem with bratty kids.

Methinks Filthy Rich isn't the problem. Not denying that he's doing everything he can to be a good father for Diamond, but he needs to grow a backbone. Spoiled Bitch is the REAL problem, if you ask me. At best, she'll ascend into the Manehatten upper class, seeing as the Canterlot upper class is unicorns only. She only has the money because of her marriage to Filthy. If I didn't know any better, Filthy would have been raised as a southern gentleman.

Somepony's gonna get their teeth kicked by Murphy.

Murphys fate sarcasm detection meter just went past Blueblood:Noble. :twilightoops:

Dreams in Equestria are funny things. They aren’t just random images strung together and forgotten after we wake up. They are often more like visions and are usually carrying some sort of message. Freud would have a field day if he ever came to Equestria

So would Jung -or Daniel

Husbands job is literally hell, but its an improvement over his last job. :pinkiegasp:

Abraham Lincoln (16th president of the USA) got into an argument with someone & they said "(on this issue), I'd rather be right than president!" Lincoln replied "Thank God you'll never be either" Sometimes, you just have to say to yourself "Would I rather be right or be married?" This is why I've never been married.

If a husband says something & his wife doesn't hear it, is he still wrong? :rainbowhuh:

8048457 Marriage - a situation where one person is right, and the other one's the husband. :rainbowlaugh:

a grate chapter, lots of back story and it fills in so much for the many story.

only one inmate who unsettled him?
if I am right I know who it is and that pony / goat it being used in a story I am helping a little bit with.

Nice! First the son, then the father, and now his mum! Next would be his sis, aye?

8057419 Right you are. 'Adventures in the Weather Patrol' is in the planning stages at the moment. I plan to have a bit more action and adventure, while still sticking to the slice of life roots of the series so far. That story though, will be set in Season 6.

2 points
A steer is a bull that has been castrated. I hope you meant bull not steer

You mention her age as about 60. Her son is 20ish & Lizzie is younger. Roger could well be 60ish, but IMO she is more likely 50ish. Unless Lizzie is a Change-of-Life baby?

Brings to mind something that happened to my mother
Back in the early 1960s, it wasn't as widely known that when you went off birth control pills you were more likely to get pregnant. Dr. Stein (family doctor) took Mom off birth control (they were more worried about cancer back then) She gets pregnant & calls Dr. Stein "I'm pregnant" "You're not pregnant, you are going through Change-of-Life" "I've had 4 kids, I know when I'm pregnant" "You are NOT pregnant. Thinking you are pregnant is a common symptom of menopause" Mom got so pissed off, she hung up on him. Months later, she called back "My Change-of-Life is having contractions 20 minutes apart. You want to get your dumb ass over to the hospital?"

At least they went for the roping. I suspect the bovines definitely wouldnt like it if an Earth Pony went for their standard ability.

Cow Punching. :flutterrage:


A steer is a bull that has been castrated. I hope you meant bull not steer

Derp. :derpyderp1: Fixing now.

As for character ages, they are correct. Margaret is to an extent based on my own mum, who turned 61 this year. She did have me quite late in the day, and was warned about me possibly having down's syndrome among other problems. The real Roger, or least the person he's based on, is only 58. Some folks do choose to wait a little longer than most.

She probably called him a steer because, in general, steers look less ferocious than bulls. IMO, it's probably like calling someone a sissy or a homosexual. Also going to get in trouble with the phrase "Bull in a china shop"

I'd put in a link to "Your Racist Friend" by They Might Be Giants but either myself or my computer seems to lack the ability, so I won't. Yeah, I know she didn't mean it that way, but if she's not lucky that's how it's going to come across. On the other hoof, you could argue that ponies ARE kind of racist & non ponies are second class citizens, de facto if not de jure (I know, not everyone would agree. You don't see non ponies in school despite both Cows & Sheep living Ponyville)

Tonight, I’d gone for something simple; cheesy beef cobbler with sticky toffee pudding for afters.

Rabbit or chicken, sure. Arguably even pork (AJ has a lot of pigs on her farm. There are a few things pigs can be used for other than eating, but...) No way that's real beef. Does Equestria even have Mystery Meat made from soybeans or tofu?

For some of the problems meat eaters can have Naked Lunch by Estee

I wish I handt read this at 11 pm. I lost it with Blueblood as Dougal from Father Ted, and not only are the next houses only ten to twenty yards away with mere doubble glazing, but I live in a group of 4 maisonette flats. Fortunately the lady next door goes to bed after midnight and upstairs has a intermediate bathroom visit.

Who gets to be Bishop Brennen to Blueblood?

Is ok your grace. Go back to sleep. Its just a dream.

CRILLY. :trollestia:

vary good chapter I like how it all played out.

8081164 Given Luna's epic cape and sometimes fearsome temper, I can see her charging across a lawn to murder Blueblood like so:


To be fair, this is the pony who considered my husband’s copy of War and Peace light reading.

Been awhile since I read My Family and Other Equestrians but didn't they arrive with just the clothes on their back? Where'd they get the book?

  The First Griffon War, as Equestrians call it, was not particularly long. The griffons could not stand up to the power of magic, certainly not when the princesses themselves joined the fray

I think that Luna was still in exile at that time & it would have been just Celestia at that time. Unless it was over 1,000 years ago? Twilight's info was out of date, but that's ridiculous

Depending on teh age of that gas mask, I hope they gave it a really good scrubbing.

Wonder if the major knows any particularly large, overbearing and extremely bombastic griffins? :pinkiecrazy:

8095760 The rift reopened again briefly in chapter 50, spewing out a lot of stuff from Earth. Although you are correct about the princesses. At the time, Luna would have been in exile, and Cadence wasn't a princess yet.

Typical of the timelord being a Baker, he Scarfed all the best jokes. :pinkiehappy:

Someones invitation managed to turn up a week early, butthe Tardis has gone missing? If it had gone back in time he wouldve picke it up again already, and if forward, he wont find it if its moved over teh next hill, unless word gets back, and then he has it already?

At least Cranky and Matilda are finally happy together. :yay:

8111177 Just to hype you up a bit, we will be encountering the TARDIS in a few weeks. :derpyderp2:

this is a really good chapter right till the end.
now I am wondering what part of his past Roger was remembering.

The part of this chapter that is so important and you get right is the totally phlegmatic approach Margaret and Roger have to the presence of the Bugbear and the battle going on in the streets. It's a Friday thing in Ponyville!

8126713 It's actually referencing an actual event during The Troubles. He's remembering the part he played in the Battle at Springmartin. Here's a link to the Wikipedia page: link

Ahh, Raiders. what a classic start. Pity Luna just missed the Rolling Stone. Im sure she would be in two minds about getting Jaggers autograph. :trollestia:

The Troubles. :pinkiesad2:

that is right now I remember I think you referenced this in the parent story.

I always got the impression that Sassy was the graduate of the Canterlot School of Business and has the Equestrian version of a MBA. She isn't dumb by any means but she doesn't really understand Rarity's style and how she made her business a success. She was trying to apply rigid conventional retail store rules to what was meant to be a bespoke clothiers.

I do like how you occasionally add north of England sayings, dialect and thoughts to the POV in this story. For someone from the Midlands or North, Canterlot must be as exasperating as going to central London or dealing with Home Counties tourists!

I have and i found the curry to die for if still lacking in tje heat.:rainbowlaugh:

I like these stories because people speak normal. Least, they do where I come from. Other people might speak normal to them, but they aint here.

Could be worse. Sassy couldve been trying to follow Trafford Centre rules.

The best thing, maybe Discordian, would be if blueblood just happened to have the perfect fur for absorbing tumeric, and he was intolerant of it. Take a few weeks to get going but oh the fun.:raritywink:

Dr Who trivia note: Technically, Dinky is a-half Gallifreyan. A 'Time Lord' is specifically a graduate of the Prydonian Academy of Time at Mount Cadon on Gallifrey. As well as learning the mechanics of time, a Time Lord also has strict mental and emotional conditioning and preparation to enable them to confront the temptations of time-travel without becoming a walking, talking paradox generator.

Given that, of the five graduates of the Academy we've met in the show as primary or secondary characters, four (the Doctor, the Master, the Monk and the Rani) are arguably insane, this doesn't say much for the Academy's methodology of preparing its students to confront Time in all Its terrible majesty.

Gallifreyan genes tend to breed true, so Dinky is probably more Gallifreyan than she is Equestrian pony. I have no doubt that, if mortally injured, she would regenerate and there is no guarantee that she would do so into an equine form.

Once again thank you you are a great writer and i hope you keep this up for years to come.

8158178 Don't forget Romana as well for those given names and personalities.

8158178 If I remember correctly, upon graduation and taking their new title, a Timelord gets to gaze into the vortex through the Eye of Time (I think). That tends to be what sends them over the edge, it was after all, where the Master first heard the sound of drums. Given that Dinky never did that, I suppose that she's technically not a Timelord, and thus not quite as bonkers.

a grate chapter I love it.
on a side not do you really think that Dinky with her knowledge does not know who her dad really is.

8158334 :pinkiesad2: I've got a few ideas left, and i'll keep posting them for as long as this site and this fandom exist. :ajsmug:

All you need to state into the Time Vortex, is a nice hot cup of tea. :trollestia:

Ahh, fruitcake. The Paradox Cake. Celestia loves all cakes, but dislikes all that bring armageddon to her little ponies. That, and Pinkies planetary fruitcake is a somewhat singular event. :twilightoops:

Dont ask me to work on a Type 40. Id try and rewire it according to Guide 2 principles and cause some Real problems. :pinkiecrazy:

Smoke me a kipper, Ill be back for breakfast. :moustache:

Big Mac would be the leading lady in any english pantomime or theatre presentation. :eeyup:

a good chapter I can see you defiantly worked in the episode really good.
as to bob not a clue.

"We were searchin' for our cutie marks,
For a while there! Tryin to find how we fit in!
So many ways we tried before,
But we kept on tryin' more!
'Cause the Cutie Mark Crusaders Don't give in!"

I defy anyone to say that they didn't have a reaction to that episode, positive or negative. It was just too powerful not to generate a reaction and make the viewer have a strong opinion on what they'd seen.

As a check, was Kim Jong Un in charge at the time your family first went to Equestria?

I would love to see her give a stern talking to Spoiled, especially around the matters of child abuse

We've watched you, from that very first day.:trollestia:

While the school budget might not have the funds to fix the playground maybe a discrete word to Twilight might help. I would assume it was the Princess's intention that everything possible that was damaged or destroyed in the fight with Tirek be fixed. I'd guess with all larger things a playground is easily overlooked.

As for Spoiled Rich I get the feeling she is one of those that would see nothing wrong with stabbing someone in the back if I helped climb the socail ladder

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