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Trixie Lulamoon is already Great and Powerful, but a mare can stand to be greater and powerful... er.

She finds Starlight far too busy with running the School of Friendship to be much help, so she seeks out a pony to be her mentor as she becomes a true wizard.

This story is all SockPuppet's fault. Blame him.

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This story is all SockPuppet's fault. Blame him.



Hahahahaha. I say so much random shit I honestly didn't remember which one this was.

Yur a wizard, Trixie!

Mmmmm. Yes. Just... yes.

Master Wizardry - Book One: Getting Your Apprentice to Do Everything

Now we have proof that Celestia is also a wizard.

EDIT: You should continue writing the second chapter, titled 'The most important chapter'

10415755 She learned from Star Swirl, after all.

It lasts for about two days. I'd suggest renewing it every morning.

Now I wonder if this will cause her magic and her horn to grow exponentially if she casts it too often...
Anyway, a great idea that was executed really well.


Did Starswirl ever attend the Unseen University in The Discworld by a chance?

10415930 Nah. If he were, he'd be a wizzard.

Ah yes. The basics of utilising the most bullshit power possible, magic, to it's fullest. Gotta love those spellmonkeys with creative solutions to whatever problem your dungeoneering party could ever encounter. Grease, Knock, Mage Hand, Misty Step, Create/Destroy Water, Shape Earth, Alter Self, Fly and, of course, the signature move of every Wizard worth their spellbook - "I cast FIREBALL!"

You have to watch you pronunciation, though. While you can defeat a summoned demon by casting Altar Self, you can really only do so once.

I was going to say, I can see where Celestia got it from now. :rainbowlaugh:

mean while princess twilight is pulling out her mane in frustration that trixie became starswirl apprentice

10417490 The best bit would be having Twilight call on Star Swirl for help, only for him to send Trixie instead—because of the most important rule of wizardry.

just imaging that scene is gold

I approve of this wizard story :moustache:

This is smashing stuff. I do love a character that plays things clever.


He’s more of a Ridcully than a Rincewind in any case, and he certainly has the hat for it, though it’s not as good as Ridcully’s, which is an article of clothing I have always coveted.

It is a work of art. It was made specifically for him by a special firm of certified mad hatters (so as to avoid any of the problems that the other Archchancellor's Hat brought about) and is customised heavily. It has a tailored roll of oiled silk and four telescoping legs, which when extended produce a compact and serviceable tent, as well as having drawers in it, and little pockets, a spirit stove, three days' worth of iron rations and a small bottle of potent alcohol in the tip.
The hatband is slightly loose too, so that he can stash at least one pistol crossbow in it, and his fishing flies are generally sticking out of it.
And it is still, undeniably, the wide-brimmed, pointed hat of a wizard.
All in all, a hat of magnificence.

Why would he ever need iron rations when he's also an Egomaniac Hunter?

Also, the Discworld is clearly occurring somewhere in our galaxy or an alternate universe thereof, because Pratchett was well-read enough to know that the original mythology, rather than having turtles all the way down, had it swimming in a sea of milk.

I think is because iron is anti magic.

Hence why is so hard to make a decent magical sword.

"Apart from a copious amount of very lewd books by an author calling themselves Thgiliwt Elkraps, who I am absolutely sure I know the real name of, no."

I have several questions.

The illusion postulate is interesting, though Starlight would have had to trick Twilight into doing most of the work. I suppose that's what grabbing the scroll was for.

Unannounced incinerations are down 500% at the school

Normally, I'd say this was nonsense, but Trixie statistics are a form of lie all their own.

Gnarled and worn with what looked like centuries of walking, the stick was actually one she'd found on the edge of the forest on her way into town.

Starlight would approve, I'm sure.

Lovely to see Star Swirl find a truly deserving apprentice to inherit his legacy. Thank you for a most entertaining read.

You assume Starlight knew it was an illusion too--I thought the implication here was that Starswirl had always made it to be an illusion, but had passed the original spell off like it was an actual time travel spell anyway, so to greatly upsell his capabilities as a wizard. :raritywink:

Honesty you should write more about this. This is too good for just a one shot.

Trixie being a Discworld like wizard fits so much it should be a long story.

"Exactly! Oh, it's not hard to stack illusion spells like that, particularly ones cast by a powerful unicorn. Now, imagine how much better those illusions would be when a powerful unicorn and an alicorn cast them. I'm sure those fantasies were so realistic that even a princess couldn't tell they weren't real."

A clever alternative to the messy paradoxes and inexplicable outcomes that episode created.

Though, "It's About Time" clearly featured a closed time loop. Illusion would not cover that one.

10418023 It is a fact that something CANNOT decrease by a percentage over 100%. If something has decreased by 100%, then it is already nonexistent.

Decreasing by 500% would mean it's now 5 times into negative territory.

If she means it has dropped to 1/5th the rate, then the decrease would be 80%, and the resultant rate would be 20% the previous average numbers of fires.

(Alondro once more demonstrates his big-brained, dumb-high 189 IQ!! FLEXING ALL OVER EVERYONE'S FACE; demonstrating that he shall be the one to conquer ZAWARDO!!!, Alondro stands above all... for he is the one true BILLY!!) :pinkiecrazy:

As I said, to amend the old saw, there are four kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, statistics, and Trixie statistics.

10603990 There is a 5th kind of lie: Chinese economic reports


Author Interviewer

This was great. :D But why just call him "Star" the whole time? That messed with me.

Wow that was a very interesting story and seeing Star Swirl training Trixie that is pretty funny and I'm sure Twilight is to be so jealous lol

I was half expecting Trixie to get an apprentice of her own. After all you know the most important rule of being a wizard... :trollestia:

Howdy, hi!

This was fun to read. Starswirl being this grifter-type character teaching Trixie his ways was fantastic. I like the flow from scene to scene and especially loved the moment when Trixie used that final illusion spell from Starswirl to just make her magic prettier and horn longer. I also adore the idea that Starlight and Twilight didn't actually travel through time, but instead just lived through a complex series of illusions. It was just a wild ride from start to finish with a really interesting premise and a super fun characterization of Starswirl.

Anyways, it was a fun read. Thanks for the fic!

11001483 Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback. :twilightsmile:

The logic was sound enough that Trixie had to resign herself to the fact that defeating powerful demons just required ruining their clothes.

ah, disappointing mundanity at the heart of the secrets of magic, a fantastic setup for the themes of this work

"Apart from a copious amount of very lewd books by an author calling themselves Thgiliwt Elkraps, who I am absolutely sure I know the real name of, no."


I'm sure those fantasies were so realistic that even a princess couldn't tell they weren't real.

and i instantly love this headcanon fix of the timelines issue! certainly makes a lot more sense than entire universes created just to suffer and then die

"This is the most important spell."

i just love how much this says about both Trixie and Starswirl (they do have a lot more in common that i would've thought!), and the place of magic and powerful sorcerers in pony culture in general, fantastic stuff

Trixie hated to admit it—and she certainly didn't do things she hated—but he had been right every time he'd said that phrase.

love the aside, you really know your Trixie

Though she knew his game, and voiced that she knew it, Trixie also could admire it.

do love how out in the open it is, and how accepting Trixie is of it!

"Diplomancy is when a wizard uses diplomacy, isn't it?" Trixie already knew the answer. After all, not using magic was the best way to use the least amount of magic.

ugh, yes! really, at this point i could read this marester/apprentice duo you are crafting all day

Clop-clop clop-clop thunk. Clop-clop clop-clop thunk.

it's the little things that make this image of a-few-years-post-canon Trixie so vivid in the mind in so few words

Trixie was careful to pronounce the E on the end to make the phrase more old-timey and fancy.

again, love it!

just a fantastic little genre blend! recontextualizing Starswirl and fancy wizards in general as advanced grifters is an absolutely brilliant idea that makes for a very satisfying (if cynical) way to resolve canon tonal inconsistencies, and Trixie is the perfect character to be introduced to this bit of the world. it's also very neat that you made her an effective reader surrogate character while still retaining all of her Trixieness. what a perfect little glimpse into what really feels like a larger world of marester wizardry, thank you for it!

11006200 Happy you had fun reading! :twilightsheepish:

What the heck did I just read?
This was all sorts of silliness, and yet fits Trixie well. Though, I do question why she wouldn't tell Starlight, but beyond that this piece was filled with genuine charm and kept my interest all the way through.

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