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When one of the CDA's human agents stops an incursion, they're given the reward of time. Typically, they have two hours in Equestria to do whatever they like, within the limits of what the Princesses will allow. Some hike through the mountains. Others quietly sit by pristine rivers so they can look at what they're trying to defend.

On a warm spring night, Melissa has her two hours, and she wants to use the time for connecting with a friend.

The friend wants something more.

(Follows up on the original, which should be read first. Two other more optional followups exist.)

Now has a TVTropes page and character sheet. New edits welcome.

Now with author Patreon page.

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Comments ( 13 )

Exquisite. I love the parallels that still deviate enough to define each musician's respective universe. The concept of what I want to call "cutie mark overload" is equal parts fascinating and terrifying, especially given how each pony has the potential to succumb. Makes me fear for the Crusaders, honestly...

It's also interesting to note that the some of the Agency's human agents have the means to move about the universes. I must have forgotten that wrinkle... which is odd, because the "two hours" deal is familiar. Stupid unreliable headmeats. I guess after the evocative images of the force field-sealed refugee camp, I forgot about the planeswalkers.
(EDIT: I see the problem. I haven't read TotCDA: Bree. I should rectify that.)

Oh, and I have to wonder, did you have a specific comic book-style universe in mind, or just "generic supers"?

In any case, a fantastic story of a mare still relearning how to be more than music, a woman with a magic wand for a larynx, and their tenuous friendship. Thank you for it.

So... are there any of these other worlds that aren't terrible places to live (read: not just slightly worse than ours)?


Melissa is not an original character: I just basically retold her biography, and her world will be familiar to many. Searching the Internet with the right terms will locate a picture. That's all I'll say for now on that subject... I want to give someone else the pleasure of IDing it, assuming the Comments build up that far.

The ''two hours' bit -- the standard time award for most incursions stopped -- is suggested by Bree at the end of the original CDA story: three devices confiscated and brought over, six hours added to her ledger.

Most of the CDA's human agents can world-jump, although the majority are limited to passage between their birth homes and Equestria. (Those who can provide reinforcements elsewhere are especially prized -- and hard to come by.) Some of them have it as a native ability: others have begged, borrowed, stolen, stumbled, and occasionally just errored their way into at least a semi-reliable, repeatable process.

And yes... that's most. Exceptions are rare and, for the most part, stranded because their method was broken or taken.


Our own world isn't exactly a comforting option.

And if Equestria was trying to fend off beacons of sweetness and light (for some versions), they'd have a much easier time finding allies. Most of those places launching regular incursions will not be kind ones.

However, you can relax in the certainty that I banned Westros.

Dang, and here I was hoping you'd retcon Ned's death and have him stuck in a world where winter was scheduled. :trollestia:

"Justice, like lightning..."

That's what tipped me off. Brilliant, as always.


It's always interesting to see a new take on Lyra and the whos and hows and whys regarding her interest in humans, but this might be the best yet that I have read.

Another great CDA story.

Melissa Gold, A.K.A. Songbird? I was actually afraid of not being able to eventually find out who she was


:pinkiesmile: Yes. I wanted to have her show up in civvies and avoided most of the early giveaway names. Her look is pretty distinctive, powers just about so, and I figured a few would know her background.


"ever should appear, to few men's ruin, but to all men's fear."

That was... interesting. I say that in the sense that it's not normally the type of story that I enjoy. Usually I like a more traditional narrative, but here I was strangely enjoying the slow reveal of back stories and the hints of deeper issues. I'm not sure if I'd view it differently if I was familiar with Melissa's character from other fiction, but as a blank slate, it worked for me.

The other thing that stood out to me was how the depiction of Lyra as as reclusive introvert certainly contrasts with the typical fandom personality I've come to expect (and like) but... well, like with the structure, I really enjoyed it in this particular case as well, although I'm not entirely sure why.

Regardless, I really enjoyed the way you wove these to characters together, and was impressed with how you made me enjoy elements I normally wouldn't. So, yay! :yay:

You do an excellent job of "unwrapping" backstories in your stories.

I just wanted to say, I got the Narnia reference. Also, you do dark right. The world stinks, but that doesn't stop people from doing what they can to freshen things up. It's part of why I like your stories.

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