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This story is a sequel to Extra Cheesy

Twilight and Lyra met up at the newest eatery in town, Cheesy Changeling Pizza, decided that not only had it been way too long since they had really had some fun together, but invited Bored along too.

Bored is a special kind of changeling. When his Glorious and Masterful Queen, Chrysalis, announced that a pizza shop was going to open in Ponyville, he was too slow to avoid being volunteered to work the counter. He was terrified delighted to find out that the Princess of Friendship wasn't the changeling-destroying monster everyling made her out to be, and was actually pretty sweet—taste wise.

But that was another story, another cheesy story. This one is about what came later. This is, Totally Cheesy.

Contains: Fun, silliness, changelings... again. But this time there is totally a cameo from the rest of the mane6! Rated T this time because mention of alcohol.

EDIT: So, this universe is completely identical to the normal canon universe, except Twilight Sparkle freakin' loves cheese (unlike the first time, I now know what a quesadilla is, but the cheese-puns are just too tasty to leave alone).

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Get it while it's hot!

I guess you can say that Twilight had

( •_•)>⌐■-■
a meltdown.

Twilight almost broke a Pinkie promise, but ended up cheezing it. :pinkiecrazy:

So a unicorn sandwich has the bread in the middle? :rainbowhuh:

7915178 Neigh! You make a regular sandwich, then as you toast it, sprinkle grated/shredded cheese onto the bread. The searing of the toasting makes the cheese go crunchy. :twilightsmile:

Well, that was delightfully cheesy.

Yeah yeah, I know it's the obvious joke, but it's what I got.

I prefer to put mayonnaise on the outside of the sandwich. Trust me, it is delicious.

smile almost from ear to ear - a smile almost from ear to ear

you dun a great job - you done a great job

I never expected you to continue this, but it's every bit the sinfully, oooey gooey delight as the first story. :derpytongue2:

7915375 Fixed, anypony would think I might have drunk some rum while writing this... LIES! :derpytongue2:

A chill ran down Twilight's spine, a breeze blew the doors of her library open, and under the noise a voice whispered, "Forevveeeerrrrr…"

7914850 :facehoof:

...can we have more of this?
Changelings making food stuffs to Ponyvile and everyone loving them
or just make more Fics about Food...
it's not a thing i just love it when people enjoy crafted foods.

7915659 Basically, whenever I binge-watch Masterchef, this is what happens. :twilightsmile:

Might I suggest macaroni and cheese for the next installment?

7915700 That is a good one. I was also contemplating fondue, as well as something controversial, lasagne. :pinkiegasp:

When i was reading this in the back of my mind i was thinking about that scene from Chef
uhh here

7915714 Blocked in my country. :fluttercry:

...i shouldn't but here

pirating for others:pinkiehappy:
should i just put this in my other edit?

7915775 Fairly neat. I totally cheat and use a sandwich press, toasts both sides at once, gets things perfect! :scootangel:

a few secs in the scene 'after' he takes a bite and the crunch is so...ugn :fluttershyouch:
And you have a sandwich press? You lucky dog you, and indeed a dirty, dirty cheat :moustache:.
But hey, as looong as it is god and cheesy.

7915798 When I make my "bacon, cheese, and egg" toasted sandwiches, I use a whole mini-pack (about 10 slices) of Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese. Sooooo good. :twilightblush:

JESUS :rainbowderp:
That's a TON of cheese
Usually when i'm going for a grilled cheese i go for shredded beef w/ diced onion and teriyaki on Texas Toast with Motzerella, swiss cheese, and sharp cheader

Welp, not sure for how long, but this made it into the Featured Stories bookshelf, so that is one achievement down.

Well, that was hilarious. And now I really want a grilled cheese sandwich.

Hah, I see Flim and Flam tried one con too many. Chryssie should get a medal for ridding Equestria of them.

Bringer of Cheese!

I'm really hungry now...
Time to make a sandwich!

... AND ends up with more comments than the first?

29th Comment :trollestia:
46 comments left

7922113 Well, the target at the moment is 75! :twilightsmile:


7922278 I'll help out

31th Comment
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this series is awsome :moustache:


Bringer of Cheese!

More like..
Cheese leg! :trollestia: :rainbowlaugh:

33th Comment
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...Time to make a sandwich

How about..

Jill Sandwich!

34th comment
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7922872 derpicdn.net/img/view/2016/2/17/1090439.gif

They aren't so much cheese-legs, as cheese-grater-legs!





37th comment
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( •_•)>⌐■-■
a meltdown.


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I think someone wants a sequel...


Twilight almost broke a Pinkie promise, but ended up cheezing it. :pinkiecrazy:

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Got it extra crispy


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7922916 https://youtu.be/QV1sQRvekIc?t=2m34s 2:34-235

p.s. Do you want me to stop ?

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7922938 Well, at least keep it on topic.

7922946 What about me commenting the comments of the other readers

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There was too much bread involved there. What you really need is a chupaqueso.

Just as amusing as the first, but twice as cheesy.
I'm hungry for grilled cheeae and pizza now.

7935699 Heavy want's that to !

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7922776 With your help, we can get to 75 comment.

7922278 said

Well, the target at the moment is 75! :twilightsmile:

49 th comment
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7946641 Why yes, yes we can

50th comment

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